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Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

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Sometimes, you come to a phase in a relationship when you see many signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you. You might feel the same way about him and your relationship. Or, on the other hand, you don’t want your relationship to end. Regardless, in both cases you don’t understand what’s going on with him. He still makes you happy, but it’s also frustrating not knowing what his true intentions are. You think about the future but it’s bittersweet because he’s the one who has never mentioned ending the relationship before. If you’re struggling to find out what’s his problem, here are the most common signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you anymore.

The most common signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you

He doesn’t have time to hang out with you

No human on Earth isn’t busy during the day, but it’s not possible to be busy for the whole day, especially when it comes to important people in your life. When someone means so much to you, you will find some time to spend together. Almost every man has some kind of hobby besides his job, ambitions, family, friends, and everything else. With all of these obligations, time spent with you can relax him and make him happy. So, if he’s avoiding you and telling you he’s busy all the time, it’s one of the giant signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you. Of course, there are a lot of psycho girls who try to control their men all the time and won’t let them do their job. If you’re not one of them, his behavior’s a problem for your relationship. Remember, no one’s that busy, you’re just not his priority.

He’s emotionally unavailable

You two have a great time together and as time passes, you feel better with him. However, then you stop feeling any energy or attention that he used to put into your relationship when the two of you started dating. He doesn’t listen to you and he’s not interested if you ask him any questions. He talks to you, and a few seconds later he just switches off. Of course, it’s frustrating to you. You realize that this is happening and you ask yourself if this is one of the signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you. If so, then, why doesn’t he tell you? If you think that it’s only getting worse when it comes to your conversation, talk with him, and ask what’s the problem.

Signs he doesn't want a relationship with you
Don’t waste your time

Signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you – He starts following new girls on social media every day

Nowadays, social media’s the perfect place to meet someone new and flirt with them. There isn’t anything wrong if a single guy follows a lot of pretty girls because he doesn’t have the responsibility to be devoted to anyone else at the moment. For this guy, there isn’t anything wrong if he engages in this. However, if your boyfriend does this, shows more attention to some random girls on social media, liking their pictures, texting them, and so on, it’s a red flag that you have to end your relationship with him!

He’s not interested in meeting your friends and family

If the two of you have been in a relationship for quite a long time, it’s normal that you want him to meet your family and friends. If he’s not interested and doesn’t develop an actual connection with you, he will tell you that it’s ridiculous to meet your family and friends. Only a man who’s planning a future with you will be interested to meet all the other people in your life who mean a lot to you. Be careful though. Sometimes it’s only a temporary fear of the first impression that makes your boyfriend act this way. On the other hand, if he shows disinterest and delays your suggestion for a long time, you can be sure that he’s not interested in making progress in the relationship that he’s in with you.

He’s only there when he needs something from you

If you’re looking for signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you, this one’s the most reliable. You get many calls from him but realize he only calls you when he needs someone to do something for him. He never calls to ask you how you are, did you have a good day, do you have anything new to tell him, etc. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you want to include your partner in your everyday activity.

Signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you – He doesn’t respect your plans

If he doesn’t understand when you tell him you can hang out at 8 pm instead of 6 pm because you’re busy, he doesn’t take you seriously. If these little things happen, you can expect many other problems in the future. When you wait for him for hours or he doesn’t show any respect for your obligations, he’s not the right person for you. How could your relationship progress if he continues to sabotage your time and prioritize his job and plans every time you plan something? You should be aware that it’s okay to be busy sometimes. However, it’s not okay to give you his word on doing something together and then canceling it at the last moment, or being late for hours.

He gets nervous if you look at his phone

Not going to lie, all girls have been snooping on her boyfriend’s phone sometimes. Is it okay? Well, not really, especially if the two of you have been together for a long time and trust each other. However, sometimes, our intuition tells us something’s wrong, and guess what? It turns out true sometimes.  If you’re joking around with his phone, did you see any flirty messages from other people? Did you notice that he gets nervous every time you’re close to his phone? He would panic and get mad. Is he hiding something? If this continues, you have to ask him and put all cards on the table. Tell him he’s giving you signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you. If it matters to him, he will explain his behavior.

He forgets everything you tell him

It’s clear that boys don’t keep up with all the details in their conversations. It’s their nature. However, it’s not understandable when he forgets something when you put much effort to tell every detail to him. If he doesn’t have any interest in your stories and he only cares about what the two of you do in the bedroom, it’s clear you have to end this relationship.When a guy cares about you, he will remember every single detail you told him. Think about it and compare your expectations and reality.

You’re full of negative energy ever since the two of you have been together

You love him, you wanted to be with him for a long time, but now you realize you’re not the same person anymore. If you waited for so long to be in a relationship with him, it’s possible that you have become emotionally drained and exhausted. You realize that after all this time of fighting for him, it’s not something you imagined. Even if you love him, it’s obvious it’s not going to work if you’re constantly feeling anxious and wondering if you did the right thing.

He told you he doesn’t want to be with you

Remember, everything men say, they mean it! Don’t believe him when he tells you he didn’t mean it and said it because he was angry. When you love someone, even when you fight, you don’t think about the breakup. This is especially true for men. This is one of the most obvious signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you. If this happens, don’t be miserable and beg him to stay in a relationship with you. End it as soon as possible!

Signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you – You have to know when to leave

The longer you stay in a toxic relationship, there’s a lesser chance that you will be happy. Every relationship has its good times and bad times. However, if you’re constantly feeling hurt, and the things between the two of you keep escalating, be sure that it’s better for you to end it as soon as possible. For sure, it’s not easy to end something you used to enjoy, but if it’s not okay for a long time, why would you do that to yourself? Remember, you can’t continue building a relationship on memories. The conversation between the two of you will not be easy if you decide to end a relationship, but be brave and do it. Don’t accept any lame excuse for his bad behavior.

Signs he’s not serious about you

To sum up…

If you face any of these signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you, think wisely. Think about your feelings. It will be hard to forget him, but it will be harder to stay in a toxic relationship that doesn’t have any future! It’s up to you!

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