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150 Magical I Miss You Messages

150 Magical I Miss You Messages

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If you miss her, let her know. If you miss him, let him know! These messages are at your disposal to send as they are or to use as templates and personalize them with something special that only two of you know. 

We divided the messages and inspirational quotes into categories (i.e. I miss you messages for him, I miss you messages for her, ext.) so you can easily find the right message perfect for your situation. 

Without further ado, enjoy our magical I miss you messages!   

I miss you messages

When I think about you, my heart doesn’t just flutter. It flaps like an eagle’s wings and soars so high that it carries me to where you are. I miss you, but I feel I’m with you too.

When you are away, I am getting overwhelmed by both positive and negative feelings. Negative by missing you more than you could ever possibly imagine, and positive by all the amazing moments we have had together, that I am being reminded of by your absence.

Here is one lovely I miss you text from a beautiful heart to an angel without wings. There is no better time to send this text than now, letting you know that in every moment that passes by, I keep missing you so much.

Like that song says, “All I need is the air that I breathe, and to love you.” I miss you, baby. Can’t wait to see you when you get home. I’m thinking about you! You are love of my life!.

I can’t keep pretending that I don’t miss you like crazy, but sometimes you have to wear your heart on your sleeve. Baby, my heart is all over the place when you’re gone. I miss you so so much, every single day.

I look into the mirror and see a reflection of myself, that seems so wrong because it is missing the reflection of you standing right there next to it. I miss you.

I miss you text

I miss the time we spend together, and I want to spend time with you once more. Its been a while, and my heart is longing for you.

Please don’t make me say goodbye. A moment without you makes me feel like I want to die. You are all I need. I’m missing you and thinking about it.

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A star loses its twinkle, and the sun dims every day that I am apart from you. The night could turn pitch black, but I’ll be home soon, and their light will guide me back to you.

Missing you gives me heartache. The pain is unbearable. You can imagine how I’m coping without having to kiss you in the morning, hug you in the evening and fall asleep beside you. I miss you, baby.

I miss you sweetheart

I miss the moments we hugged to forget life’s sorrows. I miss the times we laughed and lived care-freely. I miss the times we cuddled. I miss you all the moments we were together, Please come back to me.

When you are with me, you turn my nightmares into the sweetest dreams. But now that you are not here with me, my nightmares are starting to catch up again. I can’t wait to see you again. I miss you.

I know I tell you this every day, but it never loses its meaning. Every time I say, its reality grows. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I miss someone, and I miss you, baby. Missing a loved one can be pretty draining, yours is worst part because I can’t seem to do anything aside missing you. I want to see you, baby, because life loses its value in your absence.

I am not alone because your love gives me company. However, I feel lonely without you. Missing you like nothing else. Love you, dear.

The day we met, not once could I have thought that I would be unable to spend a day without seeing you. Yet here I am, with that day coming to a close, and me desperately wanting to see you. I miss you.

I miss you messages for him   

The sky is dark tonight with no stars nor moon because each last time I miss you, a star falls.

Please request your boss to put an extra chair on your desk so that I can come to your office and ward off stares from all your pretty colleagues. I miss you.

How are you so amazing? I thank my lucky stars tonight that you came into my world and brought so much happiness along with you. You’ve been missed here at home, my love.

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I wish I’ll go with you anywhere you’re going to because I don’t want to lose you anymore, my dearest.

I’ve come to a point, where I even miss the things that used to annoy me about you, just because you are not here for me to whine to you about them.

Right Words are not enough to express my longing for you. Each day and night, I’m thinking of you. Come back love saying, I miss you so much!

Tu me manques. That’s not just French for “I miss you,” because that wouldn’t be enough. It actually means, “You are missing from me.” It means we belong together. It means that when we are apart, I’m a little bit lost. Je t’aime.

I love you, and I’m trying to prove it to you. I miss you, and I don’t know how to say it to you. I need you by my side.

I am in pain because you are not with me to share it, my smile is lost somewhere because you are not here to find it out. I miss you so much and only your hug can make me happy. Come back soon.

Spending time away from you just reminds me how much I miss you. Everything around me reminds me of you. I miss you.

Next time, I hope you can take me with you. In my heart, I am with you. In my mind, I am with you. My love carries me across valleys, down rivers, and above the highest mountains to be where you are.

I miss you with every beat of my heart, and I miss you in with each tick of the clock. I always wish to spend every moment of the day with you, baby.

I understand happiness by thinking of you, I understand beauty by seeing your sight, I understand love by being your own. I am proud to be me because I am yours. I love you but know I miss you.

I miss you text for him

I want to hear your voice. I want to feel your arms wrapped around me. You are where I feel the safest.

