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Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About Your Ex – 7 Reasons Why

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About Your Ex – 7 Reasons Why

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You have dreams about your ex and you do not know what to do anymore. There is a spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-7 reasons why, but you are not at peace with it.

You are worried and you need more explanation to forget about it. Or to make it stop. Maybe you will even need to see him just to make sure he is ok and alive.

Dreaming is considered to be a series of thoughts, images or emotions which appear during sleep. We all are dreaming almost every night and people who have no dreams are very rare.

Sometimes we can not remember those thoughts, emotions or images. We can not recall exact images or exact feelings. But we have a strong sense of their presence during the night.

Sometimes we can not let go of it the whole day

And when that happens we usually spend the whole day having sense that something is missing and trying to remember them, so we can relax. Because it is impossible to let go of it. It hunts us the whole day. Sometimes we manage to finally recall them and resolve their meaning, but sometimes not.

When we manage to resolve them we feel like a big burden was taken off our back and when we do not we feel restless and annoyed. And when we do not, we feel anxious and restless the whole day.

And those dreams can mean anything. From innocent feelings to serious disturbia that follow us around for a while. How we are going to approach to them, it is up to us, but it is certain that they can not be ignored.

Dreams have its meaning and importance so we should treat them that way. Even if we are one of those people who refuse to deal with such a nonsense as dreams and their meaning, we can not ignore the fact that we are sometimes so overwhelmed by them that we can not make them go away.

Word “dream” can also mean something we wish for

Also the word dream can mean something like a wish we have for a long time. We set our mind on something and we can not let go of it. It is our ideal and „dream“ and we are trying to realize that.

We can also use the word dream for something standing out for its beauty and excellence. We would say it is „dreamy“ and that would mean that it is out of our league and almost not real.

The word dream can mean a lot of things and all of them are connected to something unreal and imaginary. That is why we are not trying to take them so serious. But what if they keep repeating every night.

What if we can not make them go away and forget about it. Especially if they are about the same thing or person all the time.

Some dreams keep you awake non-stop

Spiritual meaning of your dreams could be the right answer

Some people are really into those spiritual meaning of dreams so they immediately reach for their meaning and interpretation.

They believe that everything happens for a reason and that what we are dreaming about, means something. But a lot of us are not like that and do not do that until it is unbearable to handle anymore.

So what dreaming about someone can mean in the spiritual world. You have dreams about your ex for a while and now you are really upset. It is not stopping and you do not know what to do.

This can be upsetting especially if you broke up a long tie ago or if you are in new relationship now. Here are spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-6 reasons that make you dream about him:

#You are lonely

You broke up with your boyfriend and now you are lonely. Also you are missing him so badly that you started dreaming about him. That is not something unusual and it happens to everyone who recently broke up with their boyfriends.

You miss him so much that he is appearing in your dreams. The way he appears in your dream is important to interpret it right, so we hope that your dream is good.

You still have a romantic feelings about your ex-boyfriend

You probably dream of your ex romantic way, especially if you just broke up with him. He still has your heart and your subconscious mind reminds you that you need him next to you. Even in your dream.

It keeps you warm and happy the whole next day and that is a good thing. So do not fight those dreams. Let them keep you warm and enthusiastic like you have a real boyfriend.

It will fade away with time

It will probably fade with time especially if you meet someone new, so you have no reason to be worried about it and try to avoid it. Enjoy your feelings about your ex for a while and let your subconscious lead you through that process.

You will not even notice when you stop dreaming about him completely. You will just woke up one day and realize that you have not been dreaming about him for days.

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#You are anxious

The way you broke up with your boyfriend was not nice and you are anxious about it. You have regrets about your past relationship and now you are restless. You wondering could you have done it differently.

Did you hurt his feelings? Could you said it nicely and with more compassion? All those things now torturing you and you do not sleep well. You have a dreams about him and that is tearing you apart.

You may have a dream about your break up and the whole process of it. In the morning you are asking yourself could it be differently and why you did not say something else.

