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How to survive a breakup-Things you need to do

How to survive a breakup-Things you need to do

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How to survive a breakup-things you need to do, and how to get your life back in order when it is all over? When a relationship ends everyone has a hard time getting over it. No matter did you wanted it or it came out of nowhere, all of us need time to reoccupy and take our life back on track. If we spend a lot of time in the relationship, we will probably have a problem with being a single again, and learn how to function on our own. It is scary at the beginning, but at the same time, exciting, too.

You are now free to do things you could not do when you were in the relationship, and that can be very exciting and satisfying. Some of you were not be able to work, or to see the members of your family for a long time. Some of you probably lost a lot of old friends and habits you use to have. Now you are free again to do things that you loved and liked once.

So if you think that surviving a breakup is impossible without a lot of trauma and tears, think again. Instead of soaking up in tears the whole day, better get up and do things you did not do for a long time. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Do things around the house you have postponed for so long

Organise your closet

The best thing to do when you feel low is to turn your house upside down. Move everything and clean as much as you can. Empty your closet completely, throw away things you do not wear anymore, divide your winter and summer clothes and fold things back in order. If you have a patience, divide your clothes by the color, too. Your closet will look neat and beautiful, and look at it will make you feel better, already. And you will feel like you emptied some crowded place inside your soul too, trust us.

Reorganize your work and hobby things

When you are finished with your closet, move to make an order with your work or your hobby stuff, probably laying around your house, everywhere. Find the place in the house where you will keep it, and arrange it as beautifully as you can. Make sure that you can reach it easily, and put them back in to the place after using, so they do not lay around the house, again. Organizing things you use daily, and make them more functional, will make you feel like you took back control you lost over your life. And you are, actually. You are taking back control over things you lost and neglected, little by little.

Reorganize your work and hobby things

Rearrange your rooms

Do some more moving around the house, if you feel like it. Take a good look around your stuff and decide where you can do some changes. Maybe you can move some plants around, change their positions and place. And maybe that couch does not has to be under the window anymore. It is time to get him next to the kitchen wall. Your room could look bigger and lighter from just that few moves. So shaking up the things around the house, and finding a new places for your old stuff, will give you a sense that change to new and better is possible, and that we just need to get up, and move things around.

And moving things around the house can be so exciting and refreshing that everyone should try it sometimes, whether he has a problem on how to deal with a breakup, or just need a little change in his life.

Make your house fresh and clean again

And again there is cleaning. Cleaning can also be so liberating and refreshing when you need a change, that you should do it as much as possible. And of course it is. What is more satisfying than a clean and fresh house, surrounded by beautiful sent. It is something that will definitely lift up your mood, and make you feel calm and satisfied, again. And you will be so exhausted, that you will not have time to think about the breakup you are going through. So when you asking yourself how to survive a breakup-things you need to do, cleaning is the one thing that should be on your list.

Call an old friend for a coffee

Reconnect with friends and bring them back into your life

For everyone who has been in a long-term relationship, there must be an friend you have to give up because you did not have time to see them anymore, or your boyfriend did not like them. Now is time to reconnect with them, and bring them back into your life, if they are still open to it. Call them for a coffee to an old place you liked to go once. If you are lucky, they will accept your invitation and be happy to see you again.

You will realize that nothing has changed-You are still share the same passion for the same things

It will be like time did not pass, and like it was just yesterday you were sitting at that same coffee shop, bragging about things and fantasying about the future. You will realize that you did not change that much. You are just a little bit older and with more life experience you can share. Things that once have been in common and inspiring between you two, are probably still the same. And maybe they didn′t have no one to share it with since then, and now they are very happy to be in your company, again.

Do not repeat the same mistake again-Keep your friends close

Losing a good friend could be as devastating as losing a partner, so if it is not necessary, do not give up on good friends just like that when you are entering a romantic relationship. It can be really stressful, and that loss is similar to breaking up with your boyfriend, too. So be aware off that when you are ending a friendship. You are actually ending a relationship that has as much meaning, as any other. And by ending a friendship, people are going through a similar experience like ending a romantic one.

How to get a friend back
How to get a friend back?

Visit some relative you did not see for a long time

When we are in a relationship we do not have much time for anyone else, especially for relatives. If there is some relative you loved very much, and you use to see them regularly when you were single, you should pay them a visit. They probably will be happy to see you and give you the comfort you need. People who love us usually feel very sad when we lose our partners and their understanding and support is something that can come very handy when we are trying to survive a breakup.

Except their help and willingness to comfort you

So use their willingness to help you and comfort you, and be thankful for relatives like that. If you need a shoulder to cry it is probably the best place to look. It will stay between you two, and you can freely say to them anything, you could not say to anyone else. Share your sadness with them, and you will feel much better losing some burden, you have been carrying around for some time.

Do not lose contact with relatives ever again-Those people love us by birth

And keep visiting them regularly again. Do not lose contact with people who love you and support you. We all need to know that we have someone in our life who supports us no matter what, and who will offer us a shoulder to cry when we need it. We should appreciate something like that very much, and consider ourselves very lucky. And do not forget to buy them something nice to show your gratitude and appreciation for being there for you when you needed it. And for the fact that they did not take it against you not being in contact with them for so long.

Do not lose contact with relatives-Those people love us by birth

How to survive a breakup-Things you need to do? Loving people can heal your sorrow

Hanging around the people who love you and support you, will help you to on how to deal with a breakup no matter how bad it was, and you will not notice when the whole sorrow disappears. And how. That is all healing that you need to get over everything, and to get your life back the way it was. So stick around, be thankful, and show that you appreciate them, too.

Get a job

And finally, go get a job. The best thing that you can do for yourself when you are trying to survive a breakup, and you need a big change, is to get a job. Do not be so picky in finding one. Choose any job that is appropriate.

It will keep you busy away from the negative thoughts

Hanging around people, and working, will keep your mind off the negative and unnecessary thoughts. Time will fly by and you will not even notice how fast. That way you will feel useful, doing something, and earning the money you probably need. At the same time you will have fun with your work colleagues and that will make you feel so good, that you will be thankful for every moment spent there.

How to survive a breakup-Things you need to do? The job will place you back into the world

Because now that you are single, having no plans for the future, getting a job should be your first thing on the list, after you survive a first shock wave. When you are done with all of those things mentioned earlier, to reoccupied and get a little bit of strength, and support you needed, finding a job is something that will really place you back into the world.

The job will place you back into the world

You will be able to do things you like and to start something new

You will hang around other people, be useful, earning the money, and start having other plans for your future. With that, you have everything you need to start over, to take care of yourself, to get yourself everything that you need, and move forward in a new direction. You will meet new friends there you can go out with, and maybe a new partner, too. You will never know.

New possibilities will make you feel good and hopeful again

Those things and new possibilities will make you feel so good and hopeful again, that you will realize that nothing ever is final. The end of a relationship, and a breakup, does not have to be the end of the world. Of course, it is not easy, and you will have waves of sadness and the heartache every now and then. But moving on with your life, as soon as possible, and not feeling sorry for yourself, is something that you really need to do, right away.

Is there a life after a breakup

We think there is. The answer to how to survive a breakup-things you need to do, is not easy and the same for everyone. But there is no use in sitting around the house, walking in pajamas, listening to a sad songs and crying, waiting for the pain to go away. It will take a while to deal with things that way. Instead, get up, do things around the house, go outside with a friend for a coffee, go visits somebody you love, and get a job. 

That can be so liberating and refreshing that you will ask yourself why you did not do it before. Of course, you will know the answer to that. But you will still be pleasantly surprised how things are simple and how little we need to be happy again. And to feel better.