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How to trust someone again? Is it possible? – Answers and tips

How to trust someone again? Is it possible? – Answers and tips

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How to trust someone again? How to start all over again? Is it possible? Well, it is. However, you need to know that there’s a long way to go to start trusting someone again. Building trust with trust issues and how to rebuild trust without feeling hurt is a long process. If you’ve been betrayed and someone tried to break your trust, it isn’t the end of the world. Trusting your partner is what makes a relationship work. If trust has been broken by bad behavior and you feel ready to break up, then you need to think one more time. Time and effort show a lot of things. Social media can help you with that. Building trust is a slow process, remember that.

Trusting someone again

Every bad thing can be the result of some action that may be intentional or unintentional. We’re all human beings and it’s natural for us to make mistakes. Take a look at yourself. Sometimes, you make some mistakes that you regret later. How does it feel if the person you hurt doesn’t want to forgive you? It’s a bad feeling. For forgiveness and trust, you need to be strong. You need to develop into an amazing adult to gain someone’s trust. Forgiveness is the biggest act of love. If you really love someone, maybe you will need time, maybe it will be difficult, but in the end, you will forgive them. Of course, the other person needs to show that they’re sorry for their mistakes. Take slow steps in this process and trust your intuition. Follow your heart. You can’t go against yourself.

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How to trust someone again after they hurt you?

Trust is something expensive. It needs a lot of time and work to be earned and it can disappear in one second. When someone hurts you, you feel some kind of pain that’s hard to forget and hard to make it disappear. How to trust someone again is a matter of time. You will need a lot of time to go through the process of forgiveness.

#1 Trust

In the process of how to trust someone again, trust is the main character. For the most part, people will treat you the way you treat yourself. You need to put clear boundaries up and tell someone if something’s hurting you. You deserve love and respect as you give it to others. There’s no point in putting yourself down because of other people. The most important person in your life is you. Treat yourself like someone you love the most. Keep yourself away from pain.

Trust is very important. If you’re sure about yourself, you will have no issues in trusting others. Also, if you aren’t a sneaky person, you won’t have on your mind that someone might do something bad to you. Of course, when we talk about overthinking, this is a different story. Don’t doubt everything. Trust someone’s actions. People always show you with their effort how they feel about you. Learn to trust yourself and others by yours and their actions. Try to communicate more with others, especially when we talk about a person who hurt you. Put on the table everything you got. Conversation can fix lots of things. When it comes to trust again, do it slowly and carefully. Don’t let the same knife hurt you twice.

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#2 Past and future

To trust someone again and how to trust someone again, base it on your point of view on your past and your future. In this process, you need to forget your past. That means that you don’t mention the situation that hurt you in every discussion or when you’re mad. If you decide to forgive something, that means you never turn back to that again. It’s very selfish to forgive something and then to always keep that in your pocket like a potential argument. Let the past stay where it belongs. If you really want that person in the future, then keep your eyes on the future. Focus on today and then tomorrow. Work on your connection and conversation with that person. Move on with good energy and good vibes. If that person really regrets their action and promises to never let it happen again but it does, that means that they’ve never been sorry for hurting you. So relax and let the time do the talking.

#3 Accepting the situation

A big step in moving forward with everything that happens in your life is to accept the situation that’s happening or has happened. You would never be able to really heal yourself from what happened to you if you don’t accept it. Accept your emotions, cry, be aware that you’re hurt and that you don’t feel good. After that, there comes change. Change is very important. Every situation that happens in our life forces us to change. That means that you need to learn something out of it. Learn to love yourself and to be kind to yourself. Life will show you lots of bad things you need to face. Until you face them, you will never really be able to recover from them. When you forgive yourself for everything, you can forgive others for what they did to you. It’s hard and it will take time. However, in the end everything can be amazing. Just one decision can change everything. Sometimes, people can hurt you unintentionally. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Remember that we’re only human. There’s only one life for each of us. If you want to do something, do it, and don’t look back.