Or why you had to use those words when you could definitely use some more gentle ones. That could be so horrible that it can have consequences in real life.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-7 reasons why. It is really affecting your current life

You are absent and constantly thinking about it. What it could be, should be. People will notice that and probably ask you what is bothering you. Tell them and do not try to hide your problem.

Maybe someone will have advice for you because of a similar experience. They have been through break ups so it is nothing new. Think about what they have to say and try to find out what you could do to make yourself feel better.

But whatever you do, at the end, you will need to talk to him again. Those feelings and regrets will not disappear themselves and you will need to meet him to talk about it again.

Or just to apologize to him if he does not want to talk anymore. Explain to him how you feel and ask him nicely to meet you so you could apologize to him.  

Try to forgive yourself and move on

In the case he refuses, which can happen, you will need to try different technique to finally forgive yourself and move on. And to stop dreaming about him at least.

Go through your conversation with him and see if you really had a chance to say it differently. Maybe you will find out that you really could not do it the other way, and you will be a little more peaceful.

If you manage to forgive yourself in the present, dreams will stop. That may take a while especially if he refuses to meet you again. But you will have to go through the whole process alone.

It will be hard and painful but you need to go through it. Admit that what you did was not nice and try to forgive yourself. Tell yourself you did everything to make it right and that is all you could do.

We are all humans and we make mistakes, and that is not the end of the world. It will probably happen again, and that is the way to look at it.

#It is a recent ex

If you just broke up with your boyfriend there is a possibility that you will have a dream about him. No matter what is the reason you broke up with him, he can appear in your dream.

Sometimes it is simply because you miss him now when he is gone. You become aware of his absence and you miss him now.

Sometimes it is because of the way you finished your relationship as we mentioned before. Something is bothering you and he comes to your dreams as a reminder that something is wrong.

He might feel sad and he misses you too so you can give a thought about it.

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If you also think that you had a bad ending you can try to contact him and have a conversation with him to make it right. That is the best way to resolve what is bothering you, or him so that your dreams about him can stop.

It is completely normal dreaming of an ex who you recently broke up with so you do not have nothing to worry about. It will be gone as soon as you realize that he is out of your life, and that he is not coming back.

#He is your ex-husband

Well one of the reasons can be that you are now in a new relationship and your unconscious mind does not let you be in peace and makes you feel guilty about your ex partner and previous relationship.

You are happy in your current relationship with your current partner so unresolved issues with your ex make you have such dreams.

Those are so vivid dreams that they do not let you in peace in your waking hours. You are confused and absent a lot and it is affecting your waking life.

He is your ex-husband and it is not easy to let go

Maybe he is your ex-husband and he has been part of your life for so long that you miss him a little bit now, or you just feel guilty because of your current life and the fact that you are in a happy relationship now.

Your relationship ended suddenly and that is your mind way to say that you still have some unresolved issues with him and maybe some negative feelings too.

Be honest with your current partner with what is bothering you

You need to find the way to resolve those dreams and feelings. You can not walk around with that burden and think about it all the time. Your current partner will notice that and maybe he will not be happy about it.

Anyway, be honest with him and with what is bothering you. If you need to meet your ex-partner or your ex-husband to talk it through, say it to him and do that as soon as possible. That is the easiest way to deal with this situation and past mistakes.

If your ex do not want to meet you deal with it yourself

But there is a possibility that your ex will not want to meet you. Then you need to find the way to do it yourself. Try to go through your break up to see what could be that bothers you so much that you keep dreaming about him this much.

Is there something you said or done. If you realize that there is nothing so serious it must be just guilt because of a new relationship you are in now.

You are too happy and you are wondering if he is happy to. If that is the reason for your dreams, be patient and they will end soon. Especially if you manage to hear with him and make sure he is ok.

Your conscience will stop making you feel guilty and you will be able to move on with your life.

Ask him to meet you to make sure he is ok

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex

And at the end look for the help if you have to. There are dream analysts and psychoanalyst who are interpret dreams and maybe they can help you. You can look for them on the internet or Amazon.

