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Indoor Parenting: How to Keep Children Happy at Home?

Indoor Parenting: How to Keep Children Happy at Home?

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It is easily one of the biggest crises in the history of the world and there are no signs it will end anytime soon. If you are parents of children who are now at home due to school closings, you might need some parental tips for fun activities for kids at home. The goal is: keep your children happy and learning at home. Playfulness, strategic productivity, and structure with some daily chores for kids can just make this home time a fun new experience. 

Having so much home time is a new situation for both of you. Most parents are working during the day, while children are at school. New rules like social distancing and isolation are issues that parents, particularly those with small children have to cope with.  

Before we get to fun activities for kids at home, there is a question you might be wondering. 

Will this situation Traumatize the Children? 

Many parents wonder if this situation will leave their children with negative psychological consequences. First thing is first. On this link, you can find out what are signs of Anxiety in a child and determine if you should worry. But in most cases, your job as parents will be to make the time spent at home with your children fun, playful and useful.

On top of that, there is the question of how to interact with children on a daily basis while being at home? This article will give some tips for parents about useful and fun activities for kids at home that will minimize negative consequences.  

Indoor Parenting: How to Keep Children Happy at Home?

Giving your children quality time, and Keeping children occupied for hours during the day is a job within itself. This article is meant to help ease the anxiety of giving your children some educational activities while letting them have some much-needed fun at home. 

Get Your Child on a Schedule as Early as Possible

Getting your kids learning at home and happy at the same time, will depend upon how quickly your child can adjust to a new schedule. Waking up, getting dressed and going to school no longer exists for your child.  

Get your child on a schedule as early as possible. Wake them up, Let them get dressed and then begin the day with chores, learning, computer fun time, helping with the family pet, eating family meals and getting ready for bed. Getting your children on a schedule will help spend some pent up energy while keeping them engaged and staying connected with the outside world.  

Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Make Daily Chores for Kids into a Game!

While doing chores at home may not seem like a fun thing to do, you can turn it into a game. Make your children be useful and become productive with much-needed chores around your home.

Let the children make up their bed, take out the trash, sweep, dust the furniture, fold clothes and put them away in their closet and dresser drawers. Do a little game with your children as you show them how to wash their hands throughout the day. You may want to sing a song with your child as they wash their hands. Let them know that this is important in keeping them safe, happy and learning at home.

Your children will enjoy spending time with you while learning skills that will be needed throughout their life. Daily chores for kids are an important part of growing up! Reward your children with ice cream, their favorite snack, or an allowance for every chore they do alone. You can even make an allowance jar that will fill up as they finish their chores. Once a child begins to see what they can do by themselves, they will want to do more.

Happy Kids Learning at Home

Kids love learning! Whaat? If that statement doesn’t sound right, know that it will. But it is you who has to put in the extra effort to keep your kids learning at home experience something they will look forward to.  

Find educational videos on Youtube that go well with their school lessons. Sit with them and explain in a way they can understand the real-life application of knowledge. Be the best teacher they had and lay the foundations for your kids to be happy to learn at home each day. 

World-famous teacher Ben Richards has a tip or two about why kids don’t learn. Worth to hear what he has to say.   

Fun Activities for Kids at Home

# Fun Drawing for Kids!

Kids love to draw! Let’s be realistic, drawing is fun! If you were to get around to it again, you’d have a lot of fun! Well, why not use some time to have a drawing session! Drawing is one of the creative and fun activities for kids at home. Movement of the hand and the thumb also develops brain activity. Add drawing to your daily chores for kids list as a fun activity. 

Here are some wonderful drawing hacks for kids!

# Videogames for Kids

One of the favorite fun activities for kids at home at any age is to find a favorite video game that keeps them interested for longer periods of time. And don’t worry about gaming being unhealthy, as long as it is within time limits you set for them. Videogames for kids are like parties or barbecues for adults. They love them! And you should give them a treat in a set period of time during the day without regrets. But make sure the time is limited to avoid screen fatigue.  

There are many out there to choose from ranging from Solitaire, League of Legends, Super Mario Odyssey, Luigi’s Mansion, Star Wars Battlefront II, Little Big Planet and others just to name a few. Choose video games based on your child’s interest.  

Video games allow your child to be interactive if playing online with other kids. They are also fun if they play them at home. 

Encourage the Use of Social Media to Stay Connected To Family and Friends

One of the main things that will occur with your child being at home is a possible disconnect from the world. Encourage your teenagers and even smaller children to go to their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media to stay connected with friends and family. Make sure and have a set blocker on the device your kids use which will not allow them on sites that could be harmful or illicit for them.

Eat Healthy – a major part of Fun Activities for Kids at Home

Eating healthy is a must for kids. You may want to educate your children while cooking and allow them to help prepare the family meal. They will learn how to coordinate a family dinner with meat and vegetables and understand what ingredients keep their bodies strong.  

Fun Activities for Kids at Home. Parenting indoors.

Kids learning at home isn’t limited to school activities. Real-life implementation of knowledge is very important. While preparing the meal, your child will also learn how to measure ingredients used for cooking.  

Singing your kids’ favorite songs together as you prepare the family meal is a great idea. Keeping a positive mood does wonders to prevent your child from developing anxiety because of long periods of time indoors.  

Fun Exercises for Kids!

Exercise is very good for your kids. You might consider a special time for a daily workout. Transform your home into the perfect fitness studio. Maybe try stretching, leg lifts, arm lifts and other fun exercises for kids. Your children will learn early on, the importance of exercising and eating healthy to keep their bodies strong.  

Use age-appropriate exercises that your child will be able to do with ease. Walking in place is a great exercise that any child can do which will burn calories and leave your child feeling happy and learning at home.

If you can’t think of a variety of fun exercises for kids, this video might help: 

If you’re looking for fun things to do at home you didn’t think of, take a look at our take on Top 9 Things to do at Home

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