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Setting Boundaries With Your Boss – How to Stick to Your Guns!

Setting Boundaries With Your Boss – How to Stick to Your Guns!

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Happy, respected and content employees are in most cases those who set boundaries at work. Setting boundaries with your boss, as well as your colleges is the base of a good professional relationship. You must make sure you are respected in your workspace so that no one takes advantage of your good faith.   

However, not everyone is lucky enough for that job to be easy. Difficult bosses, hostile colleges, and complicated overall environment are some of the common Workplace Stressors. And work stress can become a major problem, both psychologically and physically. Do you have Signs of work related stress

Setting Boundaries at Work – Start Early!   

The ideal scenario – set boundaries in the workplace from day one. But, if you’re a late bloomer, stuck in the job for a while now, don’t worry. It’s never too late to do the right thing. Just start the change in your behavior and stick to your guns. You can do it gradually or make a clean cut.  

What is important – once you set a boundary, never cross it.   

You have to keep in mind that every job is perfectly defined and delimited from the day you are hired. That contract defines exactly the task you must perform. Obviously this description is in writing, so there is no doubt about it.  

That’s why every time you feel you are being given tasks that are not your responsibility, simply remind your boss what your contract describes in writing. If your boss is used to you doing the work you don’t need to, let him/her know that that is coming to an end.     

Setting Boundaries With Your Boss – 5 tips to try!

Many people have a hard time at work because they have a troublesome boss who does not approach his employees with enough respect and good manners. Although it may seem difficult, setting boundaries with your boss is very possible. Here are some good ideas to have a good time at your workplace even if sometimes the environment becomes hostile

You will not be manipulated by anyone! 

Maintaining a healthy distance  

You should behave nicely, be polite, precise and professional to your boss, but at the same time be aloof. Limit conversation. Keep busy – and appear busy. Stay cool, calm and collected. 

Problematic bosses can generate a lot of negative emotions such as anger and sadness in employees. Don’t let it get to you. You are not alone. When you are in front of him/her, you should control those emotions as much as possible and remain cool and light. In that way, you are sending the right signals: you are someone respectable, who does not allow him/herself to be dominated by negative emotions, you will not be manipulated by anyone.   

Remind your boss what your specific tasks are

If your boss assigns you a task that does not correspond to you, you should remind him/her that your contract does not include the tasks he/she is asking for. Your tasks are different. This conversation should be polite, but you should stand firm on your position.  

Explain to him/her that it is necessary to respect the written contract of each employee so that the company can work in harmony. Setting boundaries at work is a decision worth making because in the long run, everyone benefits.

setting boundaries with your boss - setting boundaries at work
Setting Boundaries With Your Boss – a way to a better professional relationship

Encourage yourself to express your discomfort

Stress and Anxiety are just some of the signs of work-related stress. Many people suffer because they have a bad time at work because they have a problematic boss and the atmosphere in the office is clearly negative. Despite this, employees do not express their discontent for fear of losing their jobs. It should be noted that all employees are protected by a written contract that sets out everything. Each employee must enforce that contract, firmly and respectfully. Don’t be afraid to express your discomfort and seek solutions for concrete problems you encounter. 

Setting Boundaries With Your Boss: Be Assertive

Setting boundaries with your boss and your colleges is impossible if you’re not at least somewhat assertive. This means standing up for your opinions and your rights, without offending anyone. This is the best way to assert yourself and set boundaries in the workplace. Everyone will understand and accept your position, so you will avoid conflicts with your boss and your co-workers.

Think before you speak

The working environment must always be respected. Therefore, before issuing any opinion, it is advisable to think carefully about what is going to be said, as there may be different interpretations and confusion. Remember that taking care of your words is a way of making you respect everyone.

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