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How To Make A Man Want You Bad

How To Make A Man Want You Bad

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You think about how to make a man want you bad and none of your ideas seem good enough for that? Here are some ideas that will help you. In the beginning, when you start glorifying someone, there will be moments when you won’t know how to behave or what to do. You think that nothing you do’s good enough for him to like you. Here are some tips and advice.

Love yourself and show your self-confidence

Before loving someone else, all of us have to love ourselves. That sounds cliché, but it’s true. How can you love someone else and give him your attention and time if you constantly think about your imperfections? Also, how can a guy love you if he sees you don’t love yourself? If you’re not in love with yourself, don’t worry. It can change like everything else. There are many ways to improve your level of confidence and love yourself. If you don’t really love your body, start working out. Go to the gym a few times a week and you will see results soon. If you don’t like your fashion style, google fashion trends. Find where you can buy clothes you like. If you don’t feel confident while talking to guys, avoiding conversation won’t do anything to help that. It will get worse. So, talk as much as you can with everyone. It will help you boost your confidence.

Show your funny side

One of the most important things to do while you’re learning how to make a man want you bad is showing him your funny side. When you’re getting to know a guy, if you’re boring and don’t laugh at any of his jokes, he will lose interest soon. On the other hand, if you’re fun, there’s a better chance that he will start liking you.

Be unpredictable

If you’re willing to learn how to make a man want you bad, this tip is really important. Guys get bored quickly. Everything that is too good will be boring for them. You don’t want a boring relationship! So, if you want to make your relationship juicy, be unpredictable. If he wants to see you every day, don’t do that. Go out with him three out of five times he calls you. Also, surprise him sometimes and plan something you both will like without asking him before. It’s important to be unpredictable, especially at the beginning of a relationship because as said before, guys get bored soon.

Make him chase you

Flirt with him

Being fun is good for guys, but being flirty is much better. Flirting with him will show him that you don’t see him only as a friend. Besides flirting, teasing is a great way to get his attention. Joke with him with whatever comes to your mind. Tease him as a little sibling. It will make your conversation more comfortable and level up your connection. However, be careful. Don’t overdo it. Even too much flirting and teasing can make a guy get frustrated. Knowing how much to flirt and tease comes with experience.

Take care of your appearance

Men make the first impression about women when they see them. Before getting to know you, they will make an opinion about you based on your appearance. When you put effort into your look, he will realize that a date with him is something that’s important to you. It will show him you respect him and you take care of yourself physically. Don’t tell him how much time it took you to look that good, he doesn’t have to know that. He will want to be with you all the time and this is one of the best tricks on how to make a man want you bad.

Allow him to put an effort into your relationship

It’s nearly hard for a guy to be attracted to you if he doesn’t have to put up any effort for you. So, if you respond to all of his messages in less than five seconds and always answer “yes” to all of his demands, he will quickly become bored. If he invites you over on a Tuesday at 10 p.m., for example, you could answer, “Sorry, but I’m not the type of woman who comes around at that hour.” After this, take the lead by saying something like, “However, I like you, so we can meet for coffee in town on Saturday afternoon.” This immediately informs him that you’re not an easy “prey.” Even if we don’t admit it, guys adore this. It’s things like this that cause a man to get fascinated with a lady.

How to make a man want you bad?
I want you, all your flaws, jokes and smiles

The most important thing…

If you’re learning how to make a man want you bad, just be yourself! Even though all of us do some not-so-usual things, just to impress our crush, we need to be aware that we don’t have to change ourselves totally. For sure, it will be easier to impress him with all the advice above.