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Signs Your Twin Flame Is Communicating With You

Signs Your Twin Flame Is Communicating With You

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Have you ever thought about signs your twin flame is communicating with you? Have you ever had such a strong connection with someone? When you’re with that person, your entire body feels as if it’s physically vibrating with desire. In comparison to other relationships, it’s a distinct and uncommon sensation.

Even after being apart for some time, despite being with a variety of people, despite heightened emotions and many disagreements, that feeling and connection persists.  You can’t deny it, the connection between you two is unstoppable.


Uncovering emotions might be frightening since facing them is difficult, but a twin flame can help you overcome them. As well, the vice versa goes the same with your twin flame. If you still struggle with realizing the signs your twin flame is communicating with you, keep reading. You will find everything you need to know, for sure. Let your twin flame journey begin.

Signs your twin flame is communicating with you – How do you tell if your twin flame is thinking of you?

Have you ever heard that a soul gets split into two bodies? Well, that makes sense, right? When you think that there’s no one else on this Earth who has the same fears or insecurities, remember that there’s a soul that feels the same way and will unite with you one day.

Even though you don’t have to be with your twin flame since birth, be sure that it’s meant for the two of you to get together.

Signs your twin flame is thinking of you

Your twin flame shows up in your dreams – a twin flame relationship

This is one of the most common signs your twin flame is thinking of you. Here’s the thing, you dream a lot and there’s that one person that keeps showing up in your dreams even though they don’t seem familiar to you.


Do you feel like you’ve known that person for your whole life? Do you feel sad because you don’t get the chance to meet that person in real life? If this keeps happening to you, it’s most likely that the presence you felt in your dreams is your twin flame.

This may sound weird and unreal, but there’s a huge chance that you have shared the same dream with your twin flame at some point. Why does this happen? Well, while you sleep, your body is much more relaxed and your soul is easier to connect with your twin flame’s soul.

If dreaming about “that one person” keeps repeating, take it as a sign that you’ll meet your twin flame soon.

You feel a deep connection with someone you just met

You’re not that kind of person who gets on very well when being introduced to new people, but is there that one person that you instantly liked when you first met them? If you can’t explain to yourself why you’re constantly thinking about them, the sound of their voice, their smile, their laugh… everything, it’s obvious that you’re really attracted to this person.


This is one of the signs that this person may be your twin flame. How else can you explain the constant desire to be with someone who you just met?

Mind reading – twin flame telepathy

What’s a better sign that someone is your twin flame than having a feeling that you can communicate without saying a single word? It seems to you like a telepathic communication but you can’t explain it to yourself. Well, it sounds like nonsense to someone, but it’s possible.

You may think it’s a coincidence, but as time passes, you’ll realize that you’re not crazy because that person says everything to you only by looking at you. Even if you know each other for a short time, it’s possible that you and they are  twin souls and your conversation involves using telepathy.

twin flame telepathy

Attraction is obvious

From the very first time you met and you looked into their eyes, did you feel drawn to that person? Do you have a feeling that something keeps connecting the two of you even if you’re apart? According to Spinelli, it’s one of the sure signs that a person is your twin soul.

If you feel a constant spiritual connection between the two of you, keep working on it, and maybe you two will find out about your soul connection in the near future. Your connection isn’t something to be ignored. It’s something deeper from your past life and destiny that was meant to happen.

attraction is obvious

You feel changes in your body when your with your twin flame

One of the most common changes in your body that you feel every time you’re with your twin flame is heart palpitations or heart chakra. This sudden burst of energy may seem weird to you. However, know that it’s the physical manifestation of you being with your mirror soul that’s causing this to happen. During the first time, you’ll feel surprised and wonder why your heart started accelerating that fast.

Dizziness is also one of the physical manifestations when you’re spending time with your possible soulmate. It occurs because of the powerful energy that’s increasing especially seeing each other after the first meeting.


Another inevitable sign is stomach pain. It’s usually experienced by loved ones at the beginning of the relationship. It’s a sign that you love someone so much that it hurts you to be separated from your twin flame for some time. This feeling disappears after some time but it establishes your relationship.

