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How to win the girl you like-7 ways to win her heart

How to win the girl you like-7 ways to win her heart

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How to win the girl you like-7 ways to win her heart and searching for the right one is the life mission for almost everyone. Besides other wishes we all have in life to meet the right person we want to spend the rest of our life with is certainly the biggest one. And also the most important. We spend a lot of our time searching and thinking how it would look like, but when we finally find her the most of us get in a panic.

After you are definitely sure that she is the one then it is when things got complicated. Is she a single, does she like me, would she go out with me, and the questions like that are something that probably goes around your head all the time. But you like her too much, and you can not let go besides all of the panic and confusion.

How to do it?

How to overcome insecurity and approach her the right way? Of course that you do not want to embarrass yourself in the process. Or ruin your chances for success by saying or doing the wrong thing. But how to do it? We are bringing you several moves that will definitely help you on how to make her fall in love with you and how to make a good impression.

Here is how to win the girl you like-7 ways to win her heart that should help you.

1.Show that you are interested

To win a girl over it is important to first let her know you are interested in her. She needs to know that you like her so that she could pay attention to you. You can do that in a million ways. Maybe you should start by making a contact by trying to talk to her. Depends on how and where have you met her you will choose the words and the way you will approach her. Do not be too aggressive or pushy. Just use a common sentence to start a conversation. It could be about the weather, music or film, just make sure she is comfortable with the subject.

Signs she is madly in love with you
Signs She Is Madly In Love With You

Make an Effort

And if you start talking to her while she is with her friends or surrounded by other people that will be a sure sign for her that you are interested. To approach a girl while she is with friends is not easy but if you really like her it will not be a problem for you. Making an effort to get to her no matter what is something that she will appreciate if she is the right one.

2.Be confident

While you are trying to make contact with her try to be confident. Confident persons always leave a good impression in any situation. You know what you like and you are going for it. There is no confusion in what your attentions are. You like her and you decided to show her that.  If you are shy it will show but that will make you even more adorable and hard to resist. You liked her so much that you decided to overcome your shyness and make a move to her. That is the sure way to get a girl to like you and she will not be able to tell you no.

Pursue Her

In the case she is hesitating at the beginning do not give up. Maybe she needs a little bit of time to estimates you. Or she needs to adjust to the fact that you like her and want to be with her. Whatever it is do not give up on her that easy. Be persistent and pursue her. Do your best to convince her that you like her and that she can trust you. If you be consistent in your attention that will show her that you are serious about what you are feeling for her. And she will let you in at the end.

3.How to win the girl you like-7 ways to win her heart. Compliment her

It is recommendable to compliment her whenever you can. All girls like compliments and to know that some things about them are appreciated. No matter is it about their looks or personality, compliments are always welcome. But try not to exaggerate. Do not use common lines and try not to sound like you learned it by heart. That will show your interest but she will not fall for it because she will not be feeling special. It will look like you did not notice anything about her worth of making an original line that will be just hers. So when you are complimenting a girl try to be original as possible and make her feel beautiful and special.

Compliment her and make her feel special and beautiful

Be original

Compliments are not just about boosting someone′s ego. They will show her that she has something worthy that makes her different from everybody else. It will tell her she is special, unique and that you like her just because of that. No girl wants to feel like just another in the line you want to impress. If you really like her show her that. Make original compliments and steal her heart.

4.Be her friend

When you are trying to win a girl over it is important to show her that you can be her friend too. Show her that you care about her and things that are important to her. Listen to her carefully and remember important things about her, her family, school, work, friends, etc. In further conversations try to show her that you memorized those things and she will be impressed. She will know exactly how much you like her because you remember all the silly facts about something she mentioned earlier. She will be impressed and amused at the same time.

Show that you care

That will melt her heart and she will have no choice but to accept your love. Because girls need to have a friend in their boyfriends too. They need someone who cares about everything in her life and trying to be part of it. Being interested in every detail shows that you are not there just temporary. It will show that you are planning to stay around her for a long time and that your attentions to her are serious. Every girl wants a boyfriend who acts like that from the beginning.

5.Be reliable.

Be reliable and show her that she can trust you. If you promised that you will do something make sure to keep that promise. When you arranging your dates make sure that you are always there on time. Do not be late and make her wait for you. Even if girls are the ones who are always late for everything, being late for a date for a man is not acceptable. So be sure that you are always there first, waiting for her with a smile and warm welcome.

Walk her home after the date

Also, make sure that you always walk her home. Do not let her go alone to her place. The right guy always walks his girlfriend right to her doorsteps making sure she came home safe. Those two important actions will show her how much you care about her and what you are ready to do for her. Her person is something that is the most important thing to you right now and you need to show her that. Being there always on time waiting for her and walking her home safe every time will tell her that she can rely on you. And that you are a manly man not leaving anything to the chance and taking care of the things that are important to you right away.

Walk her home after the date

Be there for her

Also if she needs some places she has to be, some visit to make, offer yourself to take her or to drive her. Those activities will give you extra time with her but what is it the most important thing it will make her feel special and privileged and she will know that she can trust you and rely on you for everything she needs.

6.Be romantic.

Of course, if you want to win her heart you have to be romantic. You can not try to win over a girl without this. When everything else fails, romance stays to get you to win the most invincible hearts. That is a sure ticket and no girl can resist romantic moves. And it will get you at least to the first date. But if you are smart you will keep being romantic to keep things that way always. Flowers, candy, special dates, romantic dinners, picnics, and trips specially arranged for her are something that every guy should do, especially at the beginnig of the relationship.

First dates should be all about romance

Your first dates should be completely filled with romance and romantic activities. There is no better time to show her that you are romantic but at the very start. So make sure that your every gesture is a little bit romantic if you can. She will notice that and she will be thrilled. Those things make a girl smile and make her heart feel warm. She is the center of your attention and you are determined to show her that. That is the most beautiful thing you can do for the women you love and want, so make sure that you do. You will win her heart in no time and it will be yours forever probably.

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7.Just be yourself.

And one of the important things in wining a girl′s heart and getting the answer on how to make her fall in love with you is to be yourself. There is no use in trying to win the girl over being something that you are not. It will pass at the beginning but it will show later in the relationship. So do not be one of those guys just to impress her. Be yourself no matter what. Try your best and be honest in the process. Do not deceive her and try to make her think that you are something that you are not. And when you are using all the moves we mentioned make sure that you are mean it and that they are natural for you to do it. It is important to be yourself because you will never know what she will like about you.

Do not be afraid of who you are

Maybe a little thing specific about you will be something that will win her over. Things we are usually taking for granted about ourselves like the way we talk, walk, smile etc. So do not be afraid to be what you are and to show it to her. Maybe she will be impressed maybe not, but you will know how you are standing with the situation. If she does not like you for who you are, she is not the one. In that case, you should keep searching for one.

Just be yourself

Way the get the girl of your dreams into your life

How to win the girl you like-7 ways to win her heart should help you to get the girl of your dreams into your life. We hope we made it a little bit easier for you if you did not know how to do it. All those things should be incorporated into your chase because all of them are something that every girl needs and wants to experience with a guy. So try to make it happen.

Not for players

But if any of those things are not part of your mentality already, and you are not able to do it sincerely, don′t. This is an attempt to get a decent guy to win the girl of his dreams and to stay with her. The girl you are chasing deserves to know who you are and that you mean all those things. It will be easy on your conscious knowing that you didn′t do anything wrong trying to get the girl you want. And that you did it honest and respectful way being just who you are.