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How to flirt with a girl over text –

How to flirt with a girl over text –

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Knowing how to flirt with a girl over text may seem like a healthy move in the digital age, but mastering this subtle art requires practice. Flirting is a natural way to connect with someone. When you’re personal, it flows thanks to body language and eye contact. However, knowing how to flirt with a girl over text is a little more complicated.

Is it hard for you to flirt with a girl via text? Probably, but there’s no shame in that. Flirting over text isn’t always easy, as it can always be misinterpreted. Flirting through text is a subtle action and can take a while to master, especially in the beginning.You may have a good way of flirting, but that often doesn’t mean sending messages.

How to flirt witha a girl over text

How to flirt with a girl over text?

Learning to flirt with a girl via text isn’t just something to do. With internet connections, social networks, and our addiction to our phones, flirting over text could be even more relevant than old-fashioned face-to-face flirting. If you want to fall in love with a girl or just get to know her better to see if you like her, flirting is a logical step, because how else?

Flirting can be accompanied by subtle-sweet teasing, flattery, and even with the addition of sarcasm. These things help you both connect to each other because it creates relaxation between the two of you. Flirting, especially over text, is what allows a virtual conversation to flow in a normal sequence. This isn’t only great for establishing a connection, but also helps you get into the connection more easily.

Ready to virtually show off your seduction skills? We bring you a few tips on how to do it in the best possible way.

How to flirt with a girl over text examples

Flirting with text can seem daunting because a lot depends on it. However, in a way, it can be easier because you don’t have to confront each other face to face, which creates extra relaxation. This gives you a little bit more time to think about your response as you don’t be afraid about how fast you will return the message.

However, sending messages can also make flirting difficult because there’s a lack of body language, which is what makes up most of the flirting in person and which can make extra work easier. So with these important factors outside the equation, you have a lot more to make up for.

How to flirt over text with girl

Here’s your guide on how to flirt with a girl via SMS

When you send messages, it’s hard to understand what a joke is and what’s serious because of the lack of tone of voice and facial expression.

That means you have to keep things light and simple – otherwise, the girl might confuse you for being too serious, and that’s not exactly flirtatious or fun.

Emojis are a girl’s favorite way of flirting

Use memes or gifs to clearly show relaxation and a sense of humor. This way, even if she hasn’t seen it, she’ll realize you’re flirting. Emojis are a favorite way to flirt these days without a big story. You can always take advantage of them as they make it much easier to flirt with a girl over text. Adding an emoji to wink at a text that might look creepy or weird makes it easy and fun. Emojis also help take the speculation out of the context of your message. If she answers them, it’s a good sign that things are going well.

“If you’re getting one-word responses multiple times in a row, back off. Getting emojis are a good thing. Sometimes less is more, let them text you asking questions and such. Everyone is different and these things aren’t 100% factual”. Anonymous Reddit

Be subtle

A really good lesson in learning to flirt with a girl over text is to be subtle in how you do it. Being subtle provides a dose that you haven’t discovered everything, and that the other person has a lot to discover about you. This of course creates a reason for additional communication. You don’t want to be overdone, especially if you haven’t even met yet. That could drive her crazy. Show your interest, not your love or infatuation, and be subtle.

Your opening has to be clever

If you just send “Hi;)” and think you’re flirtatious, think again. You should always start your conversation with a flirtatious comment that’s more than just an informal greeting because it’s something that attracts and holds attention.

Don’t even try sending a “mis-text.”

Don’t even try to send the “wrong text”. You know, a text message that you “accidentally” sent to her, but you wanted to send it to someone else even though you just intentionally sent it to her to start a conversation. Nobody will believe you, especially her. So don’t do it. It’s never smart. Scream in despair! If you want to talk to her, have the confidence to do it nicely and concretely, not in a “random” way.

Never try to text when you’re drunk

We know that with alcohol, it‘s easier and simpler to flirt with someone if the idea of flirting makes you anxious. However, remember, what’s smart to your drunken self won’t be funny and smart to her sober. If you want to flirt with a girl over text messages when you’re drunk, just don’t. We know you have that desire, but just move your cell phone away from you and say no. It’s embarrassing and repulsive.

Flirty compliments for her

Flirty compliments for her

Don’t think you can’t compliment her just because you’re not physically with her.  The thing about flirting over text is that you can compliment her for everything except for her physical appearance, which is more important.Express flirty compliments to her with nice words. Praise her sense of writing, her entrepreneurship in some things, and the like. Let her know that you admire her work ethic or her spontaneity for something you noticed during correspondence.

Sending messages in the morning

If you send her a message for the first time later than 9 pm it usually means that you’re interested in her only for one thing – and that isn’t something she will be happy about. Sending messages in the morning shows that you think about her when you get up, from the very beginning of the day. She will be flattered because you think of her and will be more open to your flirting because she will believe that the current flirtation may become something more serious tomorrow.

Be short and sweet

Be cute with small movements. Send her a picture of something that made you think of her. If you see a funny meme or video that you think she would like, send it now. Also, praise her posts on social media. Don’t just say it looks hot. Let her know that you think there may be something more serious with you if you want to.

Be sweet

Are you ready?

Just like that, you’re almost a professional in flirting over text. Still, here are a few more helpful tips that can help. If you’ve met in person at least once or talked a lot, you can use your flirty messages as an opportunity to solidify the inner jokester in you. Inner jokes create a sense of closeness and intimacy, and humor makes a person feel good and comfortable which, in turn, makes her associate you with a positive experience. You’re also free to add an emoji or two to your flirty text for a bit of emotional flavor, but try not to overdo it. What you say in your own words is what counts, and emojis are just meant to improve the tone and relaxation of the message. Lastly, keep in mind that while texting can be a super-effective means of boosting interest and creating something new, the best way to flirt is face-to-face. So, use great tips “How to flirt with girl over text ” as a tool to get the next date in the books and show those flirting skills in person. So don’t wait long!