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New Relationship Energy Addiction

New Relationship Energy Addiction

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When we talk about new relationship energy addiction, it’s important to cover a few basics first. The start of a new relationship is often referred to as the honeymoon period, packed with new exciting possibilities. Whether we have fallen in love or we’re just having a great time, new relationship energy is pumping through our system and we feel great. The thing about the addiction part is – some people tend to like that sensation a bit too much and start to chase it as soon as it’s gone.   

A common saying is “love is blind“. This quote can be interpreted in many ways. For instance, “love is blind“ can be taken into the meaning that love has no boundaries as any two people who love each other can do so regardless of gender, class, race, disability and more.

However, “love is blind“ can also take in the instance where two people love each other so much that they are blind to each other’s bad habits, quirks and less than accepting personal beliefs. These aspects are blind to the other person until after a certain amount of time once the relationship has been established.  

In Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante, a character Nino Sarratore is married to a beautiful and wealthy woman, but also has a multitude of lovers. In one scene, one of his lovers, a beautiful, smart, and successful novelist returns home to find him in passionate intercourse with the elderly, chubby, and very unattractive cleaning lady. He just couldn’t resist the call of the new. That is one extreme example of NRE addiction in literature.    

New relationship energy is blind and powerful 

My husband wants a polyamorous relationship
My husband wants a polyamorous relationship

During that time, a person fresh in a new relationship is under the spell of new possibilities, new energy, excitement and hormones, brain chemicals pumping through the body. A lot of preconceptions are projected on the partner, as well as desires, wishes and phantasies, all wrapped in the magic of the unknown.

That period of time is often referred to as new relationship energy (NRE). This is the case for many individuals in a relationship.

What Is New Relationship Energy Addiction?

New relationship energy addiction is also called NRE addiction. In this instance, people are so excited about being in a relationship that they are blind to their partner’s qualities. Some of those qualities may be negative or require work and devotion. Once they get to know their partners, energy fades away, and they need someone new.   

This case is so common that there is a term used to describe it called “new relationship energy addiction“.

Who Is Affected By NRE Addiction?

It’s normal for any couple to develop new relationship energy – NRE, as love can be exciting and passionate. However, new relationship energy addiction can more commonly be found when an individual who is involved in a relationship has had a crush on their desired partner before the relationship was established. Also, new relationship energy addiction is often found in individuals in a relationship who are new to the world of romance.

The Science Of New Relationship Energy Addiction

There is science behind new relationship energy addiction. The feeling of love is produced by a chemical process in the brain. Chemicals such as dopamine are released and are sent to the brain and nervous system. This spike in brain chemicals makes people get that happy yet hyper feeling that creates passion. After all, during this process energy and sex inducing chemicals, such as testosterone and estrogen, are heightened.

Different lifestyles for people with NRE addiction 

Short term relationships are packed with passion. People are oblivious to the potential red flags in their romantic relationships. Potential problems become visible when the relationship starts to evolve towards long term and partners spend time together. People with new relationship energy addiction choose to leave (or develop phantasies about other people) as soon as the magic is gone. They want to experience NRE constantly and tend to break up existing relationships to be able to look for that feeling of magic elsewhere. That’s why a lot of people with NRE addiction problem tend to choose different lifestyles and become a solo poly, a relationship anarchist or a part of a polyamorous community.   

The Dangers Of New Relationship Energy Addiction

Anything new can excite people as it breaks them away from the regular toils of life. However, this can become dangerous when new relationship energy becomes an addiction.

An addiction is when a person can’t live without a certain thing. In the case of new relationship energy, this becomes an addiction when the affected person starts to constantly crave this aspect. However, new relationship energy doesn’t last long. So, when the relationship carries on and that new energy is gone, the addicted person might fall out of love with their original partner, break up the relationship, and go look for a new person just to regain that new relationship energy. This can lead to an endless cycle and long term relationship problems.

Long distance relationship jealousy quotes

Also, new relationship energy addiction can become a danger when the affected individual is blind to their partner’s negative qualities. These negative qualities can include bad habits, but can also include harmful behaviors. These harmful behaviors could potentially injure the blinded partner.

How To Avoid New Relationship Energy Addiction

No one who is affected by new relationship energy addiction is alone.

One way to avoid new relationship energy addiction is by talking to others outside of the new romantic relationship or seek therapy to determine the root of the behavior.

Also, it is important for new couples to not jump into long term commitments right away. It is recommended that new couples take the time to get to know each other before taking any big steps.

Above all, people should take the time to get to know themselves first and find out what makes them happy and fulfilled.