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I Miss My Ex Girlfriend

I Miss My Ex Girlfriend

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‘I miss my ex girlfriend’ isn’t the same as ‘What should I do to get her back?’. Sometimes, it’s hard to explain whether you think about it in the first way or in the second way. You don’t delete that person’s smile or the memories from your thoughts and life when you have a breakup or a separation. You just go on. Some people daydream for hours about all the amazing moments they had with their partner or imagining what may have been. During these times, you may begin to regret some of the things you may have done or not done. You may wish you could start over or take back some of your words. You just find yourself thinking: ‘Man, I miss my ex girlfriend.’

Is it OK to miss your ex girlfriend?

Missing your ex involves being disappointed that someone you care about is no longer present or connected to you in the same way. It means nothing more than that you miss someone who was important to you and had a significant impact on your life. It’s natural and acceptable to miss your ex, and it says nothing negative about you.

It takes time to get over someone. It’s impossible to force yourself to forgive someone. You must feel your emotions, communicate with your friends and loved ones, and cope healthily. That could mean anything from penning awful poetry to going to counseling to talk about the problem.

Do I miss my ex girlfriend or our memories?
I miss you

I miss my ex girlfriend – How to get over your ex girlfriend?

You will find some advice here that you should try to use if you want to get over your ex girlfriend.

  • Delete all of your mutual pictures. If you’re not sure about it, transfer it to your computer. It’s okay to not have it on your phone at the very least. Don’t tell yourself: ‘I miss my girlfriend.’ Tell yourself: ‘I will get over it.’
  • Don’t visit all the places you used to visit when you were in a relationship with her. Until you go there and create some new memories, all of these places will remind you of her.
  • Stop communicating with her friends and family. You won’t get over her if you contact them every day and talk about her.
  • Cut off all the connections. Delete her number, unfollow her on social media, don’t discuss your relationship on a phone call and don’t physically go to her either. You can also ask your friends to do these things so they won’t update you about where she is and what she’s doing.

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

Must do

If you know she will be somewhere, don’t go there if you don’t have to. It’s okay to be good acquaintances, but don’t try to stay friends with her. It’s not possible. She left you once, so she won’t hesitate to do it again!

Don’t think that all the girls are the same because of her. Open your eyes, maybe your true love is somewhere in your vicinity. Don’t go extra mile with thinking.

Spend your free time with friends. Go out, enjoy, have a good time with them!

Focus your energy on yourself. Go to the gym, try something new, learn a new skill, whatever you think of. Just focus and invest in yourself. Work hard and party hard!

I miss my ex girlfriend – How do you know if your ex girlfriend’s missing you?

If you break up with someone, it’s normal that you will miss some things from that relationship. If you think: ’I miss my girlfriend, does she miss me?’, you can’t know that. You can only speculate about it. Your ex likely misses you as you miss them. However, just because you miss someone, it doesn’t mean you two should get back together and try again. Even though there are a lot of good memories that you can think of, you can’t forget the reason why you broke up. If you’re sure your ex is also thinking about you, think about the reason the two of you broke up and analyze if that problem still exists.

3 steps to make her miss you

I miss my ex girlfriend – Things she will do if she misses you

If your ex girlfriend’s doing any of these things, you know that she misses you a lot. She’s craving your attention, but she’s showing you that in a bad way. She thinks if you see her with someone else, that will make you angry and you will try to get back with her as soon as possible. This is a huge sign that your ex girlfriend misses you.

  • If your ex girlfriend misses you, she will try to make you jealous in every situation she gets a chance to do so.
  • She will use every man, even if he’s not her boyfriend, just to get a reaction from you.
  • She will post more pictures on social media with her male friends than before.
  • Also, she may go on a date with someone you know, just to make you feel angry.
  • She will show you that she will make you happy on a long run.

Your mutual friends

Do you still keep in touch with the people that you two used to hang out with when you were in a relationship? Did you get information that she still goes out with them and talks about you all the time? If that’s true, she’s probably trying to find out about your emotional pain. Ask them if she asks about you directly or slyly. If she’s doing it slyly, it’s then even more possible that she still has some feelings for you, and wants to find out if you’re missing her too. If she still loves you, she will keep in touch with your friends even more, and she will stalk all of them including you on social media. When she decides she will fight for you, she will make sure you know that. She will talk about it with your friends. If you’re seeing someone else, she will compare herself and assert that she’s a better choice for you. If she does all of this, your ex girlfriend misses you for sure. However, that’s good. Tell your friends: ’I miss my ex girlfriend’, and your reunion will happen soon. Talk about reasons why you broke up and find out if it’s possible to fix it.

Never allow your happiness to depend on how long you have been together.”

Should you tell your ex you miss them?

You may be missing your ex so much that it hurts, but you can’t just start talking about how empty and lonely you’ve been feeling. You shouldn’t even immediately tell your ex how much you miss them. First, make a game plan. You’ll scare them away if you come on too strong. Also, it will depend on how long ago two of you broke up.


Instead, begin the conversation with a lighter tone. Inquire about their well-being or bring up some fond memories of your time together with them. Make sure you’re incredibly cool no matter how you start the chat. If you can retain your cool, you’ll have a better chance of really talking to each other. If you begin the conversation on an emotional tone right away, your ex is likely to roll their eyes and refuse to respond.

Text messages

If you’re texting your ex and sincerely trying to communicate with them, they’re already aware that you miss them. It’s pointless to say it again. Instead of becoming a stereotype, say something completely different than that you miss your ex. Inform them that you’ve been thinking of them. Explain that you’ve been thinking about the good old days and that it’s making you sad. Express your disappointment in the way your relationship ended. All of these things communicate with your ex without requiring you to send the dreaded “I miss you” message.


If you’re not getting positive feedback from your ex, don’t continue to send more messages and force them to do what you want them to do. If your ex doesn’t even answer your message, that’s enough to know. You miss your girlfriend, but you have to accept it if she doesn’t feel the same way. Remember, you don’t want to be a needy ex who’s someone who begs his ex to get back together.

Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners.”

Will you ever forget your ex girlfriend?

In this situation, you probably think: ‘I miss my girlfriend, will I ever forget her?’ Well, you will never truly forget her, especially if it was a long term relationship. You two spent time together, therefore you have memories of her and it’s normal that she will be somewhere in your head your whole life. However,  over time, you will make a difference between your memories and time spent together, and the emotional attachment to her. It’s not the same if you only remember her and if you have emotions for her. So what will help you to come to this state of mind? Be active. If you only sit at your home, feel sad and think about her, you will never move on. You still have an emotional connection with her and it’s normal that you will need some time to fix everything you want in your life. Go out and try new things or do things that you know you love.

“If a long-standing relationship isn’t progressing, another individual from the past could be the stumbling block.”

What if the relationship can be fixed?

On the other hand, if she also still likes you, there’s a chance that the two of you will get back together. If this happens, try to fix all the toxic things that made you break up before. If you’re praying for this to happen, it’s good for you to know that a study has shown that nearly half of older teenagers and young adults break up and get back together with previous dating partners. So good luck, we hope reading this article will help you!

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