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Nicknames for short girls

Nicknames for short girls

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Nicknames for short girls can be really cute. However, sometimes you can be out of ideas for good nicknames. A great nickname for your short girl shouldn‘t be a struggle to find. Mostly, there are many cute cuddle nicknames that you can use as the sweetest nickname. People mostly use their original name to create a unique nickname they can use or they have had a nickname since they were a baby.

However, a nickname should be very short and something that describes a person very well, in fact, it can be something that really goes along with their personality. Wrong nicknames can be very harmful for the person who will get them. So, be careful and creative.

Cute nicknames

Some ideas for cute nicknames for short girls include the following.

Snuggle – This nickname is about cuddling but is still sweet. It’s a perfect nickname for her.

Cutie – One of those sweet nicknames for little kids or even for adults. It really expresses your love for someone.

Mini-me – An amazing nickname for your little one, especially if she looks exactly like you. This will be the heart-melting nickname.

Munchkin – This is one of the cutest replacements for girl names and a perfect nickname for a little baby. Also, it can be very good for a girlfriend or family member that you find very cute.

Shortcake – For short and cute girls.

Baby girl – Amazing for a little girl, your daughter, or your girlfriend. It’s sweet and lovely.

Shorty – Great for your girlfriend, make her smile!

Bite-size – It’s mostly used for girls to make them feel cute and comfortable in their own skin.

Itty bitty – For your sister, or daughter. Either way, a cute little nickname for short people.

Kitty – Usual name for a little pet or for a girl.

Little lady – A classy cute nickname for a short girl.

Little miss – Also one of the classy nicknames for a short girl that’s cute and classy, like a real lady.

Low rider – A fun nickname for a short girl.

Mini-muffin – It can be used for a little pet, but also for a little girl like a family member, younger sister, or girlfriend.

Oompa Loompa – A funny little girl nickname, especially if they’re into chocolate.

Pipsqueak – A great name for a little girl with a high pitched voice.

Teeny – It can be used for a “tiny” person, but also in a teenager’s days as a Teeny nickname that perfectly fits into a picture or period in life that’s called teenage years.

Tinkerbell – A great nickname for your girl if she’s into fairies or the Peter Pan legend.

Armrest – A nickname for a girl with a sense of humor.

Babycakes – This is mostly great for a little baby as she’ll be cute and sweet like a baby cake.

Babydoll – A beautiful and sweet nickname for beautiful short girls.

Bun buns – A cute nickname for a girl who likes sweet treats.

Buttercup – A great nickname for a girl who loves flowers.

Chipmunk – Perfect for your little girl who has the sweetest smile ever!

Cupcake – Perfect for the girl who loves to bake.

Ducky – Quack! For your girl if she loves animals.

Kiddo – This is mostly used for kids and little ones as a nickname until they become adults. Kiddo is perfect for family members, a daughter, a sister, or any other family member that you have in your life.

Lil angel – Perfect for your daughter. It;s sweet and beautiful to make her feel like a princess.

Knee-high – A great nickname for a girl that’s into fashion.

Nugget – Like a little nugget, cute and small, so sweet you wish to eat it!

Pee-wee – For the bite size love in your life.

Pinky – If you know a short girl that really loves the color pink, this is the perfect match. Pinky is cute and great for a person like that.

Pixie – Another great nickname for any girl that’s into magic.

Small fry – Most people express their feelings through the food that they love. Small fry is a really cute and lovely nickname.

Sugar plum – Sugar, sweetness, and cuteness, everything perfectly fits into a nickname!

Sugar plum – For a girl who’s a christmas fan.

Sweet pea – Far a girl who loves to garden.

Tootie – You can never get enough of your girl or this delicious candy!

Nicknames for short girls

Funny nicknames for short girls

For girls who have a sense of humor, these nicknames would be perfect!

Half-pint – Funny for your friends or girlfriend to make a cute joke about their height in a cute way.

Hotcakes –  Your short girlfriend will love this sexy nickname.

Little girl – A funny and cute nickname that can be used on a regular basis or like a nickname.

Snuggle butt – It can be used mostly for your girlfriend, but also for your daughter.

Short stuff – It’s perfect for your short friend, so you can both laugh about it! 

Tater tot – For the food loving girl in your life.

Wee-bit – Everyone needs a little bit of love in their life. For you, it comes from your favorite short girl!

Short stack – This is great for short girls who are early risers.

Midge – Short form of midget for a short girl.

Firecracker – For the girl who lights up your life!

Ankle biter – A funny and cute nickname for little ones, it can be mostly used for your friends and someone who likes jokes.

