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Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

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The day has come when you’ve meet your soulmate and want to know the signs that they’re your soulmate. We’re telepathically connected with our soulmates stronger than we’re connected with all the other people in the world. Everyone believes that they have met a soulmate at least once and that there are “small signals” that support this belief. You find out that someone’s your soulmate when the two of you seem to click at the oddest and most unexpected moment. Here are 10 clear signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

  • You dream about them almost every night

While it’s true that dreams are largely controlled by your subconscious (which is obsessed with your soulmate), it could also be a sign that your soulmate is thinking of you. Being kindred spirits, the two of you are connected by the same energy. This  means it makes sense to dream about your soul mate when they think of you.

  • You notice signs of love all around you

You’ve never felt so in love before as you do now. When you meet a couple outside, you no longer frown and even admire and want to have someone by your side. More than ever you have desire to listen to love songs and have frequent mood swings.

  • You receive calls and texts from them randomly

The moment you think of your soulmate, you hear that sound! A message or call from them. Another proof that you think of each other at the same time. Also, when you hear their voice, sleep will surely be more pleasant.

Signs your soulmate is thinking of you 
Receive calls and texts from them randomly
  • Feeling a strong connection to that person

It doesn’t matter if you’re in their presence or not, you will feel a very tangible sense soul connections. A state that can only be defined as a feeling of complete security in their presence. It’s like they already know everything that’s happening to you right now.

  • Working on yourself while in a relationship

A soulmate has awakened in you a great desire to progress in every sphere in your life. To become a better version of yourself so that your partner would be better and feel happy with you. Mainly, you want to work on yourself more because of the person you love.

  • You imagine the future with that person

Even if the two of you aren’t necessarily in a relationship right now, you might just think about what the future would look like with that person. You’re at the stage when you think about how you live with your soulmate, how you want a future with them, and you imagine your wedding.

You imagine the future with that person
  • You’re clear about your life’s goal

Not only the goal of marrying your soulmate, but also the goals related to you and your career, what you think is your destiny, and your purpose. Even if you’re not completely sure (let’s be honest, no one is), at least you’ll have a sense of clarity in your near future.

  • Feel some special energy

Have you ever felt a spike in energy that suddenly makes you want to go on a run? You feel butterflies in your stomach and You feel good and feel positive energy every day. Not even a traffic jam can annoy you. Suddenly feeling positive vibe enough to take on the world’s most difficult workout is a sign your soulmate is in your life.

  • You want to be with your soulmate every day

How many times a day do you think: I would like them to sit there and to go through everything with me? How many times do you have a sudden urge to be with them? If this happens to you often, you don’t have to ask yourself the following question; “Are they my soulmate?” You certainly have the answer to this question.The reason you have this uncontrollable desire to see them is that they feel the same way.

  • They surprise you

Surprising each other’s the ultimate sign of a strong relationship and unconditional true love. There are many ways a soulmate can show you that they’re thinking of you. Unexpected phone calls, a thoughtful gift, or an escape for the weekend means just one thing. Your soulmate is thinking of you. If it weren’t so, they wouldn’t “bother” you so often. The shivering happens for a variety of reasons. However, if you’re not cold, scared, or overwhelmed with intense emotions and shivering, it could be because someone special’s thinking of you.

You and your soulmate 
They surprise you

You and your soulmate

One of the biggest signs that they’re your soulmate is the feeling that you’re strongly connected to your true self. You accept your strangeness and shortcomings. You’ve stopped striving for perfection and you’re aware that it doesn’t exist. Instead, you’re focused on becoming the best version of yourself and working on yourself while in a relationship.  You love yourself as you are and you’re not trying to be something you’re not. Indeed, the moment we fall in love with ourselves is the moment we become able to receive the gift of connecting with our soulmate. Good luck!