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I love my boyfriend but I want to be single

I love my boyfriend but I want to be single

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Maybe you and your partner have been together for a long term. Maybe you’ve gone through that initial sweet, exciting, spark phase and that first “I love you”. However, even though you still completely love your partner, you may think, ” I love my boyfriend but I want to be single.” Many people want to be free when they’re in a relationship, and this isn’t necessarily because they’re unhappy. You may simply have an inexplicable longing for your single life routine. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the desire to be alone that don’t include breaking up with your partner.


You may want to be free when you’re in a relationship if you find it difficult to fully commit. Admit it and even say it out loud, but don’t stop doing something because you’re afraid of commitment. Remember, honesty is the cure for all situations. Just tell your partner, ‘I’m really afraid of commitment, but this relationship is so important to me, I want to stick to it and I want your help with my fear.’ If you ask yourself questions like: “Do I love my boyfriend?” or “Am I just comfortable in this situation?”, this is an article that might interest you. In addition to opening up to your partner, these tips can help you deal with the desire to be independent when you’re a part of a couple.

“I want to be single too sometimes because I am so accustomed to spending time with myself and speaking to myself. I feel nobody is as close as I am to myself. I am not a narcissist. I just found profound peace within me…I don’t feel incomplete without a partner anymore”. Anonymous Quora

1. Feel your joy

Someone who misses a single life while in a relationship may be dependent on their partner out of joy or out of habit. It’s important to figure out for yourself what makes you happy so you can be happier with someone else in return. When you learn and become aware of how you can take care of yourself, your own life will be better and thus you will be better towards your partner. Having ways to calm yourself down and create joy in your own life are extremely valuable life skills, which aren’t easy to achieve.

2. Rediscover your interests and passions

Maybe you miss single life because you’ve forgotten who you are outside of your relationship. You’ve forgotten about your passions and interests. A great way to get back in touch with your single person is to pick up an old activity that you loved as a single person or maybe even discover a new interest that’s just for you. In doing this, you will find yourself. Focusing on the freedom you still have even as someone in a relationship can help you change the way you think. If you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you’re in jail, you can always be the best version of yourself. It’s good to have things that are only yours and remember that you were attracted to your partner when you had your own life.

3. Remember why you’re with your partner

Even if you and your partner aren’t in decline, being alone can sometimes seem more appealing than investing time in your relationship. When you find yourself missing a single life, think about the reasons why you’re with your partner. You will know that you love your partner if you choose to be with him instead of having to be with him. You’re comfortable being single, but you prefer their company because they enrich your life. Of course, if you don’t prefer their company to your own, then you may be free right now.


From time to time, we all think of fleeting thoughts and wonder if it would be better for us to be single or in a relationship. If you’re in a relationship and you’re wondering if you can take a break for a few months and come back again, well, forget about it.

You can’t take a break from love for a few months and fill up gaps and canals then go back to your partner and expect things to be normal again. For all the confused lovers out there debating whether or not to stay in their current relationship, here are a few questions to ask yourself  that could help you decide.

●      Are you willing to risk losing your partner forever?

As tempting as it may seem to hope that you will take a short break from your partner and get to know your single life a little better, for most people, this isn’t an acceptable offer. The relationship might work out from time to time, but in most cases, it would be too emotionally disturbing for your partner who might prefer to leave your life than wait for your current condition to pass. Realistically, put yourself in that position. Would you wait?

●      Do I want to be single?

The whole world’s looking for love. Millions of people just want true love and hope to experience it one day. It’s not easy to find someone who will love and respect you for the person you are, and if you have already found such a person, you may not have to be free. Life’s a game of parachutes and ladders, and if you’ve been lucky enough to climb a big ladder and gain true love sooner, you don’t have to regret skipping parachutes and small crashes. You can meet a hundred new men and women but they will all start to look pretty similar after a while. What’s inside will ultimately be important. First of all, ask yourself: “Do I want to be single?”

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Get over yourself and make a choice. It’s time to decide!

After taking a little time to think about why you want to be free, it’s time to dedicate yourself one way or another whether you love single life or if you want to be in a relationship. At the end of the day, there’s no wrong answer, as long as you commit and stick to it. Honestly, the only wrong answer is that there’s no answer at all. Doing that’s a continuation of disrespect for your partner and yourself by getting stuck in indecision and postponing a decision. Making a decision gives you both the freedom to move on with your life, regardless of the decision of whether your relationship continues or not. It allows you both to live your lives more fully without a lukewarm commitment to the relationship one of your issues. In the end, you’re the only person who can make this decision. It’s a decision you must make for your good. Get over yourself for the benefit of your significant other.

“You probably enjoy hanging out more than you don’t like your boyfriend. The longer you stay in this situation, the harder it will be to get out. Look for self-confidence to be true to yourself”. Anonymous Quora