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LDR Loneliness: Another Night Without Kisses and Cuddles

LDR Loneliness: Another Night Without Kisses and Cuddles

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I’m spending another night alone. I want to spending time with my long distance partner – my best friend . I feel like it’s my daily life. He sent me a pic of empty space in his bed. I long to be there, but I’m not. I’m a definition of LDR loneliness. I can’t sleep. I miss him so much. I miss everything, but sometimes I really feel the effects of physical loneliness in a LDR. Sometimes I don’t know what to do about loneliness when those feelings hit me.   

LDR loneliness: I’m hugging the koala he gave me and crying  

He knows I like koalas so he ordered me a stuffed koala on Amazon. I loved it! It’s a big koala, one I can hug. I so liked the attention and the fact he listens to me. 

When I start feeling insecure about what he’s doing and will we make it, or just when I really miss him, I hug the koala and cry. There are days I just need reassurance and the only person that can give it to me is my boyfriend – the person I need.   

I don’t tell him that. I don’t want to sound clingy.   

Long distance relationship boredom

Long distance relationship can easily turn to long distance boredom. Sometimes it feels like it’s a repetition of messages for good night and good morning

Not sure if it is because I’m bored and can’t seem to think of anything better to do than wish I was doing something with my boyfriend. We tried to find games for long distance couples, we can both play online. But we don’t like same games so that didn’t work. 

TED talk about the secret to desire in a LDR

How to prevent Long distance relationship boredom

How to prevent Long distance relationship boredom

Here are some things we tried and some we still try. Long talks, dinner dates and listening to each other sleep help. Some things turned out not to be so helpful like sexting. 

LDR phone calls, skype, social media– some days epic, some empty

We still call almost every single day. Some days, our talks are epic, but sometimes you just don’t have anything to talk about. When that happens, I get insecure. Why isn’t it easier to do meaningful little things together. 

LDR sexuality – I’m not really into sexting and video chat sex 

I don’t want him to think I don’t want him because I do. I fantasize about him a lot. But I guess I’m just not the sexting type and don’t feel like sending nudes. I know he’s into it. Tried it once, didn’t really work. I prefer the real thing, but that’s hard when we’re apart. I explained how I feel and had to talk for ages to make him understand it’s not about him, I just don’t like sexting. 

I want to be near him every moment.

LDR Loneliness - Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels
I want to be near him every moment.

LDR a movie nights 

We’ve watched a lot of same movies at the same time while being on FaceTime so we can comment on the movie. It’s not the real thing, but it’s OK. 

LDR surprises 

I even tried some of the 7 Romantic ways to surprise your boyfriend in a long distance relationship That was cool, especially the part involving pizza. 

LDR dinner date night – ordering same food at the first time 

Ordering food together and having it at the same time is OK. We talk before we eat and after we eat. A bit while we eat too. 

LDR – Listening to him sleep

There is one LDR activity I find amazing. I love listening to my boyfriend asleep through FaceTime. On rare occasions he falls asleep first, I turn up the volume on my phone and listen to him breathing in his sleep. I close my eyes and imagine I’m curled up and cozy next to him. 

LRD is like a book with some parts that have to be written in invisible ink

Long distance relationship jealousy quotes
Powerful Long Distance Relationship Jealousy Quotes

Struggling with Uncertainty in my Long distance relationship

I know we’re great for each other and he’s totally amazing. Sometimes I feel like I just adore him. I know that’s unhealthy. 

He is handsome and popular. I don’t know what he’s doing all the time and who he’s with. Is he texting other girls? I know he isn’t, but still. We have to spend a lot of time apart. I’m scared if it will end our Long distance relationship.  

TED talk about Online love and infidelity.

Struggling with uncertainty sometimes makes me incredibly anxious. I don’t tell him that because I don’t want to seem insecure. 

On the other hand, I feel guilty for not sharing everything I feel. I know every healthy relationship should have open communication. But it’s harder when in a long distance relationship. It’s like a book with some parts that have to be written in invisible ink. 

I don’t need sleep. I need more time with you… I feeling long distance relationship depression   

I told him I miss him so much…I loved one

The nights are the hardest. But when the day comes that’s every bit as hard as the night. Then the night comes again. Only people who were in a serious long distance relationship and feel long distance love can understand LDR feeling of loneliness.  

Recently, I felt very vulnerable. It was late at night. I told him that I miss him so much and that it’s just hard and started crying. He was patient with me and told me he misses me too and this will pass. Time will come when we will be together forever, face to face.

Than he told me to get some sleep and I’ll feel better in the morning.  

And I thought: I don’t need sleep. I need more time with you…   

Why Are Long-Distance Relationships So Lonely?

Maybe you didn’t expect that when you first started dating. We know you’re not. I expected to feel sad and miss the guy. But the loneliness surprised me a lot.

