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Love-hate relationships

Love-hate relationships

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What are love hate relationships? Do you often wonder if you can love and hate someone at the same time? The answer is Yes!

At first glance, it seems a little strange and unusual. However, it can happen where you can’t stand someone you love, yet at the same time you can’t live without them. This is normal, it happens. Below we will explain a little bit about why this happens, what are the main reasons, and how to deal with love-hate relationships.

Love hate relationships

What are love-hate relationships?

The relationship between love and hate is primarily emotionally intense. Romantic or platonic, you decide you never want to be with that person again, but in the end, you step on your pride again and do the opposite. You end up in a fight with yourself. You like to be with them, but you hate their behavior or you hate the way you behave while you’re with them. You love them, but you hate arguments that you can’t refrain from when you’re with them. Regardless of the particular details of your relationship, the characteristics are always the same: intense love paired with a lot of anger and below that a strong emotions and desire to change something. You feel powerless towards your love and helpless under your hatred. Very frustrating feeling, right? Just how do you differentiate love hate relationship from the usual lover’s quarrel? Here are the signs of a love hate to watch for.

  • As the other couples quarrel, you and your partner move to another level. Your usual fight is extreme emotions and will generally lead to a break between the two of you. However, the two of you will come back together after a few days. You know that because it happens often, and you’re used to functioning that way.
  • Do you feel you have too many unresolved issues that could contribute to your love hate relationship? That the emotions you keep in you only make things worse? If so, this is a sign.
  • Are you talking about your partner behind their back with friends? Is this a way to solve your frustrations and problems? If so, this is a sign too.
What are love - hate relationships

Can you last in your love-hate relationship?

Do you see yourself getting older with your partner with whom you share love and hatred? Are you willing to share both good and bad throughout your life with them? Of course, everything’s bearable now and it makes sense to you, but if you can’t imagine yourself with that person and with the relationship pattern you have now, you may have to start repairing the relationship or moving away from that person.

People don’t hate other people. You hate a person’s behavior that doesn’t quite match your expectations of that person. You can love a person while you hate their behavior.

The love-hate relationship seems to be very common because love and hate are more alike than the opposite. It happens that we often hate the behavior of the people we love, but why? Maybe we hate someone because they don’t reciprocate our love. It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t reciprocate your love, and a lack of reciprocating our love often means we conclude that the other person’s wrong.

However, the love-hate relationship happens even when love is reciprocated. Relationships are paradoxical because it’s natural to get tired of someone you spend a lot of time with. Spending time with another person is good, but spending all time with that person can be unhealthy.

Can you last in your love- hate relationship

Why Do Couples Have Love Hate Relationships?

You’re aware that you and your partner have not entered this vortex of love and hate overnight. This situation is a consequence of many small things, and here are some of them.

●      The issue of compatibility

Things can go in a different direction if your views on the future don’t match.

●      Ego vs soul

Ego and love can’t be together. If you and your partner have a big ego that’s ahead of your love, then you will have trouble accepting your mistakes. When your partner tries to point this out, you can understand it in a negative context. Ego vs soul, you choose.

●      Control freaks in relationships

Are you a control freak in relationships? Another downside of a strong personality is a terrible desire for control. If both you and your partner are always fighting over who’s in charge in your relationship, then there’s only war and no love.

●      You’re insecure and don’t know what for

Such negative emotions also push the toxic relationship into a cycle of love and hate. If you have problems like this and ignore them instead of solving them, they could build hatred and resentment in you.

Ego vs soul
Control freaks in relationships

The real truth about love is the hate relationship

Some couples may think that they love each other so much and that their relationship of love and hate is a product of their ultimate love for each other, and they think it’s normal. However, it’s not. It’s not a healthy way to establish any kind of relationship. The right connection will work in this way  and will make sure that open communication always exists so that you don’t keep your emotions to yourself. The sad truth is that, with love, a hate relationship can only create a false sense that you’re wanted, that someone loves you, and that you can go against all odds for your love. However, the thing is that, over time, it can even lead to some kind of aggressive behavior, and no one wants that.. True love is never selfish. You just think and accept that the hate relationship is normal and that in the end, it will be fine. However, it won’t. This is a very unhealthy relationship and will not do you any good. Consider ways you can be better not just as a person but as a couple. It’s never too late to change for the better and to establish a relationship focused on love and respect because you deserve it. Don’t be control freaks in a relationship as you can’t control everything. It’s just not in your power. In the end, it’s always better to be alone rather than suffering in love-hate relationships. There are different types of relationship, but when you find yourself in an ego vs soul situation, be careful what you choose.