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How to lose weight in just 2 weeks-Top diet for ideal weight

How to lose weight in just 2 weeks-Top diet for ideal weight

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How to lose weight in just 2 weeks-top diet for ideal weight is something that everyone is wondering about every summer. Because that is the time for bikinis, short sleeves, and summer dresses and everyone wants to look the best they can and show off in their outfits.

But usually, we are not prepared for this time of year properly and a lot of us do not look very pretty in summer clothes. A lot of us gain a lot of body weight during the winter, cold days and holidays. We did not notice how much until it was too late.

Start taking care of your weight on time

And when it is summer already there it is a little bit too late. We should start taking care of our weight at least in the spring so we are all set and fit for the summer. But for all those who forgot or did not have time to think about their weight, and how bad it got, we have a quick solution. Here is how to lose weight in just 2 weeks-top diet for ideal weight and how to get in anything you want for this summer.

1.Reduce your meals

The first and the most important thing with weight loss is to reduce your meals. That means you have to reduce the daily number of meals you usually take and reduce their amount. Without that do not even think that you can get weight loss, not in 2 weeks, not ever.

Reduce your meals and amount of food you are eating

Recommended number of meals is three, and they are:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • dinner (optional)

Skip dinner every time that you can

More than three meals per day are not acceptable. And if you are really struggling with your weight and you want to lose it very quickly, you should consider less than three. It is recommended to skip dinner any time as possible for everyone who has a problem with weight and who is on diet.

Eating after six in the evening will only create you a problem with your health and digestion, especially if you already have a slow metabolism. The fact is that the best diet for weight loss always excludes dinner.

Eating after six-More chances to get fat

As the day goes by, our activities are reducing and our metabolism is getting slower in the evening than in the middle of the day. That is why the food we are taking at that time of the day needs more time to get process, and it is a big chance that we will get the weight that way.

But if you really need to take some food in the evening it should be nothing but a piece of fruit or healthy snacks, like nuts.

Reduce amount of the food on your plate too

And if you are trying to lose weight, it applies that the amount of food on your plate should be smaller than usual. Take a smaller amount of food and put it on the plate. A good trick is to use an even smaller plate.

Because of its size, it will look full with the same amount of food that you would put on the bigger pate. Deceiving yourself that way will help you to reduce your meals and the amount of food you are eating every day. And of course it will help you to reduce weight gain too.

Reduce amount of the food on your plate too

Controle your calorie intake

Recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories per day for women and 2,500 for men. A calorie is a unit of energy we get from the food we take and every single piece of food has its own calorie unit. We will give you an example of the different food and the number of calories they contain.

Table for calories in common food:

FoodServing sizeCalories
Broccoli1 cup45
Carrots1 cup50
Tomato1 cup22

Knowing things like that it should be easy for you to plan your meals every day and control your calorie intake.  That will help you with fast weight loss and to keep the ideal one you already have. We are also bringing you examples of meals plan for a day which you can use.

It includes snacks too, but if you are trying to lose weight in just 2 weeks maybe you should consider excluding them. They just mean extra calories and fewer calories a day, better for you.

3 meals plan for one day

Meal1200 Cal Plan1500 Cal Plan2000 Cal Plan
BreakfastAll-bran cereal (125) Milk (50) Banana (90)  Granola (120) Greek yogurt (120) Blueberries (40)Buttered toast (150) Egg (80) Banana (90) Almonds (170)
SnackCucumber (30) Avocado dip (50)Orange (70)Greek yogurt (120) Blueberries (40)
Total345 Calories350 Calories650 Calories
LunchGrilled cheese tomato (300) Salad (50)Chicken and vegetable soup (300) Bread (100)Grilled chicken 225) Grilled vegetables (125) Pasta (185)
SnackWalnuts (100)Apple (75) Peanut butter (75)Hummus (50) Baby carrots (35) Crackers (65)
Total450 Calories550 Calories685 Calories
DinnerGrilled chicken (200) Brussel sprouts (100) Quinoa (105)Steak (375) Mashed potatoes (150) Asparagus (75)Grilled salmon (225) Brown rice (175) Green beans (100) Walnuts (165)
Total405 Calories600 Calories665 Calories

Exclude the bread out of your meals

To lose weight very quickly it is important to exclude the bread from your meals, too. It is heavy and hard to process and in long term you will be better of without it. There is plenty of other food that will make you feel full like potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. And the best diets for weight loss usually do not include bread. Or they include very small amount of it.

For faster weight loss you can try intermittent fasting. It means giving up on food completely for a short time and it is not easy thing to do. But it should help you to lose a lot of pounds per week.

Bread is heavy and hard to process

Make your own meal plan

Of course, this is just an example of a meals plan. You can make your own food combination, depends on what you like. Just make sure that all the groceries are healthy and low on calories. List of all food and the calorie they contain you can find on the internet and that could help you with your own weight loss plan.

2. How to lose weight in just 2 weeks-Top diet for ideal weight. Cut back on refined carbs

Refined carbs are the big enemy to our organism. They are different from the „whole“ carbs because their molecular structure have been changed and the natural fibers they contain has been removed or changed. Because of that they are no longer simple.

