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How to maintain a long-distance relationship?

How to maintain a long-distance relationship?

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We ask ourselves how to maintain a long-distance relationship when we consider a traditional relationship to be difficult enough. Long-distance relationships are indeed difficult, but investing extra effort, a system of understanding, focusing on the positives sides like friends and family even when things look bleak, and maintaining trust in one another are crucial to its quality and longevity and talking to your partner.

At the beginning of any relationship, especially long-distance ones, it is important to ask yourself and your partner a few important long-distance relationship questions to make sure you are both clear with the related parameters. On the other hand, the mere fact that your partner won’t be an integral part of your daily lives, as they won’t be physically present when you have a bad day, or when you need their help, will create long-distance relationship problems and depression.

Setting parameters, such as defining your relationship (occasional dating, regular dating, girl-boyfriend relationship, engagement) and exclusivity (single-person dating) is important. These can be tricky questions, but they will save you both from misunderstandings and broken hearts. It is important to answer long-distance relationship questions such as: “Are you open to the possibility of relocation if the relationship becomes more serious?” Or “What do you expect long term from this relationship?

How to maintain a long distance relationship

How to maintain a long distance relationship – Samantha’s advice

Samantha, a student who found herself in a situation where she had to maintain a long-distance relationship gave some advice on what to do in a long-distance relationship.

  • I was in an extremely happy relationship for a little over a year when I found out that I was going to study in Sweden for seven months. In the beginning, my boyfriend and I were very busy keeping in touch. We were constantly corresponding, telephoning, and talking on Skype. I have to admit that Skype or some form of video calling is a lifeline for long-distance connections. But after a while, we found ourselves in a situation where we were both too busy with phone calls and Skype conversations, so we used to quarrel. In these situations, we simply weren’t aware that we had a seemingly different schedule and that backfilling each other with text messaging wasn’t the solution. So every week we set days when we were both completely free and we would spend that time with each other, of course virtually, but then it was much better than in the beginning when we knew how to talk video calls several times a day.

Ben and Alice study in different cities. He believes that well-planned time is one of the key items for the success of a long-distance relationship .

  • From the very beginning, our relationship was reduced time to talk to messages and calls and seeing each other only when we both decided to come home for the weekend. Since I am a fourth-year student, I have a little more free time, so I try to go to a girl’s house in Split for a few days once a month. Of course, we arrange such visits in advance and when we know we are both free. It is also important to organize time in advance and make a plan. Sometimes we just want to spend time in the apartment, sometimes we decide to go to the cinema like other couples face to face, and sometimes we plan a more active form of dating. It’s important to know what you both want so you don’t spend time together planning what and how now.

Research shows that anyone who is currently in a long-distance relationship or has been in such a situation will agree that selflessness is very important and that the happiness and satisfaction of your partner is just as important as your happiness and satisfaction. Relationship experts says that the biggest long-distance relationship problems are jealousy and cheating, such relationships require respect for the other person. It is necessary to avoid quarrels, disagreements and negative vibes and pay attention to how your partner feel. Try to avoid long-distance relationship questions that you currently have no answers to.

Long distance relationship problems

From the examples, we can conclude that long-distance relationships are not a problem if both partners are willing to make certain sacrifices. Communication, trust, loyalty, and well-planned time play a big role. You need to stay motivated by the fact that you don’t have to be in such a relationship forever, but you need to make an effort to keep the relationship going and plan for a common future.  After reading this article, we recommend that you solve the long-distance relationship quiz which will prepare you for the next article on long-distance relationship problems.

Practical Tips On Surviving Long Distance Relationships

Ask anyone who has been in a long-distance relationship and they’ll tell you it isn’t a walk in the park. Different time zones and physical distance are among the many challenges couples go through. We bring you a couple of tips that will be able to make a long-distance relationship work long run.

How to maintain a long-distance relationship

Send each other care packages

To surprise your long distance partner, be careful and meticulous about it. If your partner is working on a difficult project and going through a stressful work period, consider sending a roller with lavender essential oil to relieve stress or new things like stress balls.

Watch your favorite shows at the same time

Watching online movies remains a classic way for long distance couples to spend time together, even when you are separated. So schedule a time when you will both be able to broadcast the same shows at the same time. In addition, many platforms are available to access international content.

How to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Don’t go offline during a fight

The key to a healthy relationship is communication, so fight the temptation to press that mute button when you’re upset. Hanging up, ignoring phone calls, and texting are common ways to kill a connection. Taking a moment to cool down is fine, but avoiding it completely is a big no. You need to be mature and willing enough to work through any problem that pops up and talk every day to your partner.

Surviving a long-distance relationship

It takes a lot of effort to keep a relationship going, so these tips will help you until your next reunion. Whether it’s creative ideas for a “night out,” like new games and TV shows, or if you’re using video chatting to make you feel like you’re in the same room, there are many ways to stay connected. Just don’t give up!

Relationship problems are bound to be a part of any relationship. Although serious issues cannot be avoided, these problems have solutions. For a relationship to work, extremely important self-discipline, hope, and the confidence in seeking help when need be.