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Want to do something about your LDR depression? Try these 4 things!

Want to do something about your LDR depression? Try these 4 things!

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Let’s face it, life happens. Long distance couples face challenges and partners often sink into LDR depression. Why? Birds and bees story. Sometimes in life, people fall in love. Falling in love is an amazing experience that can make the saddest person the happiest person in the world. However, sometimes a happy couple needs to be separated from one another. It must be remembered that life can throw a curveball. School, work, family issues, legal issues, and more, sometimes couples are separated. This can be for a short time, or it can be for a long time. In either way, sometimes life will create the need for couples to engage in a long term relationship and that can get tricky.

Long distance relationship troubles sometimes lead partners into LDR depression

In recent years more emphasis has been placed on a person’s mental health. One major aspect of mental health that has received a large percentage of this new attention has been depression. Everyone feels sad at times, but depression is a bit different. Depression can be classified as long time frames of feeling down. There are many forms of depression as mental health is different from person to person. Common forms of depression include seasonal depression, atypical depression, persistent depression, situational depression, major depression and so on.

As stated, one type of depression that needs to be addressed is situational depression. Situational depression is a depression disorder that is brought on by a certain or multiple, often negative, event. One such event that could lead to situational depression is having to turn an existing relationship into a long term relationship. This is called long distance relationship depression.

LDR depression sucks happiness out of the relationship

Long term relationships are anything but new. A long term relationship is when two people in a relationship are separated physically from one another but still choose to be faithful to the other. A big part of a relationship is spending time with your partner as a way of showing that you are loving and loyal to them. Considering this, it can be easy to see why long distance relationship depression is a common occurrence. Your partner should bring happiness into your life so when they are away, this can often lead to feelings of sadness.

If you are suffering from long distance relationship depression, you need to know that you are not alone. This is true in the thought that you still have your partner no matter how far away they are. As well, there is the fact that many couples involved in their long distance relationships feel LDR depression too. No one wants to feel sad so here are some tips on how to deal with LDR depression.

LDR Depression – 4 things you can do

LDR Depression – 4 things you can do

1.   Try To Keep Up The Relationship

In today’s modern age, there is a bounty of different ways that couples in a long term relationship can keep in touch. For example, sending things through the mail has been a traditional way for partners to communicate. This can be simple, such as a letter, or more elaborate like a gift. However, technology has advanced rapidly since the age of pen and paper. Nowadays, many people stay in touch with loved ones virtually. From emails to texts to phone calls and even video calls and online chat rooms, there are many different ways that you can talk to your partner no matter how far away they are.  

Communication is the key to making a relationship work. Likewise, by having another person’s input or hearing someone else’s voice or seeing another person on a screen, this can lessen the isolating effect that causes long term relationship depression. Relationships require energy and effort in order to make the relationship work. Since long distance relationships require that much more effort, it’s important to put in extra energy to keep the relationship going strong.

2. Hang Around People That Are In Your Physical Space

So maybe you can’t be together with the one you love, but that’s no reason not to be around other people. Friends and family can greatly decrease the effects of long distance relationship depression by helping to patch up the physical soothing void that has been created by the absence of a partner. Humans need other humans to grow and survive. Therefore, it’s crucial to spend time with other people physically so that a person experiencing long distance relationship depression has a tactile source to feel comforted.

3. LDR depression quick fix: Keep Busy

When you are experiencing a problem, it often takes up all of your focus. Usually, it seems like missing someone is the only thing in the world that matters and all of your attention is put onto this realization. This is why distracting yourself with something else is important. To overcome long distance relationship depression, you need to stop thinking about the person you are missing or else your thoughts will just keep digging into this negative aspect of your life. Great ways of distracting yourself from this thought include doing something you love, hanging out with other people, learning new skills, exploring a new environment and so on.

4.Call It Quits?

LDR depression call it quits

As previously said, a long term relationship can be for a short amount of time, but it can also be for a long duration of time. Considering this, any person needs to take a look at their long term relationship and ask themselves “Is it worth it?” Do you love this person so much that you are ok with waiting for them to return no matter how long it might take? Are you strong enough to stay loyal to your partner when they are no longer beside you? Is it worth it to feel this sad? LDR depression is not to be taken lightly. Can you make a long distance relationship work if this becomes the permanent conclusion? All relationships, whether they are in the form of a long distance relationship or not, are different. Therefore, it’s up to the people in that relationship to determine if they can make it work, or to know when to let go of a long distance relationship.

LDR depression – find your way out

Although there are many forms of depression, they are all dangerous. Depression can affect anyone physically, mentally and emotionally. This is always in a negative way. Considering this, it is crucial for any person experiencing LDR depression to find a way out of this painful circumstance. Luckily, there are many ways to get out of long term relationship depression so that you can be happy again.