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Signs a woman wants to sleep with you

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you

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Here are some signs a woman wants to sleep with you, the obvious ones and those who aren’t that visible. Women have many tactics when it comes to getting what they want. Yes, the same goes for men but men and women don’t think the same way. There’s a big difference between men’s and women’s brains. So, if you want to know if she wants to sleep with you, watch the signs that she shows you. It’s mostly a subtle touch, look, or the words she’s using during the conversation.

#1 Listen to what she says

One of the biggest signs that a woman wants to sleep with you is through her words. Women, when in love, don’t think very much with “their head”. She will compliment you on your appearance, what you said, or something like that. Also, she will start the conversation about intimate topics. On the other hand, if she doesn’t jump into intimate topics right away, she will slowly get there later on in the conversation by bringing up sexy topics. If you notice this in your partner’s communication, that is a big sign that she wants to sleep with you. She is probably sexually attracted, and her sex life is on to you. To be sexually interested means to have sexual tension with another person and don’t get in a friend zone.

#2 Look at her clothes

A woman knows what to wear to get what she wants. Remember that! If she’s wearing provocative clothes, that means she wants to sleep with you or to be intimate with you. If a woman only wants to talk with you, she will wear something decent. So pay attention to what she’s wearing. Clothes can be a big sign. As a side note, your clothes can also send messages, so be careful what you wear on your date. She will show you her sexual desires with her clothes. If she licks her lips she is probably sexually interested in you and she is showing interest.

#3 Is she touching you?

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you, can be through physical contact too. If she includes touching with another sign from this list, that’s for sure a hint that she wants to sleep with you. So if she’s getting really close to you and starts to touch you, especially if she touches you in intimate areas, that’s a big sign, and if she whispers in your ear. The most common areas that a woman will touch when she wants to sleep with someone are the chest and legs. It’s a sign that she’s really close to you, emotionally and physically. How many hugs do you need a day? Well, hugs are also beautiful physical contact that shows attachment between two people.

Couple in bed laughing - signs a woman wants to sleep with you

#4 Is she giving you a passionate kiss?

Imagine this scenario. you were on a date but now it’s time to say goodbye. At this moment, does she start to kiss you passionately? If so, that’s a sign of attachment and passion. So it will likely lead to the bed. If you get that kind of kiss, know that behind it, stands a wish to sleep with you. Also, if you feel the same, then give that passionate kiss back. Women feel everything as they have great intuition. So, if you have the same intentions, show her that with a kiss, bite her lips and make the atmosphere flamy.

#5 She invites you to her place

Signs a woman wants to sleep with you can come in many forms. It can be with body language, the way she speaks, how she is kissing you, and so on. However, the biggest sign is when she invites you to her place. For sure she has some deeper intention if she invites you over. Also, women aren’t known to invite just anyone to their place, so it means she trusts you and she feels comfortable with you. As well, this means she wants to spend extra time with you. For sure it can involve sleeping with you. However, sometimes when a woman invites someone over to their place, it’s not with the intention to sleep with them. Therefore, be careful. Make sure that this sign involves some of the other signs on this list to ensure what her intentions are.

#6 She wants to be alone with you

In many situations, if a woman isn’t interested in you, she will avoid being alone with you. Also, she will avoid any conversation that involves intimate topics. She won’t make eye contact with you either. So if she’s staring at you and she wants to be alone with you, it’s a sign she wants something deeper with you. Like the previous sign, this one means that she wants to sleep with you only if it occurs with some of the other signs on this list.

Woman sleeping in bed - signs a woman wants to sleep with you

#7 She will ask you

Women are mostly direct about everything. Their feelings, their thoughts and everything else. They will directly ask you or tell you what’s on their mind. If she wants to sleep with you, sometimes, she will ask you directly. That’s maybe the best thing to do. To talk about everything and solve everything with communication is always the best option. Don’t be shy to speak about it. Of course, it depends on your wishes and what you want. However, with a conversation, you can tell if you’re interested in her or not. That’s the best thing, because you will erase your doubts if you have them. You can also do it in a funny way, like funny first date questions. So there won’t be any more unclear signals or thinking about what’s on her mind. As well, you will know what your feelings are too.

When in doubt, talk it out

If you aren’t sure about any of these signs, then it’s best to start a conversation. With a conversation, everything can be clearer. If you aren’t sure about someone’s intentions, then it’s best to simply ask them what they are. It’s even better to talk about it in more depth. You will create the impression that you care and that you’re capable of talking about everything and finding solutions to problems. Signs a woman wants to sleep with you can be plentiful, but they can be sent unintentionally too. So to avoid uncomfortable situations, it’s best to start the conversation about it to make everything clear.

Cuddle quotes
Cuddle quotes

What does she want?

If there’s an attraction between you two, you can feel it after a couple of dates. Yes, you can feel it the first time you go out with her too. That’s just something naturally that happens immediately. However,  it’s not the sign of falling in love. Immediate emotions aren’t connected with feelings for a long term relationship. So be careful and keep that on your mind. Also, be careful about the other’s feelings.

Women mostly want to sleep with someone with whom they’re in love with. So if you don’t feel something for that girl, then you will only hurt her if you lead her on. So, avoid relationships and connections with girls with whom you aren’t deeply interested in. Also, it can hurt you and your perception of love life and relationships if you do this. The best signs a woman wants to sleep with you is that she’s in love with you, she cares for you, and there’s an attraction between you two.