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How to get him back?

How to get him back?

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The question of “how to get him back?” Is very commonly asked by women all over the world. Many men lose interest after a while, and as a result turn love into nothing more than a game.  It’s important not to chase anyone and to accept a little distance after some time has passed. Time is your best friend and it will eventually work everything out. Prepare yourself for everything. It will be a long process, but it’s not impossible to save things. Trust your heart and your instincts. Don’t rush and don’t be disappointed in the process and the actions that occur.  With time, things will get better. Once a person has feelings for you, they can come back easily. It’s just a matter of time. Work on yourself to be the best version of you. Other things will follow and fit into place. Contact rule while start dating, that your text messages don’t get immediately. If you feel good near him and you fell in love, it’s for sure worth getting him back.

Act cold

The first step to take after he left you is to act cold. How to get him back if I act cold? Well, it’s easier than you think. If you chase someone, that person will become less and less interested in you. No one likes desperate people. So if you act cold for a while it will give him signals that you’re totally fine without him and that your happiness doesn’t depend on him. Which is a perfect thing. Even if you feel sad, don’t show it. If you act sad it will create the idea like you can’t live without him and that will make him see you as needy.  Take your time, focus on your friends, job, hobbies, or anything you like. It will help you to calm down and to think about everything. Also, trust is very important. If you want back that person, you will also need to rebuild it. Dont talk with someone who doesn’t love you back, its not worth your time. Also, dont leave a pressure of needy and desperate person. Live a life and feel attraction around you. Long term relationship needs time. Implement no contact for a while, because its in a human nature to “love” something unvalible. Maybe your boyfriend broke your heart, but at the end you will feel good. After some time, you will be able to start dating again.

Work on yourself

When you start to progress in your life, people will come to you and try to hang out with you. That also means that if you become a better version of yourself it will make him want you back. He will wonder how you can progress like that and what’s the secret to your happiness. Every man wants a successful, smart, and good-looking woman by their side. So if you constantly work on yourself he will constantly chase you. It’s just because people love a person who invests in themselves and who loves themselves and works on every part of their life. So be that person, first for yourself, then to attract good vibrations from other people.

Social media

In this “game” on how to get him back, social media’s also involved. Rule number 1 is DON’T BLOCK HIM. Your social media accounts will remind him of you and your life. Believe me, he will check up on you. What you’re doing and how you’re doing can be a constant reminder to him that you still exist. In this part, make sure you post cute selfies. Wear your favorite clothes and use tons of makeup. Make everything look perfect. If you block him on everything, he won’t be able to see your photos and posts. if you do this it’s easier for him to forget you. Also, try not to stalk him and watch his accounts. Focus on yourself.

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Text him

After a while, you can finally text him. Make it a short text that’s not emotionally charged. Just check upon him. That can be some of the messages that can just remind him of you. Maybe try to chat a little bit, then after that, disappear. For a few days don’t text him. That way he will stay confused. Also he won’t be sure if you want him or not. So play that little game. Men love to chase. Maybe he will text you after that and surely he will want you more. During the conversation, keep a positive stand and talk about the best parts of your life. Act friendly and happy. Share positive energy.

Forget the past

If you want to get him back and how to get him back in a “healthy” way, this means that you need to forget the bad things and to act like you’re just getting into a new relationship. With bad conversations you will just remind him of why he left in the first place. Start again with good intentions. Act like he’s someone that’s new in your life. That way you will be able to fall in love with each other again. Also, keep in mind that men love to be appreciated and supported. So give him support and good feelings.

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In the “how to get him back” process, time means everything. You need to know that you will need a lot of time for this. Don’t expect anything to happen overnight. Also, don’t be too curious and ask him if he had met someone while you two were apart. If you ask this, you will show your jealousy. Accept every case, the best and the worst one. It’s all a part of life and something you need to be in peace with if you want someone back. If you aren’t ready to forgive and forget, then maybe you need to think if you really want him back or are you just lonely.

Smart idea or not?

To love someone means to be able to go through everything with that person. It’s easy to love someone in good times, but it takes courage to love someone in bad times. You need to realize that love means forgiving and forgetting. It will never be a perfect relationship with the perfect person. Every human makes mistakes. You’re making mistakes too. So be aware that sometimes if you really want someone, you will need to face a lot of bad things. Also, don’t forget to put in the first place the most important person in your life – you. First love yourself, take care of yourself and put yourself first. That way you will be able to love others. Self-love and self-respect are so important. Work on yourself and make the best things for you. How to get him back? Well, it can be said in a few words. Love yourself, play along, and forget the past.