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How to get a girl that has a boyfriend – the best tips!

How to get a girl that has a boyfriend – the best tips!

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If you’re wondering how to get a girl that has a boyfriend, you are at the right place. So, here is your scenario: you’re attracted to a girl who has a boyfriend and you don’t know what to do to get her. We must tell you at the beginning: It is not easy-peasy. If you like this girl so much and you are determined to date her, you will have to do a meticulous job to achieve your goal.  

Getting a girl that has a boyfriend is tricky on multiple levels. She is way more likely to reject you since she is already in a relationship. Also, you might deal with a whole lot of resentment from her current boyfriend.  

That being said, let’s get something clear:

1. People often date people they are not ideal with

2. Love knows no boundaries

3. If you are the perfect match, go for it! 

If you’re sincere and passionate about her, if you’re in for the long term, maybe madly in love, and have the feeling that if the stars aligned just right, she might feel the same and fall in love, here are some good ideas on how to get a girl that has a boyfriend.

How to get a girl that has a boyfriend – tip 1: Discretion

If you like a girl who has a boyfriend and are determined to get her, you must be absolutely discreet. Approach her as a friend. That girl must never suspect your true intentions – you should give her the chance to get to know you first. The fact that she leaves her boyfriend and starts dating you should be a natural process. She must be tired of turning down all sorts of guys, hitting on her. Be respectful and get to know her. Never try to force the circumstances.

Tip 2: Friendship – but not friendzoning

The first thing you should do is approach her as a friend. Talk to her about things like work, study, fitness, money, etc. Don’t focus on personal issues, or romance, much less sex. However, if she starts talking about her relationship with her boyfriend, you can talk about it. Listen to everything she says and then analyze what she said.  

While you two spend time together and become close friends, remain casual and cool. An air of mystery and excitement around your life helps. Think on the body language. You don’t want to be friendzoned.

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Tip 3: Know your rival

If you really want to get that pretty girl who has a boyfriend you must know your rival well, i.e. her boyfriend. You must study all the weak points that he has, for example: he is lazy, bad-tempered, has no ambition, does not have a good job, does not practice sports, drags her towards a toxic relationship, etc. You must have the virtues that he does not have. If you don’t have them either, work for them. That will make all the difference.

Tip 4: Find information in social media

Social networks can help you get to know your opponent well. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, are a very powerful source of information. Through the social networks you will be able to know what personal characteristics of the dream boyfriend of the girl you like. You will also be able to know about his environment, personal aspirations, what he likes to do, etc. 

This step is also useful for checking if you really like her a lot and it’s worth the effort of winning her over. 

Tip 5: Become the ideal man

Cultivate all aspects of your personality until you become the ideal man. Follow healthy habits, work for your projects, practice sports, etc.

The girl you like should consider you a very desirable man. She will surely compare you to her boyfriend and will notice that you are more suited to her than him.

How to get a girl that has a boyfriend – tip 6: Patience

If all of the above is done well, she will like you. She will realize that you’re a desirable man, maybe someone more suited to her than her boyfriend. Maybe she already plans to break up with him and she will surely want to start dating you. During that process, you should keep quiet. You should never speak badly about her boyfriend. This is not necessary, your actions and the whole concept of you is clear enough.  

There is no such thing as instant access. Be patient for a while and wait for her to contact you about anything. When she does and she confirms that she is single, you can ask her to start dating you.

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Tip 7: Sincerity 

If you two don’t get together naturally, talk to her and tell her how you feel. This is the ultimate tip and the ultimate trick. Sincerity works if the magic is there. And the magic will be there.

Concluding thoughts on How to get a girl that has a boyfriend

Before you start working on your goal of getting a girl who has a boyfriend, ask yourself why you want to get involved in such a situation. Analyze why you like a girl who has a boyfriend. If you feel that she is the one and that she might like you back, that the two of you are twin flames that need each other in the long run – go for it!