There are books, researches and live conversation with them about dreams and their meanings. Maybe there you will find the help you need and release for your restless mind.

#If you miss them or they miss you

Now that you broke up with your ex you are missing him. And probably a lot. You can not help that feeling and you need to be patient. Those feelings will keep coming in waves so you need to be prepared for it. And they will appear in your dreams too. 

Actually they will come into your dreams more often than in the present. I miss my ex, and does my ex miss me is something that is very common to every broken relationship.

Our subconscious mind will keep reminding us how much we loved him and that will take a while. Do not fight it. And you could not even if you want. 

That is a process which have its stages and you need to go through every single one. Frome grieving to indifference, step by step. And that process will keep going while you are sleeping too.

Missing an ex is probably one of the worst part of break up so you need to be strong.

He misses you too and those are the most common types of dreams

When you recall your dream during the day try to reoccupy yourself with something else. Something that will keep you away from thinking about it. Your work or some other activities. Anything that just make you through the day. You also may dream of him because your ex misses you. 

He can also going through phases you are going through so maybe you are dreaming of him because he thinks a lot about you.

Those types of dreams are actually the most common kinds of dreams. You will often hear the interpretation that if you dreamed of someone that someone misses you. These are the most common dreams and the most common dream interpretation of it.

#If you want them back or they want you back

You broke up with your boyfriend and now you want him back. That desire is so strong that he starts to appear in your dreams. You probably think all day about ways to do it so it does not stop during the night neither.

If your break up was not so bad maybe you have some chance. But if it was bad one do not hope so much.

If you had a bad break up you get a little chance for get him back

People who broke up badly, do not have a lot of chances for recovery. Your wish is so strong and that is why you dream of it, but in real life you have a little chance. Your unresolved feelings now keep you awake and your wish for going back together, too. 

To make them stop you need to do something about it. Try to contact him and to solve your problems. These dreams will keep appearing as long as you do not talk to him.

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Tell him how you feel but do not expect much

Tell him how you feel and that you want him back. Also tell him that you have dreams about him non-stop and that you do not know what to do. Maybe he wants you back either and it will be good news for you.

But maybe he does not feel the same the way you do and you will be disappointed.

Either way you need to talk to him to stop this dreams. Whatever the solution be, your dreams will probably stop after that. So do not hesitate and contact him as soon as possible. You will get necessary insight about how he feels, and do you have a chance for a future relationship.

#If he is in a danger

One more reason for dreaming a lot about your ex is if he is in some kind of danger. Maybe he is sick or in something more serious than that, and he needs help.

In that case it is possible that you are dreaming of him if he thinks that you can help him. He thinks of you a lot and you are starting to dream about him.

In that case you need to contact him as soon as possible and see what is happening with him. And can you really help him?

Actually you are obligated to talk to him and help him if you can. If you can not help him at least you will get the chance to see him and calm him down with your words. So call him and do whatever you can for him. Your dreams will stop as soon as he is safe.

When it is alarming when it comes to dreams

You should consider it is alarming when your dreams about your ex, or about anything, are persistent and will not go away. You have the same dreams, with the same content every night and you can not do anything to stop it. Your subconscious is not letting go of things and you should be worried.

You also have a hard time losing those feelings during the day and you walk around thinking about it the whole time. No matter what you do your thoughts about your ex are not going away. To get rid of those dreams and to stop fantasizing about your ex, you need to face the facts about you two.

Never underestimated importance of your dreams

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-7 reasons why, you should not take for granted. And no matter if it is about your ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend, you need to get the answer: do you miss him or not, do you want him back or not, and similar questions which will give you a picture of your situation with him. If you are having dreams of him because you miss him and want him back, you should contact him. 

Also in all other cases which could be the reason for your dreams, you need to contact him and make sure he is ok and not in some danger. Our subconscious is a strong thing and we should not ignore it.

It is also possible that he was your first love and true love and now your mind, and your heart, longing for him. You never know. It is hard to let go of loved ones always, so make sure that you analyze it right, so you can get the necessary release from it.