There is only person in my heart. ‘You.’ Anytime you are not around, it doesn’t stop missing you.

Just as every living thing cannot live without oxygen, I cannot live without you. I need you in my life because you are what keeps it so interesting. I miss you.

I searched in Google – Why do I miss my husband so much? Google replied – Because he misses you too.

Don’t fret my love, we’ll be together soon. In the meantime, I’ll meet you in my dreams.

I want to come to stay with you because it’s hard pretending not to miss you. I miss and love you so much.

The more I miss you, the more our bond gets stronger. Thank you for being in my life, dearest.

My friends ask how I’m doing, because they know I’m missing my man. What they don’t know is that our love transcends distance. Missing you is just another way of loving you.

The only moments I’ve missed you, were the ones where I was breathing, I long, when every inch of my body, to see you again. I love you.

I Miss You Messages for Him Long Distance relationship

My tears aren’t about sadness, my silence isn’t about loneliness, but every text I send to you is a sign that I miss you badly.

I do not miss you much but a little. A little too often and a little more every day.

You are the most special person to me. I only feel okay without you, because I know you’ll be in my life forever. I miss you so much, though. Sometimes I don’t know if I can take how much I miss you!

Even if I don’t see you when I wish to, I’ll always be here, loving, caring, and waiting for you. I miss you, baby.

My world becomes monochrome when I hug you goodbye in the morning until you return home in the evening when it becomes colorful again. Miss you!

I miss you messages are just here to hug you until we are together.

If I knew that it would have been so long until I saw you again. I would have hugged you tighter, and made sure to say a more appropriate goodbye. I miss you.

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You transform me and make me feel whole. The joy you bring to my life overwhelms me sometimes. I love and miss you more than you know.

Romantic Miss You Messages for Him – romantic love quotes

Even though I am not a heart specialist, I can tell that the cause of my heartache is your absence. I’m missing you every sec. Come back soon.

It feels strange not to brush my teeth next to you, to see your glasses on the nightstand, and to feel your warmth next to me as I sleep. God, I miss you. Come home soon.

All the I miss you messages for him I found online can’t express how much I really miss you. You are my love! Come back soon!   

You’re always on my mind because I see you in my dreams. You are the king of my world because your absence makes everywhere empty. You have no replacement, my love.

I haven’t laughed with an open heart since you left because no one can make me laugh as you do. Just wanted to let you know I miss you to the moon and back.

There are millions of ways to say ‘I miss you,’ and none of them are enough to express how much I wish you were here.

My love, you’re a rare gem that’s too precious. I wish I could keep you close and stop missing you badly like I’m doing right now.

We fit like puzzle pieces that are meant to be fit together. Without you, I feel like I am lost in eternity. Missing you very, very much dear.

This distance that has been placed between us is just a test to see if we can last, and I intend to pass it with flying colors. That does not mean I don’t miss you though. You can’t imagine how much I want to see you again more than you can possibly imagine.

Romantic I miss you message

Did you know that you’re my favorite person in the whole world? Just wanted to say that. Love and miss you my love.

There isn’t anything painful than losing you because I seem not to feel my heart beating any longer. I love you, and I can’t wait to have you back.

Sorry to steal a precious moment of your busy schedule, but my heart cannot wait to tell you that it misses you so much. Have a beautiful day.

I was looking at old photos of us today, and I’m constantly struck by how handsome you are. Not just handsome, but kind, talented, and generous. I feel so lucky to have met you.

It seems like missing you is in my DNA, because it happens the second we stop being together. Please come back to me so I can see you again. I miss you.

Missing you is like being on earth without air. No matter how hard I try not to miss you, I still need you badly.

Being away from you is so hard, Because you took my heart away with you. Bring it back and make me happy, Wipe away the tears and stop me from being lonely.

I miss my husband long distance

My heart beats to the rhythm of your breath. We are in tune with each other every step of the way. We may not be together, but the music of our love is the soundtrack of my life.

When I miss you, I go crazy and do some pretty stupid things like drinking the TV while watching my coffee. Putting my phone in the laundry bin while talking to my shirt. Turn off the bed when I laid on the lights. I’m just tired of being without you.

I miss you like crazy, I miss you like wild. When will you come back my dear, When will I get back my cheer? Please come back soon cause I’m missing you hard!

As your girlfriend, it is only natural that I will miss you more than you can possibly imagine every moment I spend away from you. The only thing I can think of now is seeing you again.

Even in my smile, I miss you so much. There is nobody on earth who misses you more than I do. You are my air, and I wonder how long I can survive without you. Please come back to me. I am waiting.