If you are feeling lonely at the moment, you are not alone. Here are three reasons why we think long distance relationships can be lonely, as well as encouragement to whom to turn in any situation.Loneliness is the sadness you feel in the absence of emotional connection with other people. We can call this normal feelings, but to some extent of course, it certainly should not happen for long, do not neglect such things, your feelings should come first.

How then can a healthy dating relationship be lonely? In a long distance relationship, emotional connection and commitment are the only things that always keep you together.

How to recognize the end of a relationship and when it is worth trying to save?

What to do if you are in a relationship and you feel abandoned and isolated? Loneliness is a painful feeling of lack of intimacy and connection with others and is not the same as a state of loneliness. While loneliness is an objective circumstance of the absence of society and some like it, loneliness is an emotion that can occur in the presence of other people.

You can be lonely even if you are a member of a large family or group of friends, if there is no closeness and connection between you and others. Many people crave a relationship and enter into a relationship so as not to be lonely.

But the presence of a partner does not create immunity against loneliness. One or both partners can withdraw into themselves and disable emotional connection.

When there is no love, loneliness occurs

This happens when there is no mutual love in a relationship or when someone is busy with other obligations, exhausted or sick. If love has disappeared or never existed, the best answer to loneliness is to end the relationship. But what if you want the relationship to survive? Your partner wants the same thing, only he can’t tell you?

It may be enough to make a few adjustments to the relationship and the connection will work.

First, make sure your partner realizes you’re lonely in a relationship. It is possible that you feel that way because he has cooled down so he wants to make you coldly make the decisive move and put an end to your relationship.

But what if he loves you and is unaware that you are unhappy? Instead of keeping the bitterness to yourself, confide in him. He may be amazed to learn how things are, so he will do his best to improve communication and give you warmth. And maybe he will confide in you that something is bothering him as well – obligations and doubts in education and career are typical causes of involuntary alienation between partners.

Show initiative

Men are less willing to reveal their difficulties so give him time to tell you on several occasions why he has distanced himself from you and don’t expect him to admit guilt, but that’s not crucial. If the changes you want do not happen immediately, occasionally remind him that you should socialize more and better, but try to avoid complaining or visible despair.

Instead of complaining to him and imposing a sense of guilt on him (even if he’s really guilty), show him the initiative and suggest he go out, have dinner, watch a movie for two, or something even closer.

This can help provided the other party wants to continue the relationship and improve it, but she was unaware that her demeanor had caused you loneliness. If you are just looking for a way to get out of a relationship, then your efforts are in vain, but at least you will know what you are up to. Loneliness can also arise as a result of differences in the interests, education or mentality of both partners. People get into a relationship, even a marriage, before they meet, and they pay the price later.

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Seek expert advice

This is a case where a marriage counselor could help you. It would be worthwhile to visit him and even yourself, because a good therapist will help you look at the situation from various angles and find a solution. Also consider the possibility that the problem is in you.

If you feel lonely even though your partner treats you carefully and caring, you may be depressed. Among the many ailments that depression causes, one is the feeling of loneliness. In that case, it is not the partner who needs to change something, but you need to be treated for depression.

Depression can occur due to stress or without an external cause, therefore due to genetic predisposition. The therapy is the same in both cases and in most cases it gives results. Follow how your partner treats you, see when he gives you what you want and let him know that you appreciate it. Positive feedback from you will encourage you to do it again, thus alleviating your sense of isolation and separation in the relationship.

All needs, including the needs that arise in relationships, are individual. However, there are symbiotic relationships in which partners or one of the partners requires a huge amount of attention and the constant presence of the other person. These are immature people who are not independent, do not have their own hobbies and interests. A mature relationship is one in which the partners do things together, but also separately and do not feel threatened.


On the other hand, there is one advantage of long-distance relationships – since your loved one is far away and you rarely see each other, you will not notice, or you will notice them to a much lesser extent, some of her minor flaws and irritating habits. you see more often. This way, some of these flaws may even seem nice to you. In addition, a long-distance relationship means a lack of spontaneity, because you can’t plan your free time in a relaxed and casual way.

There will be times when you will feel lonely, but when you fall into such a mood, remind yourself that this is completely normal, and be sure that the same thing happens to your boyfriend.

Probably the biggest problem with a long distance relationship is trust and that is why this type of relationship is not for a person who lacks self-confidence and who cannot trust their partner. Of course, it is impossible to know at any time what someone is doing (even if you live in the same city as your boyfriend), but if someone lives in another place, all you have to do is trust that person.

Whether it is worth trying to stay in this kind of relationship that requires great strength, a lot of patience, understanding, love and tolerance, should be decided by both partners, but if it is true love, long-distance relationships are not impossible.

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