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Paragraphs for your crush

Paragraphs for your crush

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Having a crush on someone and not knowing how to show or tell that person can sometimes be a problem. Paragraphs for your crush can help you to give you directions and ideas on how to tell your crush you really like them. Sometimes, you don’t have the bravery to tell someone that you like them. You’re afraid of rejection. However, it’s better to do it then to wonder the whole time what could be if you tell your crush that you like them. Don’t be weak.

Brave people are the ones who show their emotions and risk to get what they want. Fight with yourself if you want something. Most importantly, let the better one win. Life’s short so use every moment to show people what you feel because maybe that person feels the same way about you. You never know. If you have already made contact with your crush, that’s even better. Then you need to do some direct moves to show how you feel and what you feel.

Paragraphs to send to your crush

Here are some paragraphs for your crush that may work out and connect you with them. Try to express your feelings through these words.

“One of my wishes every day is to fall asleep as I’m talking with you on the phone, or texting you a sweet good night message. Every morning, I wake up hoping I have a message from you, or wanting to leave you a good morning text for when you wake up.”

“We’ve been friends for a while now, and I find myself really drawn to you. There’s just something that can’t be put precisely into words, but I feel like I love you. Not just as a friend, but I love you because we are such good friends. Does that make sense?”

“You know, I think perfection is made up. There are no perfect things, no perfect people. If you want to search for perfection, you’ll waste your time. What I like about you so much is that your flaws play nice with mine, and I’d be lucky if you wanted to be more than friends. So, what do you say?”

“My life can be stressful and annoying sometimes. I can feel overwhelmed, exhausted, like the weight of the world is on my shoulders and that’s how it’ll always be. However, when you’re near me, it’s like this great chasm in my soul is knit back together. You’re my healer.”

“You must surely be a wizard/witch, because the spell you cast over me since we met just doesn’t seem to go away. I only want to meet up with you and stay up late to continue our conversations on & on into the night. I have no desire for this spell to end either.”

Quote about crush - paragraphs for your crush

You and your crush – How to connect that?

Paragraphs for your crush can be a perfect answer, but lots of things are involved too. There needs to be chemistry between you two and both-sided sympathy. You’re going to find out when you send one of those risky texts. In the end, you will know if it was worth it. Cute paragraphs for your crush and beautiful smile that puts a smile on your face too. Love paragraphs and love stories need to start out somewhere. Billions of people smile and laugh but your heart skips a beat when your true love arrives. The best person in the world for you. To close my eyes after a long time and enjoy the moment. Long paragraph for my crush and beautiful soul that my crush has.

“Your jokes must be the funniest things I’ve heard in my life. Not because they’re good, but because they’re really bad. However, that’s exactly why I love them. That’s exactly why I love you. You can make me laugh when no one else can, in your own unique way.”

“I realized that I love you. I know this might sound very sudden and strange, but I’m certain of it. How? I have no issue sharing my things and life with you. I’m ok with watching movies I don’t necessarily like if we’re together. You can eat all of my french fries and I don’t care. I know I can tell you anything, and you’ll keep it secret. Do you feel the same?”

“You looked so beautiful the last time I saw you and now I can’t get your face out of my mind. Your sweetness has left a lasting impression on me. I can’t wait until I can see you and look into your beautiful eyes again.”

“When I first met you, I never thought that I would fall in love. I wasn’t looking for love and I didn’t expect to have the feeling that I do for you. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I know that my life will never be the same as it was before you walked into it.”

Melt love poems for her
Melt love poems for her

Cute paragraphs to make your crush become interested in you

Paragraphs for your crush can tell your crush that they should start feeling something. The best way is to start feeling butterflies as you do. However, try to do it in a way so you can know you’re doing the right thing.

“I have never believed in perfection. I believe in reality and balance. I never believed that I would find the perfect person, but now that I know you, I believe that you’re perfect for me. Your amazing personality is more than what I could ever dream up, yet here you are in my reality. The few flaws you do have, are what makes you perfect because they go hand in hand with mine!

“You are like a magician who has cast a spell over my heart. Now it’s only your face I want to see and only your voice I want to hear. The crazy thing is that this spell makes me so happy, I don’t want to ever be free.”

“I wish I could write a love song for you, but I’m not a writer. I wish I could sing you a love song, but I’m not a singer. So maybe I can be your love song and make you feel all the notes of affection I have for you.”

“There’s just something about your presence that makes me feel so at ease. I don’t know what it is exactly. Just talking to you and being around you’s enough to make any bad day better. Your radiant smile and your infectious laugh make me feel so lighthearted that I can’t help but feel uplifted. I can only hope to do the same for you one day.”

Falling in love quotes – let the feelings overwhelm you

Falling in love

To have a crush on someone is a really sweet thing. Even if you’re an adult. Those butterflies really can make a person happy. However, the energy of attraction can sometimes work in a different way than what we want. There can come disappointment, but remember if someone doesn’t like you back it’s because someone better will. Don’t feel bad or sad if you don’t get affection back. There could be someone for sure who will like you back. If your crush likes you back, then that’s great news! You’re a lucky person, but you also need to work on your communication if you want to transform it into something bigger. Paragraphs for your crush can start to connect you with the person who you really like. Everything else is a game of attraction, communication, and love. That’s something that just happens or not.