Complex and hard to process

They become complex and harder to process. And a lot of them end up as fat in our organism. But the carbs also give us the energy we need during the day so we still need to take them. We just need to make sure we use „whole“ carbs instead of refined ones.

The most common refined carbs are:

  • white flour
  • white bread
  • white rice
  • pastries
  • sodas
  • snacks
  • pasta
  • sweets
  • breakfast cereals
  • added sugars.

Refined carbs include mostly sugars and processed grains.

Table sugar is one of refined carbs

Refined and processed sugars are:

  • sucrose (table sugar),
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • agave syrup.

Refined grains are grains that have had the fibrous and nutritious parts removed. The biggest source is white flour made from refined wheat.

Refined carbs are bad for your health too

Dietary enriched with refined carbs leads to a lot of diseases and metabolic disorders such as:

  • diabetes (high blood sugar)
  • the metabolic syndrome that increases your risk of heart disease
  • obesity

So if you can, try to avoid all of the refined carbs as much as possible. They are not just bad for your weight, they are also bad for your health in general. There are a lot of healthy variants of food you can eat so there is no reason for you to jeopardize your health just like that. And it will be easier for you to lose weight in just 2 weeks.

3. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains

As we sad, there is a lot of healthy food out there that you can eat and keep your body healthy and fit that way. You can eat them as much as you want without the fear of getting weight or getting ill because they are filled with vitamins and minerals. Of course, do not exaggerate. Control your appetite for your own good.

But when you need to eat you can take any healthy food without thinking of consequences. When we are talking about healthy food we are thinking of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Sometimes it feels hungry just to eat that food, but you should be persistent. It pays off when you see the results.

Food enriched with vitamines, natural fibers and easy to process

These groceries are good for you because they are low on calories, enriched with vitamins and natural fibers, and by that easy to process. Eating those foods your body will get every necessary nutrition it needs and will stay healthy, and in good condition. When we are talking about vegetables and fruits we mean all of them.

Try something new every day

Do not eat just the ones you like. Try to mix them and try something new whenever you can. You can choose them based on calories, vitamins, and other nutrition ingredients they contain. And depending on what you want and what you think that your body needs at the moment. But always make sure that your every meal contains vegetables and a piece of fruit.

Recommended vegetables:

  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
Eat more vegetables

Fruits are ideal replacement for sweets

Fruit also can be the replacement for sweets because they are enriched with natural sugar which does not cause health disorders. So whenever you need sweets take a piece of fruit and your body will be thankful for it.

You can eat chocolate without guilt

When we talk about sweets, studies show that chocolate is not that bad for us after all, but always make sure to get the dark one. Dark chocolate has more natural cocoa and very few other additives. It is enriched with antioxidants and it helps to reduce your blood pressure and risk of heart disease.

Recommended fruits:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
Apples are great help for weight loss
  • Grapes
  • Peaches
  • Watermelon

Whole grains are helping you with your digestion

Also, if we want to stay healthy and lose weight we have to eat whole grains. Whole grains are the ones that are not processed. They remain whole with all their fibers and other nutritious ingredients, and they are rich in iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, B vitamins, manganese, and dietary fiber.

Because of their structure and ingredients, they improve your digestion and make sure that your organism functioning well. They are not tending to stay in the organism creating fat or other unhealthy occurrences.

Recommended whole grains are:

  • Oats
  • Rye
  • Quinoa
  • Corn
  • Brown rice
Make sure that the food you are eating is made of whole grains

When you are buying your groceries like pasta, bread and cereals make sure that they are made of whole grains such as these ones. You can also eat them on their own, cooked and in addition with vegetables, milk, yogurt or fruit.

Include small amount of red and white meat, and fish into your diet

Your diet, of course, should contain meat too.  But there is always the question of which one is healthier for us, red or white meat. Both of them actually have their benefits. White meat is lower in fat but it is also lower in protein.

On the other hand, red meat is higher in fat but it is also highly enriched with proteins, vitamins like vitamin B, zinc, and iron. Based on this, it is the best solution to include a small amount of both in your diet.

Eating fish preventing heart diseases

And of course, you should eat fish at least two times a week. There are many benefits from eating fish. One of the most important is preventing a heart diseases because it is enriched with a healthy fats and the other nutrition ingredients.

If you like snacks, choose the healthy ones like nuts and seeds

And for all those who like snacks and can not lose this habit, there are plenty choices of healthy snacks you can choose from. We are talking about seeds and nuts and besides they taste good, they are a high source of good oils, omega-3 acids, antioxidants, iron, fiber, and calcium.

Consuming seeds and nuts is highly beneficial

They regulate cholesterol and helps you with digestion. Consuming seeds and nuts is highly beneficial for our health and it is recommended for everyone, either you are on the diet or not.

Types of nuts:

  • Hazelnut
  • Almond
  • Peanuts
  • Pistachios
  • Cashews
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans
  • Macadamia nuts
Choose healthy snack like Macadamia nuts

Types of seeds:

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Flax seeds

Some of the seeds you can not use as a snack, like chia seeds, sesame, and flax seeds, but you can use them in addition to the other food. Sesame and flax seeds can be used on bread and bagels and chia seeds can be used in healthy beverages like smoothies and yogurts.

