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Fun and romantic Long Distance Date Ideas for LDR couples!

Fun and romantic Long Distance Date Ideas for LDR couples!

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Long distance date ideas are here to help you keep the fire going! It’s tough being in a long distance relationship. Not being able to see your partner whenever you want to; not feeling the warmth of their body on a lazy Sunday; not even seeing them smile in person. It weighs on the both of you and it gets you down. But it’s not all gloomy days and rainy clouds over your heads. There’s a lot of fun to be had long distance dating that other couples together cannot have!

That’s right, there are many long distance relationship date ideas to explore! They range from playing and reading together to sleeping and running errands together. Below, you’ll find a variety of different LDR date ideas for you and your special someone to try out. Let’s begin!

Best Long Distance Date Ideas: Games, Cards, & Competitions

Long Distance Date Ideas: games and cards

It’s a given that you can play games with your partner online when long distance dating. You can enjoy a match of “Two Truths & A Lie,” “Guess The Celebrity,” or even adult “Never Have I Ever” *wink*. But there’s a plethora of other long distance relationship date ideas and games to be played online.

Did you know you could play online Uno? Scrabble? Even trivia tests? Your phone’s app store has a variety of games you can play with your partner on the go. Many of them are cross platform, so even if your phones don’t use the same OS (for example, an Apple product and a Samsung product,) you can still test your partner’s skills in a game of, say, online Tetris! Just start a match, take your turn, and once you’re done, simply wait for your partner to play their turn.

The best part is many of these games have no time limit, so you can always return to the game in your free time. On the way to class, during your lunch break, while waiting for your friends to arrive. It’s all at the tip of your fingers.

And if playing games is not enough of a thrill for your chosen long distance date ideas, start a competition with each other. Pick 5 games to your liking, set a prize for the winner, and a punishment for the loser. Perhaps order the games in such a way that both of you are good at only 3 games, with only one overlapping game. That way, both of you have a chance at beating the other in a certain game. Leave the final game to be the one that both of you are good at. This will truly turn this competition into a memorable experience. You can find more Long Distance Relationship Games for LDR Couples here .

LDR date ideas: Learning & Sharing

Just because you’re far away from one another doesn’t mean you can’t learn together. Some of the best LDR date ideas center around learning together, and sharing that experience together.

Cooking is a great way to get started. Chances are you’re feeding yourself if you’re away, and even if that’s not true, learning how to cook is a very satisfying and rewarding feeling. You get to make what you want, and share it with the people you love. It’s a win-win situation! Look up recipes that both of you want to try out, and start preparing. A penne with homemade marinara dish, perhaps? You’ll definitely get different results if the two of you are in different regions of the world. Get all the ingredients you need, setup a date and time to cook together, and when it’s time, call each other and start cooking!  

Long distance date ideas: Eating together!

Eating together is a ritual as old as time, perfect for long distance date ideas. It’s the best time for families and friends to get together and connect. It’s why so many dates take place in restaurants and café’s. Only now, you and your partner have made your food separately, but together. And you get to compare flavors with each other. Don’t hesitate to change the recipe to suit your taste buds, either. Maybe you like your food with a bit of spice, but they don’t? Perfect time to personalize your meal to your heart’s content. By the end, you’ve learned a new recipe while spending time with your partner.

Learn a new language while long distance dating!

Learning isn’t only limited to cooking though. Have you ever thought of learning a new language? Well now’s a great time to do just that! Say your partner is living abroad in beautiful, cold Sweden. They’re adjusting to their new lifestyle and learning the language to get by in their new surroundings. What better time to learn how to speak Swedish than when your partner lives there! They get to practice with you, and you get to learn about the culture with them, It’s a bonding experience that benefits both of you, and you get to have a secret language that only the two of you can understand (well, among your friends maybe.)

Long distance relationship date ideas: Past, Present, & Future

A great pastime for couples is reminiscing about times past and planning for the times ahead. Traveling down history road, remembering all the fun you had surrounded by your loved ones, or fantasizing about all the places you want to go to together in the near future.

And while reminiscing on its own is fun, let’s bring it up a notch. Sending your partner letters is always a welcome gift. But sending your partner letters with photos of your past together is a welcome surprise! Collect your favorite times together captured on camera, and mail them to your partner alongside a handwritten note. That’ll make for a great conversation about where you were in life back then, remembering what was relevant to you and what frustrations and joys you had at the time.

You could even do that for your current time together. On any of your dates now, take a picture of yourself wherever you are, and mail it over the next time you pass by the post office. Perhaps snapping a selfie after you beat them in your gaming competition? They’ll surely remember all the excitement from that time. This is one of the best long distance date ideas for LDR couples. 

If there are any destinations you’d love to visit at some point, you could plan a themed date based on that location. Pretend you’re in that city or country, and prepare a local dish together. Bonus points for dressing up and pretending to be interrupted by a waiter delivering the food (when in reality, it’s just your oven telling you your meal is ready!). There are many fantastic things to do in a long distance relationship for you to choose from. 

Creative Skype date ideas: Fun With Videos

date ideas skype

Creative Skype date ideas are the best! Video calls are a must in a long distance relationship. You want to see your partner as much as possible, and turning on your video is as good as it gets most times. But it gets even better.

It is not only Skype you can play with. Some popular video messaging services offer background manipulation. In other words, you get to play around with what your background looks like. This is the perfect opportunity to enter a video call submerged underwater, or floating in space, or dining with the two of you in the background. You could play little games where the two of you take turns finding funny pictures and acting them out, or challenging each other to find a particular photo as fast as possible. The possibilities and long distance date ideas that involve video are endless!

Another creative skype date idea is to challenge one another to find an item in your immediate surroundings. Maybe the most expensive kitchen utensil, or the oldest electronic device. First one to get it on camera, wins!

Changing lanes, how about taking a tour of your area on video? With this LDR date idea you can go on walks together, showing each other your neighborhood, a particular area in your city your fond of or miss very much, or even a new part of town you haven’t visited yet. It’s a great way to explore a city with your loved one, as though they are right next to you experiencing it with you. There are many ways to have fun on video, and in the end, you’ll make great memories using these long distance date ideas for your LDR dates together; memories that will stick with you long after you’re reunited.