Don’t be worried, it’s normal to feel this way. It’s a sign that you’re with your true twin flame and unconditional love. When you can’t wait to reunite with your twin flame, just think about the twin flame reunion and how many physical sensations you’ll feel during this reunion.

You can’t stand being separated – twin flame separation

When you find your soulmate, it can be pretty rough to be separated, right? After waiting for so long, you finally met this person and now you can’t imagine a single moment not spent together.

Of course, it’s okay to spend all your time with your twin flame. However, also use separation time to increase your self-love. Work on yourself. Do something you like and that will make time spent separated from your twin flame easier. If you love reading, read an interesting book.


Why don’t you find a book about telepathic connection, long-distance relationships, or anything else that will help your spiritual growth? You see, even if you’re not together with your twin flame, you can do something useful that will also allow you to think about your twin soul at the same time.

You keep coming to each other no matter what happens

Sometimes, you think there’s too much screaming and fighting between the two of you. After fighting, there comes breaking up, then making up. Then it keeps happening all over again. Of course, it’s a lot to handle for everybody who finds themselves in this situation.

Even though you find yourself walking away at some point, twin flame union will do the job and make you reunite again. No matter what happens, you keep coming to each other all over again. It can be called “a phase of a runner and a chaser”


Every time, one of two of you will be a runner and the other one will be a chaser, and you won’t get tired of it. It’s a part of your twin flame journey that both of you enjoy being part of.

Your doubts and insecurities are accentuated

When you meet your twin flame, you feel that your emotions are heightened, but also your deepest insecurities and fears. A twin flame is supposed to serve a bigger purpose than just being themselves. One of the features of a twin flame connection is that it brings to the surface your innermost anxieties and imbalances.

A twin flame is someone who will help you and support you to overcome your insecurities and connect with your higher self. They’re there to show you what’s holding you back so you can work through it and become a better person as a result. Don’t be afraid, because your twin flame will push you to new heights and it will help you become a more self-confident person.


If you fight and separate for some time, synchronicities keep showing up

During the separation phase, twin telepathy becomes intense and useful at the same time. It helps you recognize how much your twin soul means to you and what it feels to be separated. Twin flames experience strange feelings. What kind of strange feelings?

Well, they experience the same feelings at the same time. For example, they hear each other’s favorite songs on a music platform, see each other names in unusual places, or keep hearing each other’s names everywhere they go. Every time this happens, you’ll feel instinctive emotion. You’ll want to know what your twin flame is thinking about at that moment, what they’re doing, or are they spending time okay without you.

As you get closer to the reunion, those emotions and sentiments will grow more vivid and obvious. The explanation for this is that the Universe is striving to bring them together and connect them in time.

Emotions and energy are expressed in a variety of ways

Twin flame telepathy is full of messages and impressions in addition to vocal communication. Sounds and sensory perceptions such as touch, warmth, and heart palpitations can all be signs. You may accept part of their information as they do with yours because twin flame energies are related.

This is why you may suddenly recall a memory from your twin flame’s life or have deja vu-like feelings. You’ll be able to connect and keep in touch with your twin flame telepathic connection more as you become more in tune with it. During separation, twin flame telepathy can help you rekindle feelings of connection and intimacy, bringing you closer to the union.


Twin flame love is still alive

Separation from a twin flame doesn’t imply that love has moved on. Even though twin flames are separated by a great distance, their love and bond remain a potent force. It’s because the twin flame relationship and harmony are unparalleled. One can sense that the other is thinking of and missing you, and your twin soul can sense the same thing.

There appears to be an out of nowhere sense of warmth, safety, and affection, indicating that you’re not alone. Make the most of this time apart to heal, grow, and love yourself more. Your twin flame is likely doing the same thing.

You’re motivated to improve yourself

Twin flame relationships are unlike any other since they’re one-of-a-kind. A twin flame differs from other relationships in that it’s a type of connection and journey that can’t be shared with anybody else, you only have one twin flame.