I miss the little things. The smell of that worn t-shirt you love and probably don’t wash enough. The way you snort when something cracks you up. The jingle of the keys in the door when you come home. God, I miss that jingle. I miss you.

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Your love is my drug. Come back soon, handsome.

I’m in a cage, waiting for you to come and free me. I need you and your love because I feel incomplete without them. No matter how I try to suppress these feelings, it keeps coming back all the time. I am missing you.

Just saying I miss you, is a severe understatement. Every inch of my body wants to see you again. So please, come back to me as soon as possible!

Being with you even for a single second, feels like experiencing a lifetime of being happy. Being away from you even for a single second feels being caged for a lifetime in misery.

For some reason, I cannot get a single thing done. All I can do is think about you. I’ll be missing you until you’re home. I love you. Goodnight, darling.

I miss you messages for boyfriend

You’re my light, my pop and blues. I feel out of place because you are far away from home. Only my heart can explain how much it misses you.

You are always in my heart, but a part of me wants to touch you and hug you all the time. Your presence in my life is mandatory. Missing you, my handsome man.

Nothing feels the same without you here next to me. I miss you more every day. I love you more every day.

A home is where your heart finds peace and comfort. My heart desires you, and my body carve for your touch and warmth. I can’t stop missing you.

You are the best friend and boyfriend in the entire world. Scratch that — the whole universe. I doubt there’s a single alien boyfriend as cool as you. I miss you, honey, and I love you so much.

I miss u message 

What is happening in my heart cannot be explained. I miss you badly when I’m happy and need you now when I’m moody. You are mine, but I can’t stop missing you, not even for s second.

I wish I could shout to let the world know how much I miss you. My heart cannot bear this distance anymore.

I miss you, so I am going to stand at the door and wait for you to come knocking. See how much I love you. The feeling is off the roof. For you, my heart and soul knows no peace because every part of me needs you right now. I’m missing you badly.

Distance may keep us apart, But just to let you know that you’re always on my mind. Missing you so!

Somebody once told me that distance is nothing in the face of true love. This is why I will patiently wait for you to come back, no matter how much I miss you.

Do you know how the universe is infinite? How you cannot possibly imagine how big it is? Did you know that it expands every second of the day, turning nothing into something? That’s exactly how big my love is for you. Our love is a universe.

I miss you message for my love

Thinking of you reminds me how much I miss you. Of all the people I’ve known, you are the only one who stands out. You have the perfect shoulder to cry on and the body to hug when I’m cold. You’re the only one I keep missing.

I miss your touch, our late-night talk, your precious smile, and mostly your presence. I want to share my life with you but not this kind of distance. Missing you so much handsome.

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When you are far away I don’t’ miss only you but also a part of me! Wish you were here!

All of me misses every part of you. You are immensely special to me. I love you.

I am living for you baby because you remain the first thing my heart longs to see in the morning and the only one I see a future with for the rest of my life. You are my destiny, baby. Meeting you was a dream come true, but missing you was the worst thing that is happening to me.

I don’t just miss you – I miss the warmth in your breath, depth in your eyes, the touch of your fingers, and feeling your hands on my waist. I miss you truly and deeply.

No matter how much we talk through social media, nothing can compare to the feeling of having you by my side. I miss you more than words can possibly explain.

I miss you messages for her

Since you left me, I have earned a master’s degree in Missing You. If our meeting does not take place soon, I might be awarded a Ph.D. 

I cannot keep track of the nights when I laid wide awake in my cold bed because your warmth has disappeared from my life! I miss you, my love!

I am praying for the day that we are together again because every moment without you is heartache.

Being away from you from a day is like a year, please come back soon darling. 

Every moment I breathe without having you by my side is every moment lost! Darling, I miss you more than the flowers miss the sun!

It’s beautiful here, but not as beautiful as you, and having you with me to share it.

Even when you are far away, I still remember the sound of your beautiful voice and the smell of your soft hair. 

I love you more than I love me. In my world, it is forever you and me. I love you and I miss you.

I wonder if you miss me the way that I miss you. Can you feel my heart calling out for yours?

My life feels so incomplete when my soulmate is not by my side. Baby, missing you more than I can put into words! Please be back soon!

There is not a single moment in any day that I do not find myself missing you.

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I would rather spend the rest of my life kissing you than go through the pain of missing you one more day. 

How do I explain how my heart aches when I’m apart from you? Honey, will you come and soothe the pain? Because I’m missing you so much!

After all the time that has passed, I still find myself missing you every minute of each hour, each hour in a day, every single day of each week, every week of the month, and every month of the year.

I miss you messages for girlfriend

Life is funny. When I fell in love with you, I felt like the luckiest man in the entire universe. Now, I am heartbroken because you are so far away from me. I wish I could see you soon, my love. 