4. Get active

If you really want to lose weight, especially in 2 weeks, you need to get active. Besides watching your diet, you need to move your body, too. Start to exercise, walking, running, hiking or do some sports. You can exercise in your home or join the gym. You can even hire a registered dietitian and personal trainer to help you with your weight loss.

It is important to stay active inside your house too, because that will help you to lose weight too. Or at least you will not gain more body weight doing your chores. And there are plenty things to do at home like cooking, cleaning, etc.

Walk every day around your block or some route you chose for yourself. Hiking is also a good activity but it takes a lot of effort and it is not for everybody. But it would definitely work up your body to the maximum.

Doing sports is ideal way to lose weight

Also, a good way to lose weight and stay in a good form is to play some sports. There must be some sports you always liked but you never get the chance to do it. Now is the time to start.

Whether is it tennis, volleyball, swimming, basketball, or the other sports of your choice, it will help you gain your goal. You will lose weight, be in good form, make a lot of friends and feel good about yourself.

Running is a good way to lose weight and get fit

Recreational sport is not the same as professional

Maybe someone will think that playing sports will take a lot of your time, but that is not true. We are not talking about professional sport. It is recreational sport and it takes as much time as a visit to the gym. You choose your time and place and how long it will last.

Being active burns a lot of calories

Any of these activities you choose will help you to burn calories and gain your ideal weight. To help you decide, we are bringing you a list of sports activities and how many calories you can burn doing it. The table contains weight in pounds and how many calories you can burn in one hour doing these activities.

Calories burned from the sports activities

Activity (1 hour)125 lb person155 lb person185 lb person
Golf ( using cart)198246294
Walking (3,5 mph)215267319
Swimming (free-style, moderate)397492587
Tennis (general)397492587
Running (9 minute mile)624773923
Bicycling (12-14 mph, moderate)454562671
Football (general)399494588
Basketball (general)340422503
Soccer (general)397492587
Playing sport burns a lot of calories

Now that you find out how to lose weight in just two weeks and how to keep it, we are bringing you some more facts that will help you with your weight watch. To make sure that you gain your ideal weight check this table we prepared for you.

Ideal weight based on hight for male and female

Hight in feetHight in metersIdeal weightHight in feetHight in metersIdeal weight
4′ 6′′1.352428-35 Kg 4′ 6′′1.352428-35 Kg
4′ 7′′1.377830-39 Kg 4′ 7′′1.377830-37 Kg
4′ 8′′1.403233-40 Kg 4′ 8′′1.403232-40 Kg
4′ 9′′1.428635-44 Kg 4′ 9′′1.428635-42 Kg
4′ 10′′1.45438-46 Kg 4′ 10′′1.45436-45 Kg
4′ 11′′1.479440-50 Kg 4′ 11′′1.479439-47 Kg
5′ 0′′1.543-53 Kg 5′ 0′′1.540-50 Kg
5′ 1′′1.525445-55 Kg 5′ 1′′1.525443-52 Kg
5′ 2′′1.550848-59 Kg 5′ 2′′1.550845-55 Kg
5′ 3′′1.576250-61 Kg 5′ 3′′1.576247-57 Kg
5′ 4′′1.601653-65 Kg 5′ 4′′1.601649-60 Kg
5′ 5′′1.62755-68 Kg 5′ 5′′1.62751-62 Kg
5′ 6′′1.652458-70 Kg 5′ 6′′1.652453-65 Kg
5′ 7′′1.677860-74 Kg 5′ 7′′1.677855-67 Kg
5′ 8′′1.703263-76 Kg 5′ 8′′1.703257-70 Kg
5′ 9′′1.728665-80 Kg 5′ 9′′1.728659-72 Kg
5′ 10′′1.75467-83 Kg 5′ 10′′1.75461-75 Kg
5′ 11′′1.779470-85 Kg 5′ 11′′1.779463-77 Kg
6′ 0′′1.872-89 Kg 6′ 0′′1.865-80 Kg
What is ideal weight for women

Lose weight in just 2 weeks-Is it possible?

To lose weight is never easy, especially in 2 weeks. But it is not impossible. All of this advice and diet we presented to you will help you with your weight loss in wanted time but just in case that you are disciplined and that you are following it correctly.

Do not try to cheat and breaking this diet. You will only lose precious time and you will not be happy about yourself in the end.

Diet can be healthy, fun and hyp

We highly recommended this diet because it could be more than just a way to lose weight. It could become your way of life. Because it is healthy, fun, and hyp and it is trendy to take care of your body and look fit and healthy.

Also, it is trendy to eat healthy, to eat row and grilled food. It is fun trying new tastes and new groceries every day, to mix them and to combine them. And this diet includes all of this.

How to lose weight in just 2 weeks-top diet for ideal weight is probably something that a lot of you are worry about every summer. If you do, this diet is definitely something you can count on. It is the best diet for weight loss and if you try it, you will not regret it.