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How to get over your first love?

How to get over your first love?

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First love is the sweetest one. Sadly, however, most times your first love isn’t the one that you will have forever. Although this is the case and it can be heartbreaking when your first love ends, how to get over your first love and how to love again is not impossible. All the good moments you had with your first partner and things you did together are the memories that will stay. For sure, everyone remembers their first love. Just keep in mind that only a small number of people are lucky enough where their first love is also their last one.

The journey of life

Life is one big journey. On that road, you will meet lots of people. Some will stay, some will leave and that’s a natural process. Everything that’s supposed to be with you will stay no matter what. However, not every person that you will meet will be destined to stay with you, even if you try your hardest to stay close to that person. Let everything go with the flow. Spontaneous things are the best ones. Love is something that happens to you unexpectedly. Even if your first love is a special one, remember that the last love is the most beautiful one and the most special one. Take that breakup like a good lesson, try to learn something from it, and keep it as a good memory. Hang out with friends, find out how to meet new friends and enjoy a new journey. Fell in love and losing your first love can be a painful experience, especially if you were in your high school days. But, also you will earlier figure out what love really is. Social media can sometimes give a fake picture of love and relationship. Don’t let an imaginary world ruin your perfect one.

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Why is first love so special?

As a kid you didn’t know too much about love. After all,  you never felt something like that before. Love’s a whole new world that you meet later on in life. When you are experiencing your first love, you think that it will never end and that you can’t live without your partner. That person’s the most important person to you and you don’t see anything except them. That’s blind love. So when it ends, you think that you will never love again. As previously said, very few people make their first loves last. 

Most people end their first love and learn from their experience how to love someone else. You need to realize that every time you lose someone, life will give you someone better. You don’t have to suffer because of something that isn’t present anymore. In life, people face so much disappointment, but that’s something that makes you stronger and smarter. In life there is no failure or winning, there is just change. Life is full of change. Later on, we realize that most changes are for the best. It’s a process of growth and maturing. First love heartbreak is just preparation for life. As one saying goes “Life said: I will make you happy, but first, I will make you strong”. Keep that sentence in your mind.


Love again

How to get over your first love and love again takes time. Nothing happens overnight. It’s a process so enjoy it. You will know yourself more, you will know what you like, what you don’t like, what you want you can handle and what you can’t handle. You will realize what real one means. Life is full of surprises. Maybe something new is waiting for you around the corner. Be patient and trust the timing. Don’t let sadness overwhelm you. Find a hobby, read books, enjoy your life alone for a while.

Take time to heal and find happiness. That’s how you’re going to be able to find happiness in others and in everything. For every dark night, there is a brighter day. Think optimistically and you will attract good things. Do good for others and good things will happen to you. Don’t ever lose hope. Know how to wait and believe in good things. Believe in love. Don’t let other people change your opinion. Something amazing exists, but it takes time to find it.

first love quotes
First love quotes

Don’t feel less worthless

In the process of how to get over your first love, it’s very important to know how good you are. Even if you’re the best person in the world, for some people you will never be good enough. Some people just won’t have respect for you and it isn’t your business to prove yourself to them. Just leave and work on yourself. You are beautiful, brave, marvelous, and smart. Don’t ever let someone make you think the opposite. Love yourself first. Make yourself happy. No one is worth your tears and pain. Take care of your health, physically and mentally. In life, there’s so many things to be happy about. They’re often just in front of you.

What to do to get over your first love

For sure, the best advice on how to get over your first love is to never try to make that person jealous or to take revenge on that person. Just move on with your life and focus on your own happiness. Don’t waste your energy on someone who isn’t in your life anymore. Spend time with your family and friends. Work on yourself. Find the things to love about yourself. Do all the things that make you happy. Surround yourself with people you feel comfortable with.

By the time you will learn lots of things and you will change into a better version of yourself. Anything is possible. Even if you think that you’re never going to be fine, you will. Your first love will stay in your memory but new people will show you beautiful things. Life will teach you how to be happy. Trust the process. And for the final answer on how to get over your first love, well the answer is, take your time to make yourself happy. Take care of yourself, love yourself and everything else will fall into place. You need to love yourself first. Remember, someone better out there is waiting for you. Happiness is just around the corner.