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How to get a friend back?

How to get a friend back?

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Friends are like a second family and they are important in everybody’s lives. Sometimes you can overreact and you need to know how to get a friend back. Usually, a good idea is to write a letter, but there are other important things and steps you need to do.

Real friends

Real friends are a treasure and it’s hard to find people who really love us. Family is a group of people connected with blood. It’s normal to love people with genetic connections. When you love someone who was just a stranger to you, that is something special. Friendship is a really special gift and it needs to be cherished. You need to take care of friendship. Like a love relationship, friendship needs to be built and invested with love. You don’t realize sometimes someone’s value in your life, but when that person goes away, you feel sad and you miss them. This feeling of loss is normal. However, when you realize by the time that you’re at fault, then it’s time to try to get your friend back. Every person who is meant to be in our lives will stay no matter what. If you really show that you are sorry, then everything will be ok.

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How to get a friend back after you hurt them?

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. We are humans so we make mistakes. Sometimes a mistake involves something that causes us to lose a friend and then we ask ourselves how to get then back. It’s fine to regret everything bad you did to someone, that means you’re not a bad person. To realize your own mistakes means to have a good heart and you have the ability to love others. People usually see only somebody else mistakes, but never their own. If you hurt someone and you want to apologize so that you can get that person back, you can try these tips.

1. Say you’re sorry

The first logical thing to do is to apologize, to accept you made a mistake, and to say sorry to the person you hurt. Try to express all your feelings and show how much you feel bad because of what you did. Show how much that person means to you and that you really want that person back. Promise your friend that when you fix the situation, that you will never do the same mistake again. Appreciate someone’s forgiveness and love for you. You can write 123 magical good morning messages for friends to keep your friendship alive and show how much you care.

2. Show how much you love your friend

The best way to show your love for someone is to do everything for that person out of love. That person needs to feel the love in your actions and in your behavior. Words are just there to make everything even better. Show how much you love your friend. For example, be there for your friend, hang out with your friend, suggest listening to music that your friend likes, or suggest doing something that your friend likes. Have fun with your friend and enjoy their company.

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3. Talk with them

Bad communication often leads to the end of good friendships. It’s very important to talk with your friends, about things that bother you and things that bother them. Don’t keep everything to yourself. By the time you collect all of those bad things inside you into a mountain, they can explode and result in ending a good friendship. Problems are something that is usual in every human relationship. You need to solve them and try to find a compromise. Even if it’s long distance friendship, find a way how to keep your long distance friendship strong.

4. Don’t barter!

Never barter or make deals to people to do this or that and threaten them by saying that you’re going to leave. It’s not love if you need to make a deal for the relationship to work.Everything should be done out of free will and out of choice. If somebody’s choice is to love you and have you as their friend, then that is real love and friendship. However, keep in mind that not everything in life lasts.

5. Don’t force somebody to forgive you

It’s ok to apologize, but if that person doesn’t show interest in fixing your relationship, then you can’t force them to. If they avoid you, this means that they have moved on. If this is happening, then you don’t need to blame yourself anymore. You tried. Sometimes it’s better to walk away if a person doesn’t want you in their life anymore. Everything else will only make it worse and you will just lose your energy on something that just doesn’t work.

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How to get a friend back after a long time?

After a long time, it’s harder to get a way to get a friend back. However, nothing is impossible. Most people regret something if it ended in a silly way. Not even for some special reason, such as in the case that you two just separated. Even if there’s a reason, there exists a solution. Don’t forget about small things, like hugs. How many hugs do you need a day, give them in the same measure to others!

It will take time

Just keep in mind that a solution isn’t going to happen overnight. Some time passed since the relationship broke down so some time must be taken by to build that relationship up again. Try to contact that person, apologize, and invite them to talk with you again. Most friendships will work out again if someone shows interest in fixing the situation. Especially if you were good friends. A good friend isn’t something replaceable and easy to find. That’s the biggest reason people fix their old friendships and try all over again.

Most people make friendships at an early age that lasts their whole life. That is a person who knows you the best because they were there at a young age to now. That is a big thing when someone knows you your whole life. So don’t think negatively if a long time has passed since your friendship ended. It doesn’t matter. Try to fix things. You never know, maybe your fixed friendship will be better than ever. Just like you like to hear that someone misses you, maybe someone else would like to hear that from you too.


Is it worth it?

If you ask me, the answer is absolutely yes! Friendships are gifts. Sometimes you can’t tell family members some things about your life, but there are friends to talk to instead.

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Life is so much easier if you have a person you can call your friend and who you can trust. Trust is an expensive thing as every person has a small number of people who have their trust. Most people don’t trust anybody and you can tell that’s bad by how down and anxious they act. When seeing someone like this, you can appreciate people who have your trust even more.

Memories that you make with your friend

We often don’t realize how lucky we are to meet someone that we can trust. We collect memories with that someone and together have the best days of our life with them. All of these small moments are a collection, which in time become so big to us. They really are. Don’t let them slip away like that. For humans, the only real treasure is our memories. So it’s worth everything. If you are struggling with the question of do you need to get your friend back and how to get a friend back, then you absolutely need to try.