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Here is How to Get a Girl’s Number!

Here is How to Get a Girl’s Number!

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How to get a girl’s number is the first thing racing through your mind after you’ve met the girl you like. But getting a girl’s phone number is not always easy. All people are relatively careful and protective of their personal info. Chances are, your crush will be, too. Before getting that number and entering the realm of texting, you need to prove yourself to her and spark her interest.  

How to do that? That’s why we’re here to help guide you through the maze of human relationships and into her inbox. Pack your charm and get your phone ready. Once her name is in it, all is possible. 

Getting a girl’s number – the first step towards love!

Nobody knows when love will happen. As well, no one knows where love will happen. Love can happen at the most unsuspecting moments. Likewise, love can happen at the most random of places. However, wherever and whenever love decides to happen, it can’t be ignored.  

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There will come a time where a beautiful and charming girl will come along that will catch your eye. So what happens when you meet this girl and there’s no certainty that you will come by her again? To stay in touch with this girl, you need to have some way of being able to contact her again. In this case, you need her phone number.  

This is easier said than done. Yes, we live in a world today where practically everyone has a phone but that doesn’t mean everyone will give you their phone number straight away. If you go to anyone and bark out “Can I have your phone number?”, odds are they will run away from you and you will be left numberless. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are some tips on how to get a girls phone number.

How to get a girl that has a boyfriend
How to get a girl that has a boyfriend

Tips on How to get a girl’s number

For all of you who want to be ready when the opportunity arises or have a crush and want to know how to get a girl’s phone number, we made a strategy that will work! 

Have in mind, getting a girl’s number is also a sign she just might be into you. Or at least, she is friendly enough to want to have you in her phone. Not a bad start for potential romance. 

Getting a girls number – step 1: Start With a Conversation

If you like something, or someone, go and get it! However, don’t start the conversation with your main goal, which is getting the girl’s phone number. Start the conversation with her in a normal, calm and casual tone.  

You can start with a comment about the current situation that you are in as an easy way to glide into a more in-depth conversation. Once this initial comment has passed, where she has put in her input and you have put in yours, you can introduce yourself to her and, hopefully, she will return the gesture.

Step 2: Keep the Conversation Rolling

The next step is to catch her attention. This is done by keeping the conversation rolling. Keep asking her open questions so that she can keep talking with you, all the while becoming more and more interested in you.  

At this point, you can even start moving away from talking about the immediate circumstances and into more personal, but light or humorous things. Make sure to allow her to ask you questions as well.


How to get a girl’s phone number step 3: Be Light With the Romance

As this is the first time that you have met her, it’s not recommended that you shower her in romantic words and gestures just yet. She might not feel the same way towards you as you do towards her.

Flirting – yes, but only a bit. Keep the flirting to a minimum, a few compliments should be good. You just want her to understand you are interested in her. But you also have a life full of possibilities and options. She should want to be a part of it.

Final step: Wait Until the Last Minute

After a steady relationship has been established and the two of you are no longer strangers, then can you ask for her number. Make sure that the two of you are now formally introduced. Likewise, if you are patient enough and wait for the end of your time with her, such as when one of you has to leave, it is recommended that you ask for her number then so that it can feel like you want to keep in touch. This will make it seem like you find her interesting and you are not looking for a one-time thing but a long term commitment, which will draw her in towards you.