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Rules For Dating My Daughter

Rules For Dating My Daughter

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Every father has a special bond with his daughter, so he makes “rules for dating my daughter” in his head since her birth. Not every father’s super strict, but every one of them wants his daughter to be respected first and foremost.

What are the rules for dating my daughter?

You will be asked a lot of questions by your girlfriend’s father. He will try to discover what kind of boy you are before you spend time with his daughter if you want to date her. Also, he will bombard you with questions and make certain you understand how unique his baby is. Although all dads are different, here are some common things that will make sure you understand.

She’s not your property

One of the most important rules for dating my daughter is you should know at every moment that she isn’t your property. Her dad will inform you that she’s not an object that you own but rather his daughter before anything else.

Rules for dating my daughter
Every dad

Treat her like a lady

If you want to spend time with my daughter, you must treat her with respect. This is another thing that her father wants you to know. So, open the door for her, compliment her, pull the chair out for her at the table and don’t let your britches slip so low that we all have to look at your underwear band. Believe me when I say that good etiquette will help you get on her good side, as well as her fathers.

She won’t be your ATM

Rule number two when dating my daughter is that she’s not your ATM. If she loves you unconditionally, don’t use her love to manipulate her to finance you. Odds are that she has been working for so long to achieve what she wanted and to become who she is today. Her father I won’t allow her to finance a lazy man. Get a job and keep it, or he will make you go away from her.

Don’t touch his daughter in front of him

In front of her father, you don’t touch his daughter. You’re free to look at her as long as you don’t look below her neck. Be sure that he will take your eyes and hands away from his daughter’s body if you can’t keep them off her.

Dress properly

I understand that it’s trendy for males your age to wear their pants so carelessly that they look to fall off their hips. However, most parents don’t. This could include your girlfriend’s father. Therefore, when you arrive at their door, dress sharp.  Don’t dress as though you’re going to basketball practice. Make sure your clothes fit properly and that we aren’t seeing any parts of your body that aren’t supposed to be visible.

No lies allowed

Don’t deceive him. He may come across as a potbellied, bald, middle-aged man but when it comes to his kid, he’s the wisest person in the room. You only have one chance to tell him the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth if he asks where you’re going and with whom. Don’t mess with him.

You’re only dating his daughter, not other girls

One of the main rules for dating my daughter is this one. Remember it! After you’ve gone out with his young girl, you won’t date anybody else until she’s finished with you. He’ll make you cry if you make her cry.

Be aware of what you’re texting her because he may read it

It’s not that he’s obnoxious or rude. If his daughter’s phone appears to be on the table and He see she’s received a text, he might look at it. As a result, be sure you’re okay with him viewing what you’re sending.

School is the priority

Sure, his daughter is entertaining, but she’s also a student. Many fathers want their kids to do great academically before they go have fun. On a school night, that means she won’t accompany you to the mall, the movies, or dinner. Remember, education before fun.

Be punctual

When it comes to rules for dating my daughter, this is an important one. Please don’t arrive 10 minutes late at her driveway. When you can’t maintain time, how can you expect to be taken seriously? You must be on time if you’re taking his daughter out or have made arrangements to meet her elsewhere. Being a man of your word necessitates this. While we’re at it, act as if you care about making a good first impression when you do arrive.

No alcohol

The main reason this is such an important guideline for dating my daughter is that if you’re driving her someplace, You and him want to ensure she’s as safe as possible. Alcohol has varied effects on different people, and it’s easy to lose track of how drunk you are. If you’re driving her somewhere, don’t drink.

Follow her to the door

Whether you pick her up from her house or drop her off, make sure she gets to the door. Make sure that she enters safely. This is related to gallantry. It’s another one of my daughter’s chivalry-related dating guidelines. In dating, chivalry looks to be on the decline. Don’t be fooled. It will always make you stand out to a woman, and her dad. He will value it and you as a result of this.

4 rules of dating my daughter

Why do I have rules for dating my daughter?

If you follow these rules for dating my daughter, you will show her entire family that you respect her and all of her relatives. These aren’t some huge rules that are hard for you to follow. These are some simple rules that many parents set concerning their kid’s partners. If you’re unable to follow these rules, you can be sure you won’t be able to date his daughter.