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Selfish parents quotes – How to get out of a bad situation?

Selfish parents quotes – How to get out of a bad situation?

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Selfish parents’ quotes are here to be your support in your ever-changing life. A parent’s method of raising their children can affect their children’s mental processes. An environment where a kid doesn’t feel accepted but wants to feel accepted can negatively impact them. Selfish parents don’t need to be toxic, it depends on which way they’re selfish. If that includes only material things, it isn’t so “damaging” as emotional selfishness, which means they don’t care about children’s feelings. Unselfishness that parents love can give to you, intensity and unselfishness. Parents love their children unconditionally, parents forgive their children everything. Faults they themselves instilled readily for the faults can children least readily.

Parents insecurities quotes

Here are some selfish parents quotes that talk about negative things they do daily and how it affects their children.

“Respond to your children with love in their worst moments, their broken moments, their angry moments, and their selfish moments because it is in their most unlovable human moments that they most need to feel loved.” – Unknown

“It hurts to have a child removed from you for no reason at all. But think about the pain of the child who is being used to hurt you. Now that’s painful.” – Unknown

“But who’s going to take care of you when you’re older? I’m not selfish. I’m going to bring someone into this world just so they can take care of me.” – Unknown

“If all the people in this world, in which we live, were as selfish as a few of the people in this world, in which we live, there would be no world in which to live.” – Unknown

“Sometimes you don’t need to hear their excuses or what they have to say for themselves because their actions already spoke the truth.” – Unknown

“Selfish people lose so much in life because even when they realize they are wrong, they don’t know how to ask for forgiveness or show regrets.” – Unknown

“It is the selfish parents who are to blame. Pay attention, be involved in your children’s lives. They are your legacy, your only hope.” – Aaron B. Powell

“All parents believe their children can do the impossible. They thought it the minute we were born, and no matter how hard we’ve tried to prove them wrong, they all think about us now. And the really annoying thing is, they’re probably right.” – Unknown

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Selfishness and loss of understanding

Selfish parents’ quotes are also reminders for parents. It’s hard to be a parent because it’s hard to think objectively. To be a parent is the toughest job in the world. Some things you need to fix, but some things you need to understand. If you try, everything will come into its place.

“Instead of treating your child like how you were treated. Treat them with the same love and attention you wanted from your parents while growing up.” – Unknown

“I don’t need a reason to exist, and I don’t need anyone’s permission to exist. I’m the warrant, as well as the sentence.” – Unknown

“What’s so sad is when we’re younger, if you have a bad parent, that is normal to you and that’s what you think of as healthy.” – Jennifer Lawrence

“Too bad for any parent who has become accustomed to ruling by force, because at some point the kids just get too big to slap around.” – Barbara Ehrenreich

“Permissiveness is the principle of treating children as if they were adults; and the tactic of making sure they never reach that stage.” – Thomas Szasz

“Having a child who is struggling doesn’t make you a bad parent, just as being a child who is struggling doesn’t make your child a bad kid.” – Ann Douglas

“I think there’s a lot of anxiety about being seen as a bad parent. There’s still a lot of subjects that I think people aren’t entirely comfortable being honest about.” – Adam Mansbach

“Leave your pride, ego, and narcissism somewhere else. Reactions from those parts of you will reinforce your children’s most primitive fears.” – Henry Cloud

These are signs someone was raised by narcissist


“In the narcisstic parent’s eyes, they do no wrong nor do they feel they should be held accountable for the bad and wrong things that they have done.” –  Katherine Childress

“Some scars don’t hurt, some scars are numb, some scars rid you of the capacity to feel anything ever again.” – Joyce Rachelle

“To all you parents out there, don’t make your little girls, or little boys, so thirsty for love that they will want to drink water that will poison them.” – Lisa Bedrick

“No child should ever have to bear the burden of parenting their own parents. To toxic parents, you existed to serve them all the time.” – Kim Saeed

“The toxic parent sees the child as a threat to their own ego and having the child overshadow the parent is not an option in their mind.” – Shannon Thomas

“Dysfunctional parents let their children know how burdened they have been by their children and how many sacrifices they had to make in order to raise them.” – Dr. Marita Sirota

“The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.” – Jim Morrison

“Boys want to grow up to be like their male role models. And boys who grow up in homes with absent fathers search the hardest to figure out what it means to be male.” – Geoffrey Canada

“That always seemed to be the most critical test that a child was confronted with – loss of parents, loss of direction, loss of love. Can you live without a mother and a father?” – Maurice Sendak

Toxic family quotes
Toxic family quotes

Parenting and being a child

To be a great parent means to leave your traumas from childhood. To get over things that hurt you. Every person who’s negative, toxic or even violent acts this way out of their own sadness and pain. Leave that pain, work on it. Don’t just stress out over someone else. Put yourself in a child’s position. Children need love, they need attention, and they need understanding. To be strict and mean means to create a frustrated, angry, sad and anxious person.

It can leave really big emotional scars on children. Selfish parents quotes talk about this harmful cycle. Don’t let your experience as a parent pass in a toxic mood. Don’t let your children start to hate you. This will cause distance in your relationship with your kids. Work on your communication and fix things as much as possible. For children, try to talk to your parents and show them your dissatisfaction. Give resistance. Don’t let someone’s bad thoughts hurt you.

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