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7 very useful Long Distance Relationship Books

7 very useful Long Distance Relationship Books

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Books can become bridges between lovers. That’s why, for all of you stranded love birds, we made our selection of long distance relationship books. 

Relationships can be a wonderful part of our lives…and yet they can also be difficult, stressful and frustrating. Any relationship which is long distance can be an additional strain on both partners. There can be many reasons why you can’t be together all the time but luckily there are some great long distance relationship books out there.

Try reading them together and talking over each chapter as you go along. Hopefully they can give you both tips, help and keep your love real. Here’s a few to consider:

Long Distance Relationship Books for lovers far away

1. From Stranger to Lover (Lisa Mckay)

Lisa has written a book not only useful to couples just embarking on a long distance relationship but those already in an established one. It looks at ways to connect and the important ways to avoid miscommunication. It credits itself that it can help you build a relationship so strong, you will be able to “go the distance”.

2. The Five Love Languages (Dr Gary Chapman)

This book is a New York Times bestseller. Dr Chapman concentrates on 5 ways couples experience and express love for each other. They include: Quality time, acts of service, physical touch, affirmation and giving/receiving gifts. Everyone is different and we all have different desires and needs. This book looks at which language of love you show and how to identify your partners so that you can understand your relationship, and therefore, what will work within it. It will open your eyes to your relationship in a completely different way.

3. 401 Great Discussion Questions for Couples in Long Distance Relationships (Lisa Mckay and Michael Wolfe)

This is one of the fun, long distance relationship books, with its 401 topics of discussion. It not only keeps you talking but it helps you to learn new things you may not know about your partner. It shows how you can be more open and more understanding. Broken into 19 chapters a few examples are: “What do you think? – What you think about life, love, lying and everything in between”

4. I Hear You (Michael Sorensen)    

“What if making one tweak to your day-to-day conversations could immediately improve every relationship in your life?” This book is all about communication. It shows some very easy steps which can be taken so that you can both express your thoughts and feelings easier. It especially looks at being completely open minded. Though short and concise it’s packed full of help.

5. 10,000 miles for Love (Milena Nguyen)

This is a practical book written with true experience from Milena. Not only does she contain real stories to inspire you but true insight into being able to connect. She deals with online communication, keeping your relationship fun and real, intimacy and sex. She gives inspiration from her own life in how you really can make your relationship work. Milena is a relationship coach and pulling on her own experiences imparts inspiration to her readers.

6. Long Distance Love: How to make Your long distance relationships work (HowExpert Press and Abby Brokaw)

This is a step by step guide to each phase a relationship can go through. It touches on coping with the loneliness that distance creates. It also explores the elements of conducting a relationship online and feelings of insecurity. The book looks at personal stories and practicalities. “While I did not expect to find love, let alone fight for it as I did, it was worth it in the end to see it succeed” (Abby Brokaw)

7. The House That Love Built: What it Means To Love One Another – Simeon Lindstrom

This is all about connecting. Its reaches out further in not only building a relationship but how you can maintain it. It’s an easy to use guide with exercises within. It looks at intelligent ways to help your relationship and more importantly tackles the most enduring topic of all – Love.

Long Distance Relationship Books – the world of understanding

LDR love is challenging. Sometimes, you might feel insecure or sad spending another night without kisses and cuddles. That’s perfectly normal. Sometimes, you might spend hours and days, looking for the perfect gift for your loved one. It helps to know that you are not alone. Millions have already been there, done that. Books help us learn from their experiences. 

There is a wide range of long distance relationship books out there including some great fiction ones which, as a couple, are also worth a read. Relationships and love has never been easy but with such a range of work to pick from, every couple can find their way to enjoy and understand each other – even from a distance!