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Natural remedies for anxiety that really helped me

Natural remedies for anxiety that really helped me

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So, why so many people worldwide are anxious? There are many reasons, but surely one of the main is the speed of life. There are a lot of expectations from us, and a huge number of people just can’t deal with it. As the anxiety is nowadays widespread feeling, there are also plenty of natural remedies for anxiety that can help you feel better.

What is anxiety, anyway? It’s the natural body response to stress, and a feeling of fear. Some of its symptoms usually include: feeling nervous, tense, having a sense of panic, the heart is beating faster than usual, and very often the hands are sweating. As I am the person who was struggling the anxiety for years, I would warmly recommend you some of the natural remedies for anxiety and its cure, that helped me a lot.

Here are some of them:

  • We all know how walking could be relieving for our body. Spending a lot of time at work, and having a lot of obligations could be very stressful, so it’s very important to find five minutes for yourself. You should give your body the opportunity to be filled with positive energy.
  • At the beginning I didn’t know how to meditate, so I decided to ask some experience people. They gave me very good advices, so the meditation became the part of my everyday life.
  • Those are both quick fixes that may worsen anxiety over time. I used to smoke a lot, my hands would literally shake, especially in the stressful situations, and the cigarettes were my savior. At least, I thought so. Until one day I decided to throw them away, because I realized that I couldn’t even walk without fatigue. So, try to quit forever. Or if you’re a heavy smoker, try at least to reduce them. You`ll see how better your life would be!
  • We all should have a healthy eating habits, which means not too much sugar (because it immediately increases your anxiety), not too much salt, and we all should drink a lot of water! Also, Vitamin B complex for anxiety is considered to be effective. Please make sure you consult the doctor first, before any decision-making diet.
  • Here are some advices for a quality sleep: avoid tablets, or phones in your bed, sleep only when you feel tired, keep your room dark and cool.
  • Time with animals-this is very interesting fact, that may sound funny, but it’s highly recommended by experts in this field. Spending time with animals can also reduce anxiety and stress. Having fun with my dog helped me a lot in my battle.
  • Get rid of stress. Stress is one of the highest causes of anxiety. Take some time for yourself and chill.        

I shared with you my experiences, and if I helped at least one person to win the battle against the anxiety with my list of the natural remedies, I’m happy.

I know how difficult was my cure period, I had so many downs, that I thought my hands would sweat forever in public. The important thing is not to be strict to yourself, because all the beginnings are stressful, and you will feel very often like you do nothing good enough. Just take a second, take a deep breath, and you’ll already see the difference. Try it now!