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Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

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Abuse is present in life and we need to be aware of signs of an abusive relationship. Anyone can be a victim of abuse. This can include your friends, family, and neighbors. However, you can also be a victim of abuse. Abuse can affect you physically and mentally. Although, no matter what type of abuse you are put through, both are bad and it’s hard to get away in either situation.

Regardless of the difficulty, it’s important to face the problems you have and try to find a solution.  The problem is when you don’t see signs to walk away or to try to find help. It’s bad if you keep everything to yourself. By doing this, the abusive person has power over you. You need to share your problem with somebody because, often, other people won’t see that you are in an abusive relationship. However, make sure that this person that you choose to confine in can be trusted. You can also visit a psychologist to get a piece of constructive advice. There is always someone who loves you. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and see if you are in an abusive relationship or signs of abuse.

Everything in life can be solved. You don’t deserve to be treated in a bad way by anyone. You deserve respect, love, understanding, kindness, and happiness.  Nobody deserves to be sad every day, to be beaten every day, to be scared, alone or hurt. You need to fight for yourself and against violence. Nobody can do it for you, but you. If you don’t have the courage to stand up for yourself, things will get only worse.

Abusive Relationship Cycle

Signs of an abusive relationship can be in the form of an abusive relationship cycle. It is formed in the four stages of building tension, an incident of abuse, reconciliation, and calm.

Abused woman crying - signs of an abusive relationship

Building Tension

An abusive person can create tension which ends up being felt by you. This leads you to have a feeling of insecurity. An abusive person might do this for many reasons. They do it because of everyday things, work, family problems, and so on. You feel fear. As well, you feel like all fault is on you. When you start to think that it’s your fault, they make it seem like they are the victim when, in actuality, you are. Sometimes family members don’t recognize physical abuse, emotional abuse. They don’t see your abusive partner who ruins your mental health.

Incident Of Abuse

The next stage takes the form of an incident of abuse and is one of the biggest signs and one of the warning signs of an abusive relationship. This incident of abuse can be physical violence, mental violence, or sexual abuse. An abusive person will create a situation that seems like it is your fault because you get them angry and they act out in response. It’s a classic example of manipulation to make themselves victims and to make you feel bad, for every response is walking on eggshells. They will use the situation to turn all things against you, don’t feel afraid to stand up for yourself. Domestic abuse is also one of the incident, but not in purposes only for making you feel bad, sometimes its healing their own insecurities.


After that comes reconciliation. This is where an abusive person will get you some small gifts to apologize. They will do anything to apologize and to create a feeling that they would never do it again.


The last step in this cycle is a fake sense of calm. The abusive person will blame the situation, somebody else, or even you because of the incident. They will find a hundred excuses. They often manipulate your mind so you trust their words and you don’t see the real picture.

This cycle can be repeated over and over. The problem is that the cycle will be repeated until you do something. It’s important to recognize it on time and try to get out of it.

Abused woman with Love shouldn't hurt written on the back - Signs of an abusive relationship

How To Leave An Abusive Relationship

If you are sure your partner is abusive and you aren’t happy in that relationship, then it’s time to leave. Prepare yourself. Find things to love about yourself, you deserve it! Prepare yourself for good things who owes healthy relationships. Domestic violence and controlling behavior are sometimes invisible and it’s hard to see them, especially if your partner is a pretty good manipulator. Take your time to talk to yourself and listen to your feelings and heart. Emotionally abusive relationships, even if you met at work or school can be national domestic.

Find Support

The first step is to find support if you notice signs of an abusive relationship. This could be in the form of a trusted loved one. This trusted loved one could be your mother, father, sister, friend, or somebody else who will understand you. Talk to them, tell them how you feel and tell them what is going on. They will help you to get away from a relationship like that. Especially if you are a victim of physical violence, sexual abuse or abusive behavior from an abusive person. Prepare yourself for leaving an abusive relationship. Maybe find support in friend family.

Get Strong

After that, strengthen yourself mentally and emotionally. Talk to yourself to make it clear you want to leave that situation. Make it clear that you don’t want the agony that comes with being in your current abusive relationship. Separate yourself from your partner first in your head, then in your life. Can we train ourselves to be happy? Sure we do, make it from today.

Please note that it’s not easy to do steps like this, especially if you have children. You need to have the courage to take your life into your hands. Maybe it’s hard at the beginning, but as time goes on it will be better and you will be a happier person. Sometimes our own mind is the one who stops us from doing the correct thing. Don’t let the fear overwhelm you. You are brave enough to fight for yourself and for the people you love. Give yourself a chance to live a happy life, because you deserve that. Always be a friend to yourself and always love yourself first. That’s how you are able to love others.

Man's hand pointing up - Signs of an abusive relationship

You Deserve The Best!

If you are in a situation where you are the victim of abusive behavior in a relationship, then you need to fight for yourself. Everything is possible if you are willing to change. You need to be willing to change your life and your mindset. Break free from stress and live in the moment, happiness is just around the corner.

Sadness is a slow killer. Every ounce of sadness that you keep inside kills you slowly. You should never feel sad, unhappy, or scared.

 Never put your life in the hands of those who don’t love you enough. As well, don’t let emotions control your relationship. There should always be logic inside every human relationship. If you can’t talk with your partner about problems, if you can’t tell or show how you feel, if you feel scared to tell your partner something, then something isn’t good in your relationship. Every time your partner yells at you in public, every time your partner calls you by bad names or even hits you, that is a red flag. You need to think about that, to figure out if you want to be in a relationship like that.

Love is something beautiful and that means that you need to be happy, because love makes you happy. Love isn’t a sad thing, love isn’t hurting others, love isn’t crying, love isn’t fear. It’s a hard and big process to build a healthy relationship. But that’s a job for two, not for one person. If you are doing your best, but your partner doesn’t do the same, then you are the only one who is in that relationship. Learn to love yourself. Learn that you have value, that you are important too. If your decision is to leave, then do it. You have what it takes to be happy alone. Recognize signs of an abusive relationship. Work on yourself, be the best version of you, and most importantly, be happy.