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Perfect Long Distance Relationship Games for LDR Couples

Perfect Long Distance Relationship Games for LDR Couples

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Playing a game or two can make your day, every day! We made a list of the Perfect Long Distance Relationship Games for LDR Couples. It will definitely help you have fun with your loved one and spice things up a bit! 

No matter how much we love our partner, Long Distance Relationships can sometimes be hard. It can be hard to maintain the closeness, intimacy and fun with your partner who is, oh so far away. Fun is one of the important parts. When you have fun together, you open up, fire is rekindled and closeness and intimacy follow. Few better ways to do that than games for long distance couples. Long distance relationship games can be the gamechanger for your LDR:  

Let’s base on fun and use the all-mighty technology to our advantage! Your love is as close to his/her phone, as you are to yours. It’s almost like you can touch. We’re here to help you use that.  

What games can you play long distance?

In case you’re wondering what games can you play as long distance couples, the answer is – a wide variety. Not just gaming and multiplayer modes of very cool games (even though those are fun) or prank calls to mutual friends. We’re talking bigger. Personal, teasing, funny and interactive games that will spice your relationship up and let you have a lot of fun and spend a lot of quality time with your LDR partner. 

Let’s dive into Long Distance Couple Games!   

Perfect Long Distance Relationship Games for LDR Couples   

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1. Truth or Dare Game for LDR couples

Well, well, well! This is a tricky one, offering a lot of possibilities! Ask your partner questions over text or video. Ask them anything and get truth or dare in return! 

OK, the truth is easy. But how do we do the dare? 

Easy! Dare has to be photo documented. Your partner should take a photo or a video of the dare and send it to you. 

Playing truth or dare questions is fantastic because it can get the adrenaline running, cause unstoppable fun and hilarious laughter, but also because it can bring you closer together and provoke deep, wonderful conversations and sharing experiences.   

2. Long Distance Relationship Games Online 

Online gaming is on! You can find a number of board games to play online like monopoly, scrabble or chess. Or go to Miniclip or Pogo. Very cool sites with a variety of multiplayer games.

Or you can play some kickass cool games like PUBG Mobile. Team up as a mighty duo and discover the magic of Playerknown’s battlegrounds, available on android and ios. There is a limitless choice of very cool video games that your long distance love and yourself can play. Just check the Google Play or your app store to find the best Online Games for LDR couples.

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3. Find the Lamest Love Song! 

Among games to play long distance, this game is as simple as they can get. Both you and your partner just take your phone, go to YouTube and find some truly awful love songs. Choose the lamest among them and send it to each other.

Lame can be very fun and very funny. 

Some prefer the alternative to music. So here it is: 

Find the Lamest Love Quote! 

Here you can find a list of Best LDR Quotes of All Time for your Long Distance Relationship!  

In this game, we forget the cool ones and try to find the worst, the lamest, the most uncool quote available. Print screen or copy, then send quotes to each other. 

Fun Games to Play in Long Distance Relationship

Perfect Long Distance Relationship Games for LDR Couples
Long Distance Couple Games

4. Guess what’s on the photo game! 

Long distance relationship games take a wacky turn with this one. It’s like this: Take a photo of a part of your body, or an object. Make it mysterious and teasing. Send it to your partner to guess what is it. 

Whoever guesses, gets the reward. What kind of a reward, that’s up to you. 

You can make this game flirty, quirky or just fun. It’s very “open source”. 

5. Webcam Charades 

Long distance games don’t get easier than this. All you need is your phone, a tablet, or a computer and a stable internet connection.

Wait, you also need your long distance relationship partner! 🙂 

Let’s take it you have that covered. So, how does it work? 

Just like live charades. Choose a movie or a book or a song – anything you like. And act out its title in a limited time (1 minute?) without using words or sounds so the other player can guess what you’ve chosen. 

Take turns doing that and it will get real fun, real fast. 

6. Truth game: Never have I ever 

So, this Game for LDR couples can be tricky! Both you and your partner take turns in texting something you’ve never done before. If someone has done it, he/she has to send a relevant photo back. 

This Game for LDR couples can get really interesting, really fast if you hit the right cords in your text message. 

Insightful Long Distance Couple Games               

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7. Take personality quizzes together and share your results 

Just go on Playbuzz and choose some of the quizzes that you find interesting. See what Pokemon would you be or What Game of Thrones character you are, or any number of a trillion quizzes you can find. 

Take the same quizzes with your partner and share your results. You’ll love it! 

8. Draw – Describe – Blind 

This is a super fun game for LDR couples that will help you determine the quality of your communication as a couple, besides giving you massive laughs.  

So, how does this long distance couple game work? It’s like this: Find a simple image online. Don’t go all Rembrandt, just a simple abstract geometric shape or a pattern would do. Something like simple tangram figures or simple abstract art. Once you find it, describe to your partner who has to draw it. You help your partner draw it with instructions within 60 seconds. Once the time is up, compare the drawing with the image. 

Than, it’s your turn to do it!   

9. LDR couple Strip Quiz 

This is a racy one among games to play in long distance relationship! Each of you starts by creating a list of questions about you and your relationship. They can be simple like – what side do I prefer sleeping on or wacky and internal like what did you do that I liked when we were on that seaside date with margaritas. Don’t make it easy, but try not to make it super hard, either. 

Every wrong answer means one clothing item off. And it has to be photo documented and sent to you. Or, alternatively, you do it on Skype. Some role play strip quiz may happen as well if you let the imagination go wild.


We hope our choice of Perfect Long Distance Relationship Games for LDR Couples was useful and you’ll try some of the games with your partner today.                  

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