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7 Sure Long Distance Relationship Cheating Signs

7 Sure Long Distance Relationship Cheating Signs

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It can sometimes be quite hard to identify long distance relationship cheating signs. That’s why we are here to help. In today’s ever-growing world, more and more couples are having to resort to long distance relationships. Whether it’s for work reasons, legal reasons, family reasons, school reasons and more, sometimes lovers need to be away from each other. This separation time frame can be short term or long term. 

The thought of having to be separated from one another can cause many couples to decide to call it quits. However, some couples decide that their love is too passionate and strong to be severed by distance and therefore choose to stay with their partner even if they can’t be together physically. A long distance relationship is when two people decide to stay in a relationship even when they are separated by a vast amount of land, and/or sea for that matter.

In theory, with all the forms of technology that exist in this modern age, long term relationships could work. Sadly, this is usually not the case. Although it may be harder to see your partner cheating on you when you can’t see them, there are some long distance relationship cheating signs that you should look out for. If you are in a long term relationship, you are probably curious about how to know she’s cheating in a long distance relationship. On the other hand, you might want to know signs he is cheating in a long distance relationship. In any case, here are:

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7 sure long distance relationship cheating signs

1. They Aren’t Calling You.

Even in a long term relationship, couples still need to communicate. Although going on physical dates and talking to each other face to face is no longer an option for couples who are in a long distance relationship, other forms of communication are required. These other forms of communication can include video calls, phone calls, letters, text messages, emails, and so on. There is a world of online chat rooms that anyone can use. Considering all of these technological forms of communication, wouldn’t you find it odd if your partner far away doesn’t call you to chat? Think about it, are you always the one trying to talk to them?  

Just because one partner is far away from their lover, doesn’t mean the communication has to stop. Also, just because one partner is far away from their lover, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to talk to their partner any less than if they were able to get together with them physically. So why the sudden cold shoulder? Chances are, they’re talking with somebody else. This is why if your partner isn’t calling you, this is one of 7 sure long distance relationship cheating signs.

2. You’re Finding Out New Things Late.

No matter where people are in the world, people are always growing and changing. This can be physically, obviously, but it can also be mentally. This can include learning new skills or finding out what their passions are. Usually, these revelations are so exciting that when one happens to you, you want to share it. Instinctively, the first person you share this revelation with is the person you love the most. So, shouldn’t this be your romantic partner?  

Taking this into consideration, when you learn about your partner’s revelation after a long amount of time has passed, don’t you wonder who was the first person they shared this with? This is why finding out about new things late is one of 7 sure long distance relationship cheating signs.

3. They’re Reluctant To Move Forward

Even when couples are separated physically, a relationship is still growing. This can include deciding to purchase joint items together, getting intimate or meeting parents. Although this is a bit harder when being physically separated, there are alternatives. Such alternatives can include planning to buy a house or meeting your partner’s family through a video call.  

So, if your partner refuses to even make these alternated steps forward, it should raise some suspicion. This why the reluctance to move forward is one of 7 sure long distance relationship cheating signs.

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Signs he is cheating in a long distance relationship

4. They Are Distracted

Even when talking to someone virtually, the polite thing to do is to devote your full attention to them. After all, how can you remember what someone just said if your mind was elsewhere? If you think that your partner is cheating on you, look for this clear sign.  

When you talk to your partner on the phone when you can’t see them, are they putting in input, or are they just agreeing with you? Also, if you are talking with your partner through a video call where you can see them, are they multitasking during the conversation?

5. They Are Sketchy On Social Media.

Social media is a huge part of everybody’s lives no matter where they live in the world today. From sharing a birthday post to liking a picture, to sending any type of message and status updating, social media is supposed to bring people together, not apart. Social media can allow people to learn about other people no matter where they live in the world.

This makes social media a fantastic sign to see if your partner is cheating on you. This can be obvious, such as seeing them be physically too close to another person too often. On the other hand, this can also be more discreet such as having safety measures on their social media account so that their posts are only visible to certain people.

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How to know she’s cheating in a long distance relationship?

6. They’re Over-Reactive

Sleep is key to being calm. Without sleep, people are much more likely to become irritated, depressed, anxious and angry. Even the smallest things can make a person flip out if they are sleep deprived. Now, relationships require energy. After all, you need to remember things, give your full attention to someone else, assist them in times of need, keep up a healthy amount of communication and more.  

One relationship is hard work, so 2 is even more. Plus, any cheater who is in more than one relationship also has to make sure that they keep both relationships separate. Leading a double life is tiring and this is why overreaction is one of 7 sure long distance relationship cheating signs.

7. They’ve Changed Too Much

It’s common for people to grow individually while in a relationship. This is due to people exerting themselves onto their partner. It is said that the right person should bring out the best in you.  

It’s impossible for someone not to feed off of another person’s energy and to adopt some aspect of their personality. Saying this, if your partner suddenly starts acting too differently a bit too fast, the question becomes, where did this new personality come from? This is why a drastic change is one of highly probable signs of cheating.

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Conclusion of the 7 sure long distance relationship cheating signs

Here you go, we gave an overview of the signs your partner is cheating in a long distance relationship. 

So now think, are they cheating on you?   If they seem to show these signs, chances are they are.