While soul mates can be wonderful loving partners, they don’t reach the same heights as twin flames. Consider it as if each soul has its own song. Soul partners sing a song that’s more personal than any other song in any other relationship. You are part of a twin flame. So you and your twin flame have the same soul music.

Signs your twin flame is communicating with you – Difference between a twin flame and a soulmate

Twin flames and soulmates can appear in romantic and platonic relationships, including family bonds. These relationships appear to be similar on the surface, yet they’re not. Twin flames are thought to be two parts of the same soul.

Soulmates are two independent souls who are drawn together in an unplanned way.

Soulmates frequently complement one other, although twin flames are often mirror reflections.

Relationships with soulmates are known to be quite comfortable and helpful. On the other hand, twin flame relationships are usually the polar opposite. They enter your life and reveal all that has been bothering you. This has the potential to lead to personal awakening.

Signs your twin flame is communicating with you – Narcissists

Twin flames are often confused with narcissistic primary relationships. People’s unmet needs and desires are picked up by narcissists and reflected on them. That’s how they deal with the world and survive.

A narcissist would lavish in adoration, affection, and passion from their admirers, making them feel like the most important person on the planet. The issue is that being in a relationship with a narcissist is far more prevalent than being in a relationship with your twin flame.


Twin flame connections have even been misused to depict narcissistic partnerships. “The runner and chaser phase” is a term that’s occasionally used to describe twin flame relationships in which one person quits a passionate connection and the other person must track them down.

It’s a way for people to excuse harmful relationship patterns by romanticizing them with the moniker “twin flame.” People who believe in a twin flame are more likely to engage in risky behavior. I’ve witnessed people stalking or obsessing over their twin flame, or who they consider to be their twin flame.

A restraining order had to be filed by the alleged twin flame in this situation.

 Another disadvantage of believing in a twin flame is that it may cause you to overlook a more healthy connection. People occasionally put off getting married because they believe they’re meant to be with their twin flame. They keep waiting, causing their chance to have children pass them by and they wind up alone for the next 50 years waiting for this person.

Stages of twin flames

According to Spinelli, the stages of a twin flame relationship are similar to other relationships. However, there are some exceptions.

These are the stages: immediate connection, a process of discovery, acceptance, healing, settlement, and more acceptance.

Immediate connection

Unlike the other types of relationships that take time to develop, most people can tell when someone is their twin flame the very first time they meet them. They have an instant connection.

However, it’s possible that you won’t discover the person is your twin flame for years. It’s elation or an overwhelming sense that you’ve found someone who makes you feel at ease. The gathering is also unscheduled. It’s possible that you’ll cross paths in an unexpected way.

A process of discovery, acceptance, and healing

Following the initial attraction, you may begin to see the person’s flaws. You two will have disappointing moments together and disagreements. You may also see yourself in the flaws of the other person. It draws attention to the areas where you need to improve.

It’s not because you detest or are furious with this person. Instead, their activities draw attention to your own undesirable behavior. As a result, fast metamorphosis occurs.


Two people may then decide to work on their relationship and stay together. Alternatively, the partnership could end in divorce.


Whether you choose to stay with your twin flame or your paths diverge, this person will always be special to you.

You accept that whatever happens will happen since your spirits are linked, rather than clinging to when they’ll return. It’s still lovely in whatever form it takes.

Signs your twin flame is communicating with you – What does a twin flame connection feel like?

After reading all of these signs your twin flame is communicating with you, did you realize what a twin flame connection feels like? Your twin flame is someone responsible for making you feel like your true self, someone, who made you feel comfortable to do life-changing decisions, someone who made you feel that you’re on the right life path.

If you recognize any of these when you think about your twin soul, be happy because you have found a best friend for life and someone who will teach you a definition of deep longing.

To sum up, when you find your twin soul, being with that person will make you feel like the whole world has faded away and you have a world in one person. The two of you are helping each other evolve into better human beings.