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I have to Stay at Home – Will it End my Relationship?

I have to Stay at Home – Will it End my Relationship?

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The love of my life is far. We’re in a Long distance relationship and now we both have to stay in our homes. What will happen? The world has gone mad, and I can’t get out of the house. I’m panicking and browsing through all of the media, looking for a hint that it’s ending. But the end of ‘Stay at Home’ situation is nowhere in sight. This could go on for months. Maybe years. And I could lose Him. 

Fall in Love in someone that doesn’t make you think love is hard.

I don’t know if whoever said that counted on Locking the Whole Country up!

I live in New York and the love of my life is in Washington. We are together only for three months, but we know we are Twin Flames. I feel really close to him! So close I don’t understand why Me and Him have two separate bodies and two separate skins.

We were planning to meet when all this broke out and everything, including the airlines, closed. Now, all of our plans are put on hold. 

Is our love put on hold?   

i feel really close to him. relationship problem

We text and talk all the time. But recently, I feel he is getting distant. Maybe it’s all in my imagination but I still feel it. He is a popular guy and I know there are girls just begging to steal him away. I know for sure one is. And she lives down the block from his place. She is close and I am far. How can I compete? What can I do to make him stay and wait out the madness with me. 

I am jealous of everybody that is with him, when I’m not with him.

On the other hand, maybe he is just worried because of his parents. They are old and his mother had leukemia. Maybe he’s just anxious because of it. I tried to talk to him, but words won’t come out the way they should. 

What if this lasts for months?

I’m scared! Now that I found my mirror soul that the world will take it away from me. We can’t travel, we can’t meet and all I want to do is be in his arms again! 

I feel the world might end and when it does, I won’t be with him.

So, What can I do?

I’ve gathered my thoughts and made a list of things that scare me and things I’m confident about our relationship and myself.

What scares me about Love during Lockdown?

3. Time factor!

Time is not running in my favor. We are Stranded Lovers! 24 hours a day, we are not physically together and no amount of texting or Face time can change that. Physical contact is essential for any relationship. To be able to feel your loved one’s body and breathe in his smell. I’m scared that we will drift apart. I keep our LDR interesting by finding cool new things for him like good night messages or the most magical good morning messages for him.

Love under Lockdown - Time factor - Long distance relationship.
A person that truly loves you will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is.

Not knowing how long our separation will last doesn’t help. But I’ll try to make our time apart as interesting as possible with these 7 Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend in a Long Distance Relationship .

2. LDR Jealousy

No matter how hard I try, I can’t resist to jealous thoughts attacking me and nesting inside my mind. My eyes hurt from all the time spent re-reading his messages and checking if he’s online.

Powerful Long Distance Relationship Jealousy Quotes

Jealousy is a strong, primordial emotion that can break any relationship. But I just can’t help to worry about one girl that is close to him and tries to flirt any chance she gets. I know they are just friends, but still… I am jealous of everybody that is with him when I’m not with him.

On the other hand, I know that there is NO true love without jealousy. All I can do is my best not to show it and look weak.

1. LDR Loneliness

I guess, beneath all of the emotions weighing down on me, I’m just lonely without him. And I miss him so much. All this time spent at home is underlining the longing I feel.

So, where is the upside in all this? Every coin has two sides. Some good must be found in this madness that has us stranded.

Sometimes you have to let life turn you upside down, so you can learn how to live right side up!

Things I’m confident about our relationship and myself!

Actually, there is only one.

And it goes for both our relationship and myself.

And it’s more than enough!

1. I am Worthy of Love!

Love under Lockdown - Long distance relationship - Worthy of Love
I Know What I’m Worth!

If we are true twin flames, our Love will endure! When two people are meant to be with each other, time has no meaning! Even with this unprecedented lack of physical contact with the person I love.

Am I sure of that? Yes I am.


Because I know what I’m worth. I know my strengths and how much love I have to give. And my boyfriend knows it too. If that’s not enough for him to endure the Lockdown together with me and resist all temptations on the side then he is not the man of my dreams, the soul of my soul, and sooner I find out the better.

I have moments of weakness. One made me start writing this. But I also know that he will do what it takes to stay with me because He is lucky to have me.

Time has no meaning,
Love will endure..

Jude Deveraux

This will pass. And so will the time we are forced to spend apart. Soon enough, we will have wine on a hill, looking at the sunset as we kiss.

In the meantime, patience. We’ll find ways to spice our long-distance relationship up and fun new things to do at home, to make time go by faster.

QUIZ: Will Your Long Distance Relationship Last?

quiz will your longdistance relationship last

Click Next down below and see where you stand!

Stranded Lovers - Long distance relationship Love During Lockdown
With every minute that passes, we’re closer to our reunion! And that’s just great!