Smalls – Smalls is a great nickname for smaller members of the family.

Goober – This is a funny nickname for any short girl.

Lil – Short and sweet! If you’re looking for a nickname that’s not something special, that and is very simple, this is the perfect one, for everyone.

Freezer – It can be used in your family circle, but you need to be careful with this one because not everyone is going to like it.

Tic tac – When you find someone sweet as candy, this is the perfect nickname for them.

Nicknames for short girls

Best nicknames

Here are more nicknames for short girls and short babies. Find your perfect one and enjoy it with them.

 Lil Tyke – This is perfect for kids.

House mouse – If someone’s small like a little mouse, this is a perfect nickname for them.

Santa’s Little Helper – One of many cool nicknames for a best friend or someone who’s very close to you. Also, it’s very good for a little baby or even little kids who are especially fascinated by Santa Claus, so it will be perfect for a little one.

Pygmy – For a little friend or a little girlfriend, perfect and unique.

Elfie – If you’re out of ideas and you want something that isn‘t usual, this is the perfect one. It’s  sweet but not that usual.

Chibi – This is mostly for little babies and kids, Chibi is very special and lovely.

Small Bite – When you’re looking at your little girl, her little mouth and small bites she takes, how can you not melt from cuteness?

Thumbelina – Perfect for your little girl and perfectly describes her little mouth, little hands, little feet, and everything else.

Chromie (World of Warcraft) – For the girl who loves video games. This can be very cool and unique. Chromie can make everyone laugh but also it can make little one feel so special and in the centre of all happenings in family gatherings.

Single scoop – A single scoop of sweetness and love, beautiful and loving at every point.

Sparky – Amazing kids that are very talented and smart will love this nickname. 

Bugaboo – This is perfect for someone you love the most.

Bunny – A little bunny is the symbol of cuteness right?

Butterfly – For a girl that’s really sweet and beautiful like a little butterfly.

Champ – if you have one of those amazing kids near you who are great at everything and they are just huge potential, this is a great nickname for a little one.

Cheesecake – If she’s a lover of cheesecake, this is perfect for her. Little cheesecake, adorable and cute.

Chunky Monkey – For kids that are really playful, climbing like a monkey, and doing acrobatics that you can’t believe are really possible, this is the perfect nickname.

Drama Queen- For girls that just like drama and find drama in everything, especially for those who always create drama, but they’re still cute at the same time.

Egghead – Perfect for little ones, especially babies or even your pet.

Firefly- For that brilliant and great person who really stands out from everyone, like a little firefly in the night.

Flower- A simple and cute nickname for the girl you really love.

Foo Foo – If you’re searching for something unique but nothing too descriptive, this is the perfect one.

Giggle – If your girl is colorful and playful, this would be an amazing nickname for her.

Goddess – For a beautiful girl that’s the prettiest one you’ve ever seen, Goddess is the right choice.

Magic – To the girl that’s magically beautiful and amazing, this is the perfect nickname for her.

Peachy – To the little girl who’s upbeat and sees the bright side to every situation.

Raindrop – An emotional and loving nickname, for a girlfriend that you love the most. Raindrops make magic happen.

Sis – Great for a little sister and simple to use.

Smarty – For a little girl that always knows everything the best, this is a great nickname for her.

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How to choose the perfect nickname?

Nicknames for short girls and nicknames in general should be a description of a person in some way. Of course if you’re choosing a nickname for someone, make sure you know that person well and make sure that they’re a close friend or family member.

Of course you should always try to find something cute. That way you’ll be expressing your feelings for that person in some kind of caring way. However, if you’re not sure how the person will react or if you aren’t that close with them, try to find something simple and usable for every day and for everyone.

Also, it’s very important to make sure that the nickname isn‘t offensive or abusive. Put yourself in the place of the person you want to give the nickname to. If you realize someone isn‘t happy because of their height or in general doesn‘t love to have any nicknames, maybe it’s better to stay away from that idea.

In every other case, make sure you give someone a perfectly cute nickname that can be really unique and great for your closest one.

Be very careful about choosing one, because it will stay with that person for a long time.

Nicknames for short girls – conclusion

Nicknames are something that stays with a person for a big part of their lives. So when we choose nicknames for people, we should be very creative and it’s best to be unique. Short girls for sure have lots of descriptive nicknames that you can use to describe the person that you find sweet and little. Sometimes, from these examples can appear your own idea for a perfect nickname that you can use.

However, nicknames for short girls should be just as they are, short, sweet, unique, and lovely. Every short girl deserves sweetness. So, choose wisely, and make her feel cute and special. However, of course, make her laugh too.