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If He Has A Girlfriend, Why Does He Want Me?

If He Has A Girlfriend, Why Does He Want Me?

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Many girls find themselves in the situation where a boy shows them affection but he already has a girlfriend. Girls in this situation often spend a lot of time thinking “if he has a girlfriend, why does he want me, should I feel guilty, will he leave his girlfriend?”. This can be a really awkward situation for both of you. Sometimes, feelings are mutual, but what can you do when he still has a girlfriend? Don’t ever let yourself be someone’s ‘other woman’. You need to respect yourself. Don’t let him do anything he wants. Here are some signs, reasons, and everything you need to know if he has a girlfriend, but wants to be with you.

If he has a girlfriend why does he want me – Reasons

He’s a womanizer

This type of man is the worst you can meet. He doesn’t have emotions for any woman. He only likes to have the full attention of every woman he knows. You will probably find his behavior cute and you will feel butterflies in your stomach, but remember that he doesn’t want anything serious with you. He only wants attention and to have fun. These guys often only look for a physical relationship, something like ‘no strings attached fling’. They want women as a booty call. Maybe you won’t notice this at the beginning because he’s really charming when you initially meet him. This is normal but don’t let him make a fool of you.


If you ever asked yourself “if he has a girlfriend, why does he want me?” here is one of the possible answers. Maybe he’s just bored and wants to have fun in his free time. He only wants to try some new, exciting things with a new, exciting girl. So don’t let him fool you. Ignore his actions.

Toxic relationship

Even though most of these guys do this for fun, there are also boys who are in a toxic relationship. They don’t enjoy their relationship at all, and they’re praying for it to come to an end. Any abusive relationship is doomed to end. If he really likes you, this situation is equally hard for both of you. You like him, but he has a girlfriend. On the other hand, he’s in a toxic relationship, but for some reason, it’s not coming to an end. In this situation, he’s the only person who can change it. It’s not your job to get involved in his relationship.


Sometimes, if you ask yourself “if he has a girlfriend, why does he want me?” the possible situation is this one. Perhaps he had been cheated on by his current girlfriend. He may have already forgiven her, but now he wants revenge. Even if you like him, think about what your relationship will look like. From the beginning, it will be full of lies, and he’s using you to get revenge. Not a good start at all.

Showing boldness

If you’re seeing someone, and it’s been a relationship that’s been going on for a while but no one else acknowledges this, something must be wrong. Sometimes, when a boy only wants to have fun, and tries to show himself how bold he is by having two girlfriends. If you think that something real can happen between the two of you, the only possible move is for him to break up with his girlfriend. When you notice some of these red flags, don’t let him to continue with his behavior.

He loves me. I love him. But he has a girlfriend.
What if he has a girlfriend?

If he has a girlfriend why does he want me – How a guy with a girlfriend behaves?

You are getting mixed signals from him? Here are some tips how to find out he is into you.


If the guy you met a few days ago wants to communicate with you all the time, it can be a giant sign that he’s into you. A body language is a good sign to find out if the guy is into you.

Meetings and topics

The most obvious sign that he’s into you is that he wants you two to hang out alone, without anyone else. He wants to spend time with you, wants to go to romantic places with you, buys you romantic gifts and behaves like your boyfriend. If he plans what the two of you are going to do in the future, be sure that he doesn’t consider you only as a friend. At one moment, maybe you will think how beautiful your relationship is, but don’t do that to yourself because he has a girlfriend!

Negative comments about his girlfriend

Another sign that he’s into you is he tries to portray his current relationship as worse as he can. However, If he’s that unhappy with his girlfriend, why doesn’t he break up with her? Please, be aware of this. When some guy wants you to become crazy about him, he’ll do anything to achieve what he wants. You’re going to get hurt, believe me. Ask him a lot of questions about his relationship and try to find out what it really looks like.

Compliments, compliments and more compliments

When a guy likes you, he pays attention to everything about you. If he notices your new necklace, it’s weird. This is because boys don’t really see details if they’re not interested in something. Be careful when he starts to behave like this, because he can romantically manipulate you and you won’t even have time to notice that you’re slowly falling in love with him.

Catching your attention

When he likes you, he will ask for your validation on whatever he says or does. He will ask for your advice before making any important decision. In fact, he only wants your attention.

Will he ever leave her for you?

If he has a girlfriend, why does he want me? What to do?

Don’t forget that it’s intriguing for men to have something that’s forbidden. Maybe at the beginning you two are only friends. However, if you end up having feelings for each other, he needs to break up with his girlfriend. While that doesn’t happen, don’t try to do anything. Just imagine if you were in that girl’s situation. Obviously, you don’t want to be that other girl. If you think there’s no future for the two of you, just give up. You don’t want to have a bad reputation because of something that’s not even worth it.

If he has a girlfriend why does he want me – To sum up…

So, if he has a girlfriend, why does he want me? Well, try to consider all the possibilities, decide what to do, and make a decision on what to do. If it takes you long to find out the truth about your relationship, it will get more complicated and harder for you. The most important thing is not to get hurt. Don’t let any guy hurt you.