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4 Stages Of Relationship Every Couple Goes Through

4 Stages Of Relationship Every Couple Goes Through

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There are a few stages of relationship that every long-term couple goes through. A lot of research has been done about this topic. Every study has found that every relationship can be divided into a few stages. All stages of relationship have their own characteristics. When we know something about every romance stage, it helps us to be prepared for all situations we can face in a relationship.

Am I in a normal relationship?

You should never ask yourself if your relationship is normal. There’s no normal relationship. We’re all individuals, and we don’t have to compare ourselves to anyone else. Of course, every couple can have similar problems in different stages of relationship. That’s the reason why all of this information can be helpful for all couples.

It takes two

Remember, you can’t change your partner. You can only suggest to them what the proper course of action should be. It’s their choice if they want to take responsibility and invest in a relationship. A relationship can never be good if both sides don’t invest in it and understand each other in every stage of a relationship. Both of you have your own traits, values, and behaviors. Sometimes, you may not be sure in which stage of a relationship you’re in at the moment, so here are some defining characteristics.

Stages of relationship – Stage of dalliance

The first stage is the one that sticks out the most. It’s when you’re falling in love and your sensations are overwhelming to the point where you can’t think of anything else. In this stage of a relationship, you spend a lot of time with your partner. This is to the point that you may isolate yourself from friends and family. You do a lot of things together. There’s a potential danger of failing to observe or pay attention to the differences between you and your partner. You’re only thinking how much the two of you have in common, and you only display good things, avoiding conflict. The wooing period might span anything from a few months to two years. It’s fascinating to note that the majority of successful relationships are those that have passed through this stage. What exactly does this imply?

What you should know

The marketing phase for these couples is usually significantly shorter. This implies they don’t have as strong a base to fall back on when conflict arises, and they’re more unbalanced in later stages. You can naturally advance to the next step by embracing the commonalities you have and going through this stage completely. You will learn to interact with one another and encourage each other to do their best. This phase will prepare you for the next stages of relationship.

Every couple go through these 5 stages of relationship

Stages of relationship – Moving in together

After a few years spent together, you will notice that you changed a little bit. You start to notice some details again or spend more time with other people. There will be a reduction in powerful desire feelings as well as the feeling you associate with love. There will be a greater awareness of and understanding of your differences to your partner as well as increased conflict.

What you should know

However, at the end of the day, you need to know that this is normal. It’s crucial to remember that disagreement is unavoidable. You need to know in every moment that love isn’t just a feeling, but the behavior of your partner, and a complex set of situations that influence your relationship. Putting someone’s needs ahead of your own, regardless of how you feel at the time, is a true and simple definition of love. It’s one of the stages of love.

Stage of commitment and stabilization

When it comes to stages of relationship, this one you get into after honeymoon phase and being married for a long time. As well, if you have children, they’re already grown. As your children get older, they become more independent and start to explore the world without you. They start to spend less time at home, and at some point, you realize that you have more time for yourself than before. At this phase, both parents spend more time doing something new, exploring new things, and spending some private time with each other. This can be the most peaceful time of your life, at least until your children reach the age of adolescence if you have any. Then there can be conflicts as a result of emergent boundary disparities. You suddenly find yourself having to be a cop for example. As a pair, engaging in different ways as parents can have a big impact.

Stages of relationship - quote
Stages of relationship

What you should know – red flags

It’s really important to communicate, no matter in which stage of the relationship you’re in with your partner. Go out together, tell each other how you feel, and compare it with the previous stages. Just communicate! The biggest problem in romantic relationships can be a lack of communication, so don’t permit it.

Stages of relationship – The final stage

This stage of the relationship includes some big changes. You probably have been married for more than 30 years, and if you have children, they’re adults now. Since they’re adults now, you have to adapt to their life, too. They may move out or get married. The other big thing you may need to deal with is taking care of your parents, or losing them. Besides all of these things, you also have your own things to get used to. Not all of us deal the same way with aging, learning that you’re not able to do all the things you did before when you were younger, or accepting that nothing’s like it used to be anymore.

What you should know

When you come to this stage, try to see it as a new opportunity. You’ll have more time for yourself and your partner. Life gives you a chance to try new things. Most people are excited to retire and have a good time grandparenting their grandchildren, so make the most of it. Use your partner as support. Try to help each other to adapt to this phase. If you are starting to recognize you have a big problem, you can always ask a good relationship coach or relationship expert for advice. Not many couples experience this stage of a relationship, so be proud of your long-lasting love and support for each other. Remember, not all intimate relationships end like a forever love couple, like it is displayed in movies.

Stages of relationship – To sum up…

Those are the stages of relationship. Not all couples will go through every stage. Some of them will meet each other in the third phase, but who cares? Make the most of it. Enjoy every moment spent together and remember that every relationship has its problems, but with mutual support and the desire to achieve, you can make it work!