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#4 Conversation

Conversation is one of the most popular communication systems between humans. The key to how to trust someone again can be right here, with a conversation. Nobody can read someone else’s mind. What you feel you need to express with words. You need to show it. If you really show something you can take action to fix it or to leave it. When people who you show your emotions to are interested and worried about it, it’s worth every conversation and fight to fix it. If it is the opposite, don’t waste your time. It’s important to realize how important conversation is in our everyday lives. Everything depends on conversation and what you say, but most importantly on how you say it. Work on your way of expressing everything you think and feel. Social intelligence is so important and needed. You can have it only if you work on it and if you’re trying to receive it.

How to trust someone again after cheating?

When it comes to cheating, how to trust someone again can be really hard. Cheating is a sign of disrespect. Of course, it depends on the situation. If it’s only something that happened once like a physical attraction, it’s easier to forgive. If it’s emotional cheating it’s something really complicated and a long term situation you need to handle. It depends on so many things such as your relationship status, what happened and so much more.Ask yourself how sorry your partner is for what they did. Is it something that happened for the first time or has it happened more than once? For sure, there are lots of questions, but every situation has its own solutions and answers.

#1 Self-respect

The first step and the biggest tip that you need to remember is DON’T COME BACK EASILY! No matter how much someone’s begging you or showing that they’re sorry, the fact is, they hurt you. It’s something you never imagine could happen or something you would never do to your partner. Maybe it’s hard to hear, but it’s a big thing. Love yourself first because you deserve loyalty and respect. You aren’t someone’s toy or safe place where they can come back to when they don’t have anywhere else to go. A psychologist is the best option. Conversation with someone who’s a specialist can really help. Take time where you can heal yourself and find help. At this moment, you’re important, because you’re the one who’s hurt. Work on yourself and do everything that’s necessary to heal yourself. At this moment it’s okay to be “selfish” and to recover from what your partner did to you. Also, remember it isn’t the end of the world. Talk with the psychologist, they will find a solution for sure.

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#2 Specific situation

Every situation is unique and it requires its own analysis and answers on how to trust someone again. If it’s something that repeats a few times, it’s a serious problem that needs to be fixed with a specialist. Sometimes it’s the result of your partner’s insecurity or problems they’re drowning in. Sometimes people’s pain is “healed” by cheating and hurting others. It’s hard to understand, but in that way they’re actually asking for help. Again, conversation here is key. If your partner agrees with finding help, it’s a great thing that it can be fixed. If your partner’s distant and doesn’t want to talk about it, you need to heal yourself first, and then decide what to do after. One important thing is don’t ever make decisions too early and too recklessly. Every big decision needs time and lots of work to be created. Don’t rush into something. Find help and support. Also, your friends and family can be your support in these hard times.

#3 Forgiveness

After all, if you decide to forgive, it’s an amazing thing. You really need to be proud of yourself. It’s a kind act of love and understanding. To love someone sometimes can be hard and painful, but the beauty’s exactly in that. Sometimes, you will hurt your partner and sometimes your partner will hurt you. The matter of love is important. If there’s love, everything can be fixed. Give yourself time to forgive someone, try to forget the bad things, and focus on the future. It won’t be easy. However, you need to be stronger and bigger than the situation. Don’t rush easily into forgiveness. It can be taken for granted. Give yourself time to think and to survive this situation. After some time passes, the answers will come. Also, it’s good to find help and to talk with other people. There are lots of communities that work with problems like this. Or, you can find a specialist who’s able to work with you on the solution.

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Love and pain

With great love there’s great pain. Bad times exist in life to teach us to appreciate the good ones. Love means to have a heart for understanding, forgiveness and closeness to someone. To be loved and to love means to give everything to that person and to accept everything from that person. If you both don’t invest in your love it won’t last. It’s easy to love in good times, but when it comes to bad times, only real love stays. If you want real love you need to face real pain. You need to prepare yourself for the reality and situations that can come to you. Life isn’t a fairytale where it’s all sunshine and smiles. Life can sometimes be really hard and bitter.

The way we handle something can impact its outcome. Nothing’s worth your pain, but sometimes it happens. If that person’s worth your forgiveness and trust, then it’s all good. How to trust someone again is a huge act. It means to love someone unconditionally. It means to prove your love and intentions for someone. People say that the biggest love is present where the biggest forgiveness is present, and for sure there’s some truth in that. Maybe it’s all true. However, be able to forgive and to trust again. Don’t ever be suspicious of real love, because real love exists. Be able to love because love’s the biggest gift given to us on earth.