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5 Primal Tips on How To Manifest Love

5 Primal Tips on How To Manifest Love

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Before we learn how to manifest love, we should cover some important basics. Humans are social animals, to say the least. We need other people to grow in many different ways. This is evident if we compare human babies to the offspring of other animals. Human babies, let’s face it, are practically useless during the first few months after being born. Human babies can’t eat by themselves, walk, talk, or do anything. Let’s compare this to other animal offspring. A foal, also known as a baby horse, can stand just 30 minutes after birth. Likewise, an elephant calf, also known as a baby elephant, can learn to walk just after 2 hours after being born.

How To Manifest Love? Learn from our nature

So why do humans take so long to learn these basic skills? This is because humans need other humans to show them. People need to learn basic skills from their family and social circle so that they can grow physically and mentally. Family is the obvious and first factor in which humans learn. However, as we mature, we need to have a larger social circle to learn even more necessary skills as well as a few unnecessary, but pretty cool, skills as well. This larger social community can include friends, teachers, mentors, neighbors and, one of the most important, partners.

When someone is in a romantic relationship, both partners grow in many different ways. This growth can include emotional growth, such as developing a higher degree of passion, patience and devotion. This growth can also include mental growth such as learning how to be creative and how to solve issues. Likewise, this can also include physical growth such as strengthening muscles from physically embracing your partner.

Anyone who wants to find it, must first manifest love!

Love is a wonderful, beautiful and necessary aspect of a human’s life. Everyone wants love. Who doesn’t? However, for some people, it’s harder to find love than others. Everyone can find love but some people have a tough time trying to find “the one”. Finding love has a lot to do with the law of attraction. This law of attraction is a relatively new thought in the field of philosophy.

The law of attraction states that if you think of positive things, then positive results will come to you. However, the law of attraction also states the opposite where if you think of negative things, then negative results will come to you. According to this philosophical law of attraction, anyone who wants to find love must first manifest it. You might now be wondering, how to manifest love? Well, worry not.

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Here is a guide! Primal tips on how to manifest love!

1. Make Yourself Look Like You’re Ready For Love

To manifest something means to display or show it. So, if the term manifest love is applied to a person, that means that for a person to attract a lover, they must first manifest love through their appearance. So how do you show that you are ready for love through your appearance? The answer is simple. Humans and animals have been using their appearance to try and attract a mate since the dawn of time. For example, if you look at a peacock, it’s the males that have the brightly colored plumage while the females are plain. This is because the male peacocks need to use their vibrant rainbow of feathers to attract a lover.  

Also, it’s not just animals who use this visual display to look for attention and affection. Humans can too! To find love, look like you are ready for it. Go ahead and dress a little flirty! Show some skin! Maybe even wear some bright colors, like the peacock does.

2.Love Yourself

Ever heard of the saying, “you need to help yourself before you can help others”? This quote is true. After all, you can’t help others if you need help first. Well, this is true when it comes to finding someone to love too. You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself. You can’t know how to manifest love if you aren’t full of love. This is because if you can’t find your inner beauty, you won’t be able to find someone else.  

Also, if you don’t have patience, trust, devotion, or compassion for yourself, then you can’t exert these necessary emotions onto others which is the basis of a relationship. So, you need to love yourself first. Trust that you make good decisions. Think of yourself as beautiful. Give yourself time to learn new things. Forgive your mistakes. Also, a little self-indulgent gift isn’t bad here and there. You earned it!

3. Look For Love

I can tell you now, no prince (or princess) is going to ride up to your front door on a horse and whisk you away to a castle for a spontaneous wedding. This is the real world and in the real world, you need to look for love. So go out and find it! This can be done physically, such as going to a club or a party. This can also be by trying to find love in a place where you are already a contributing member such as in your workplace or at school. However, this can also be done in other ways such as creating an online dating profile or making a few phone calls.

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4. Work For Love

So now, if you have followed the third point on how to manifest love, you are in a place full of potential partners. Now go and find one! You are not going to walk in a room, no matter how hot you look, and instantly have people swooning over you. You caught their eye, now it’s time to catch their heart. Strike up a conversation with someone. Introduce yourself to people you have never talked to before. You have made yourself seen, now it’s time to make yourself heard, known and, eventually, loved.

5. Give It Time

You’ve worked so hard up to this point. You made yourself be seen as a person ready for romance. You made yourself mentally ready to care, respect and cherish another human being. You found the place full of potential partners and you started to open up to them. Now, you need to wait.  

Good things take time so the best relationships aren’t made in the blink of an eye. Maybe you gave someone your number and you are waiting for a response. Maybe the party ended and you guys have to wait for the next day to meet up again. Remember, people have their own busy lives full of commitments.  

However, when they do respond to you, this shows that you made a lasting impression on them, and now they want more! 

And that’s how to manifest love. Try it! Own it! Rock it!