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How to survive a long-distance relationship?

How to survive a long-distance relationship?

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How to survive a long-distance relationship is something that is bothering a lot of people lately. Last few years, having a long-distance relationship has become very popular. Why? Perhaps it is because of developing technologies which provide easy access to a lot of people around the world. You do not need much: just your computer and internet access and there is the whole world in the palm of your hand.

There are a thousand dating sites, social networks, and who knows what, where you can meet someone you will like and date. But whatever comes that easy is never without a catch and here are some tips on how to survive a long-distance relationship. You can see each other and talk to, but what when that is not enough anymore? How go through all of that without consequences and how to avoid feeling trapped?

Long-distance relationship questions

In the beginning, everything is nice and beautiful. You are happy and exciting. But after a while, things become a little complicated and there are a lot of long-distance relationship questions that you are starting to deal with. Like how to keep this relationship alive and interesting. And how to stay connected and end up with the person you love but you are not geographically close?

How to re-ignite the sparkle?

There are a lot of ways that will bring the sparkle into your long-distance relationship and answers to how to make a long-distance relationship work. First, you have to be in contact as much as possible because that way you will have a sense of closeness and connection. Talk to your partner about everything especially about your hopes and fears. That way your partner will know exactly how you feel and what he can do to make it better or right.

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Should I share what I feel feely?

Of course, you need to do it for her, too. Sharing feelings and thoughts with your partner is very important for a long-distance couple. That proves that you trust him, love him, and planning your future together. To avoid boredom and repeating the same things every day maybe you should try doing online things together. There are a lot of varieties and long-distance date ideas from online games to learning and eating together.

Where to find new date ideas?

You can try everything and then choose what is best for you two and what you enjoy the most. Try it, change it, mix it and be sure you will not be bored again. A lot of ideas you can find on the internet and social media so be free and don′t be afraid to explore. There are so many different and interesting things especially with games so it is a big chance that you will find perfect long-distance relationship games for LDR couples.

Long-distance relationship problems-How to survive a long-distance relationship?

When you tried everything to stay in touch and make things interesting then is a chance that the other questions and long-distance relationship problems will occur. Questions like when we will see each other face to face? Where we are going with this? And will we end up together, after all? These will keep coming up more often. Video calling, texts, and phone calls are no longer enough.

This usually happens when you like the person you met and you start developing deeper feelings for her. Seeing her and talking with her is not enough anymore and you want to meet her in person. But if you are so far away of course that is not that easy. Sometimes is even impossible. Here are some tips.

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Where are we going with this?

Then you start asking yourself where are we going with this relationship if making contact is impossible. And you getting more confused and upset. If you do not end up together why even trying? And that is how long-distance relationship problems starting and how you stop being in a healthy relationship. Spending time together this way is not enough for you and things do not feel right anymore.

When you start asking yourself all of this then long-distance relationship problems begin for people in long-distance relationship. You start having all kinds of different feelings, from sadness to confusion and sometimes even depression. How would not you?! There you have this wonderful person you like and you can not be with her.

No matter what are the reasons you can not escape feeling sad and depressed. Of course, some people manage to get together after all but there are more of those who do not end up together at the end.

Long-distance relationship depresion

The moment you realize that you are in a dating relationship that has no future then you start to feel a little depressed. You like each other and you love spending time together but it is impossible to meet her and spend the rest of your life with her. What to do in that situation? Should you end it or continue with it. These are probably two questions that keep running in your head all the time.

You might feel trapped because you can not make a decision that easily. How let go of someone you like that much but why continue if you never end up together? This probably will make you feel sad and depressed and make you think about life and how things can get so confused and complicated.

You are not alone!

But, do not be afraid. If it will make you feel better, you are not alone in this. Like we said before, long-distance relationships are very popular last few years so a lot of people experiencing things you might go through. If your friends and family are not supportive you can try to get some advice on the internet from people who are in a similar situation. Or you can even get some professional help. Depends on how you feel at the moment.

How to survive and how to handle long-distance relationship depression is a very common problem lately. It is sure that you will find something that will help you to go through your problem.

How to survive a long-distance relationship?-Long distance relationship statistics

Even if we all assume that long-distance relationship would not last, there are no proven evidence or exact statistic about that. In some research, they find out that 60% of long-distance relationships last. Is it because it is very popular these days or because a lot of people and married couples, like military families, have no other options. We do not know.

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But the fact is that millions of people around the world are in long-distance relationships. Just in the US about 14 million in 2005. So when you having a hard time about the situation you are in, just remember this and maybe that will help you to survive a long-distance relationship.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • 14 million couples define themselves as having a long distance relationship
  • 3.75 million married couples are in a long distance relationship
  • 32.5 % of all long distance relationships are college relationships
  • 75 % of all engaged couples have been (at some point) in a long distance relationship
  • 2.9 % of all married couples in the states live in a long distance relationship
  • 10 % of all marriages in the states started out as a long distance relationship

Things we do for love

As we can see there are a lot of people in a long-distance relationship and there are a lot of varieties and reasons, but the one thing is in common for every one of them. Love and commitment.

Long-distance relationships are not the ideal kind of relationship but sometimes is the only way to stay in touch with the person you love. So when you having a hard time dealing with it and when the things don′t feel right anymore, just try to remember why you doing it and the goal you set in front of you. It is a long run but it might work.

Holding on to good things and your long-term plan will help you with all questions on how to survive a long-distance relationship. Sometimes you will feel better, sometimes you will not. But when you have no other choice you need to be strong and push yourself towards. Live day to day, stay open and honest and everything will be alright. If there is and of the road, there is hope.