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How to know when it is time to break up-5 signs to leave

How to know when it is time to break up-5 signs to leave

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How to know when it is time to break up-5 signs for you to leave is a question that occurs when you are in the relationship, but for some time now you are feeling that something is wrong. You can not explain it, you can not prove it, but you can feel it. For a while, things are not the way they use to be. Nothing goes easy as before, and you are struggling with every single thing that comes around.

You can not tell exactly what it is, but your feelings that something is wrong, are strong. Maybe if you look closely, things are not so hard to notice after all. Every little thing that is bothering you can be explained and has its meaning. We are bringing you the most common things that appear in the relationship that could be the signs that it is time to break up.

Here are 5 important things which will tell you that is time to leave your relationship.

1.You fight more often than you enjoy your time together

At the beginning of the relationship, things are always good. You enjoy everything and you are barely arguing and complaining about anything. Everything is nice and beautiful. But as time pass by, things are starting to change. Some relationships may change for the better and some couples can become stronger. That is a great thing and everyone wants that kind of development of events.

But some relationships, unfortunately, are getting worse. Things are not as they use to be and you are fighting more often than usual. Reasons for that are numerous. You could become unsatisfied with your partner or your partner could become that way, too. It does not matter. The point is that you do not need a big reason for fighting anymore. Anything could be the trigger. From a wrong word or a look to big things that are usually reasons for fighting anyway. And when this pattern becomes the rule instead of the exception, you need to pay attention and listen to yourself. 

Toxic relationship quotes

Fighting is a sign that things are wrong

Fighting in the relationship is a sign that things are wrong and that they are not getting better. So maybe you can try to analyze what is wrong and find the reasons for your fight, but that would just be a waste of time. Especially if every single thing is a reason for a fight, over and over again. But, depending on the kind of relationship you had and how long it lasted, you will give it some extra time to be sure. And once you had one last fight out of nothing you will finally be sure. Sure that things are over and it is time for you to move on.

2.How to know when it is time to break up-5 signs to leave. Your major values are different

One big reason for breaking up is major values that are completely different between you two. Maybe you will not realize it at very beginning. But later, when you will have to some decisions to make which could bring some changes into your life, you will realize that you have very different opinions about important stuff. Whether it is about morals, religion, family, or friends you could not be able to get on the same page with anything. What you think is important she will think not, and what you think it should be done without a question, she will say no.

Going through life with that kind of difference is very hard. Life itself is already hard enough so you do not need another person in your life to make it more complicated. Bringing decisions for just yourself is already burdening enough. Having discussions and rejections making important decisions every single time, for two or more people in your life, will be impossible and hard to deal with.

Do not deceive yourself

So do not deceive yourself that thing like that is not important and that you could manage it somehow. You will not be able to function normally and have a peaceful and meaningful life. Because, if you end up together after all, and create a family, you will have to make important decisions every day. With different values, it will be impossible to manage them and have a functional family.

Choose a partner with similar values

Keep this in mind when you are choosing your girlfriend and possible marriage partner. It is not something that goes away. That is something that you are in nature and it defines your behavior and life philosophy. It is easier to go through life with a partner with similar values as your own so do not complicate it on purpose.

3.Your closest friends and family support a breakup

One of the big signs that it is not the right person for you, is that your family and friends do not like her and they do not support your relationship. That is something that is deal-breaking but you will probably continue to date her if you like her. It is not easy to walk away from somebody you like a lot, just like that. But you will not consider staying with her permanently in this case.

Lack of support-Recipe for disaster

Relationships are already hard to manage, and without thee support of family or, at least friends, you will not make it. And do not even think about marriage. In that condition, it would be a complete disaster. They will probably avoid you, especially when you are with her. They will talk about her everywhere and probably saying things about her into your face.

Let her know what is happening

Eventually, you will turn against her and she will be left completely alone. So if you find yourself in this situation it is important not to planning your future together. And not to lead your girlfriend on and make her think that your relationship is more than something temporary. Make sure that she knows what they are thinking about her so she does not deceive herself about your future together, too. So when you are asking yourself how to know when it is time to break up and signs to leave, this is one of them.

4.She avoids problems in a relationship instead of working on them

Every relationship has its problems and avoiding them is not a good thing to do. Problems need to be solved as they come, and not be left for later. Lack of interest in your problems will show a lack of interest in your relationship and your future together, in general. Because avoiding problems and not working on them can not be explained differently. When you want something to work out well of course you will try everything to make it happen and ignoring your relationship problems will just make it worse.

Why is he ignoring me?

If you are not doing that it will show how much you care about your partner and your relationship. So her avoiding relationships problems are one of the important signs that is time to leave your relationship. You are probably spent enough time with her to notice this behavior so you do not need to waste more time on her. Except, of course, you just want to have a good time and you are not planning your future with her anyway. In that case, your temporary problems are just temporary, and you probably do not care about them either.

5.You are avoiding the discomfort of breakup by hiding out in safety

And at the end, you know that is time to break up but you are hiding out in the safety of your relationship. You do not want to go through the discomfort of breaking up and you are pushing away your problems and maybe waiting for things to work out themselves. Or you are waiting for your girlfriend to break up with you instead, so you do not have to have that conversation. That is not a very good quality with a man and it is not very often, but it happens.

Maybe you are just too lazy or you do not like changes. Sometimes is easier to let things go and not do anything to change your conditions. Even when they are bad. But that is no recipe for a healthy relationship and happy life. That kind of relationship is already dead and has no future. And you are just avoiding ending it because it will be uncomfortable. It is not recommended to go through life like that, or waiting for someone else to solve your problems.

Stand up for yourself and change your conditions

Avoiding discomfort and unpleasant situation is not something that will make your life easier. On the contrary, it will just make it more complicated. You will end up unhappy, in a relationship, you do not want to be and with the person you are not happy about. And why? Because you were too lazy or without the initiative to stand up for yourself and your needs. So when things are not working and you are unsatisfied with your relationship, hiding out in safety is not a good thing to do. You need to be more initiative and courageous to do something for yourself. Because, if you do not do that no one else will. That is for sure. Life is too short and we only got one shot at this thing we call life.

Stand up for yourself and change your conditions

Is it time to break up

It is important to recognize that something is happening with your relationship so you could know is it time to break up. Do not neglect either of these signs because every single of them is important and already enough on their own to leave your relationship. You can postpone it, but having the same problems you can not escape in this situation will convince you, in the end, that is better for you to leave sooner than later.

Things will not change because these problems are a matter of someone′s personality, not just common disagreement. People can not change that much even when they want to. It is deep in their personality and they can not think and react differently than their instinct imposes them to.

Every change takes time

The truth is that you can learn through life to think differently about some things, learn to compromise, and learn to tone down your instinctive behavior. But that takes time and a lot of effort. If you really like someone you may even decide to go along with this fact and give your relationship a chance and plan your future together. But remember that is a serious struggle and takes a lot of effort from each side to make things work in the end. But how to know when it is time to break up-5 signs to leave, will help you with things you need to work on if you really want to.