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Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

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When you’re in a long distance relationship, long distance relationship gifts mean so much more than regular relationship gifts. Luckily, nowadays there is social media and you can be connected with your lover all the time. Even though this is the case, nothing can truly replace the feeling when you’re with your partner. Social media platforms can’t replace hugs and kisses from your loved one. During the holidays, it’s an even worse feeling to be apart from your partner. So, here are some long distance relationship gifts.

Distance means nothing when you love someone

How can I make them feel special in a long distance relationship?

When you love someone so much, cute little things can make your lover happy. If you’re not able to send a physical gift, here are some ideas you can do.

Surprise them with a lovely email

An email is far faster than sending a letter or parcel. Make a note to them stating how much you love and care for them and how excited you are to see them soon. An unexpected greeting in their email will improve their day, whether they’re at home or work.

Call them after they finish their job

When you can’t be there in person, a phone call is a pleasant surprise. Consider when they will be off work or otherwise available to receive your call. When your face appears on their caller ID, they will be ecstatic!

Order them their favorite food

Long-distance meal delivery is simple thanks to third-party apps. Download an app that allows you to place meal orders. Just make sure that the app you use delivers to their address. Then order their favorite meal or snack and have it delivered directly to their door.

Long distance relationship gifts - food delivery
Food delivery

Make a playlist for them

Playlists are a sweet and inventive method to express your feelings for your partner. Compile a playlist of songs that remind you of them and your relationship using an app like Spotify. Set the playlist to private if feasible, and then email them a link to your customized audio present. This is one of the sweetest long distance relationship gifts.

What gift should I give to my long distance partner?

Here are some of the best long distance relationship gifts which can make your partner happy while you’re apart.

Send them a surprise care package

Everyone enjoys receiving a package in the mail. Prepare a variety of snacks, personal things, and other small presents that will serve as a reminder of your presence. These presents don’t have to be extravagant. Just the box letting them know you’re thinking of them will make them feel special. You could send them a framed photo of the two of you together, or a shirt that smells like you. You may send them their favorite sweets, a gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant, or a bed throw blanket.

Ldr gifts
Favorite sweets

Few letters to open for every mood

For this Long distance relationship gift, you better have your pen ready! Each letter has a different prompt on it, such as “Open when you need to talk to someone”, “Open when you need to make a significant decision”, and “Open when you need a good chuckle.” So, for a friend, family member, or long-distance love, fill a few letters with motivation, wisdom, and good cheer. There’s nothing like a handwritten letter to keep the love alive.

A shareable necklace

With an adorable puzzle necklace, you can let your lover know they’re your other half. Even though you’re thousands of miles apart, the way you fit together makes perfect sense.

Pillow as a replacement for your hug

You understand the agony of not being able to hug your loved one if you’re in a long-distance relationship, but at least this pillowcase can communicate the proper message while you’re separated!This can be a good long-distance relationship anniversary gift too.

Ldr gift - pillow

Personalized album cover of your favorite song

This elevates “our music” to new heights. Choose your favorite song with your lover and have it etched on this elegant acrylic tile. You may even include a Spotify scan code so that everyone who sees it can listen right away.

Coffee mug with a long-distance state

If you and your partner don’t live near one other, one of the things you miss the most is having intimate conversations over coffee in the morning. A love map of the states you both live in is featured on each customizable mug, with cities indicated with a heart. The two maps are connected by dotted lines and a heart.

Custom star map

You can look at a snapshot of the constellations depending on a key day and time, such as your anniversary or another memorable occasion, even if you aren’t peering up at the same night sky.

Keychain with a love message

“I love you” is engraved on the back, along with an elaborate depiction of a global map, reminding the two of you that love is stronger than anything else. This is definitely one of the prettiest long distance relationship gifts.

Long distance relationship gifts - love keychain
Love keychain

Keychain with a compass

Not that your significant other doesn’t think of you all day, every day, but this keychain will encourage them to do so even more. It’s also a good reminder that love has no bounds.

Countdown calendar

Everyone knows you’re counting down the days until you can see your long-distance partner. The countdown calendar fits directly on your desk and has easy tear-off sheets for an extra dramatic unveiling each day.

I miss you notes

Make it clear to your loved someone that love knows no bounds! I miss you notes will keep you both connected with a daily dose of your affection no matter how far apart the two of you are. The jar of love-themed notes contained in little ornamental envelopes to be opened each day will impress them. This is one of the most thoughtful long distance relationship gifts.

20+ open when letter ideas

Do you have an idea yet?

These are just some of the long distance relationship gifts you can send to your lover. Remember, the most important thing is to know what your partner likes. If you listen to everything your partner says and incorporate this information into your gift to them, it will mean a lot to them to see that you’ve been paying attention.  Sometimes, little things can make someone happy.