My life is incomplete without you and your love. I will be waiting for you to come back and complete my life again. I love you and I miss you.

I know that I love you because of how much I miss you. I love you in a million and a thousand ways.

The sunset without you can be compared to the sunrise that never was. I miss you, my lovely girl. 

The space between my fingers feel too big when yours are not intertwined! I miss you!

I miss you so much that I am jealous of the people that get the chance to see you every day.

If someone gave me a bucket of water from the ocean for every time I think about you, the largest ocean in the world would have been empty by now. 

Darling, goodbyes are always hard but bidding farewell to you is the most crucial! I miss you so much right now! Wish you could be here!

I miss you love message

I close my eyes and see you there. But when I open them and see nothing there, I realize how much I miss you.

Even if we are far apart from each other now, I know I am always on your mind just like you always on mine.

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Since you are gone, life is making empty holes in my heart. I can not talk, walk, eat, or even breathe. I only want this to end. I want you to come back, baby. 

I miss you messages that I found online are great, but I really want to say is: I  m i s s  y o u! Get back to me, love!             

In the dewy good morning, on a sunny afternoon, in the gloomy evening or on a lonely night, if you ever think of me, know that someone is thinking of you too. I miss you so much.

Missing you is something that comes in waves. And tonight I am just drowning.

The only thing my poor broken heart needs is your touch. It would take away all my problems at once. 

I am missing the warm hug you used to give me every time we see each other. It hurts me that you are not around, and I miss you so much.

I miss your voice. I miss your touch. I miss your face. I miss you.

I miss you text for her

If you never were apart from me, I would never discover how strong my love for you is. I love you more than you can imagine. 

A fish without fins, a bird without wings. A crab without claws, a cat without paws. Me without you, you without me. I miss you.

I miss you so much, despite you never left my thoughts and my dreams.

Every time I hear a text message sound, doorbell, or phone call, I always think of you. I am looking forward to seeing you again.  

I miss you to pieces, The hugs and the sweet kisses, The love and the attention, The care and the affection, I miss you I can’t pay attention!

With your arms around me, it feels like home and I’m so homesick right now. I miss you my Love!

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how sick my heart feels whenever you are not with me. 

Missing you is one of the hardest feelings, I can’t work, I can’t eat, I can’t live my old self. Bring back the happiness and come back I miss you very much!

When you’re here, I want to spend every second with you. When you’re not, every second lasts too long and my only cure is to dream of you.

I am a complete mess without you, I am incomplete without you. Come back to me, the light of my life. 

The sweetest part of my day is thinking of you. But the hardest part is missing you. How I wish to be with you again.

Counting the seconds until we’re together again, doesn’t heal my loneliness. I miss you so much honey.

I miss you so much my love 

Baby, you are a home for my wounded soul and I’m homesick now!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss you.

I miss you in the daytime because you are my sunshine. I miss you in the nighttime because you are my shining star.

I want to hold your hand, hold you close, tight hug, kiss you softly, and let you rest your head on my chest so that you can hear my heartbeat just for you. I miss you.

The pain of being without you is too much to bear sometimes.

Why did God have to create the feeling called love? Sure, it brings pleasure when you are with me, but it also brings sadness and pain when you are away from me. 

I dream about holding you close to me and breathe in your scent. I miss you!

If I had a flower for every time I think about you and how much I miss you, then I would be walking forever in an endless garden.

As wonderful as my love for you make me feel, it hurts me to my bones when you are away; when I can not hold you, kiss you, and sing to you. Come home to me, my rare flower! 

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I can’t figure out why I miss you so much? And I have no idea why my heart wants to see you so much? Maybe, it’s because I love you.

Every now and then I see something that reminds me of you and then there I am, missing you again.

I miss you messages: I miss you sms

I find myself missing you a little too much, a little too often, and a little more with each passing day.

When you were here the cold nights didn’t feel too cold and the quiet nights did not feel like lonely nights. But now that you are not here with me, everything is different, I am cold and lonely every night.

It’s hard waking up when you’re not in my arms. I miss you, love!

To me, the brightest and most colorful garden looks dull and dreary without you in it.

I am not afraid of my worst fears anymore. They are nothing, compared to the fear of losing you and the pain I experience when we are apart.

When you’re not by my side, the world loses its beauty! Missing you so much!

I know that I love you because I miss you even when you’re just in the next room.

Every minute apart from you is like a day without water in the desert. I want you to be back with me and to hold you in my arms. I miss you babe.

I miss you messages – the end!   

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best I miss you messages and that you found what you were looking for – a way to let someone special know you miss them, need them and that the day is not the same without them.