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The Ultimate List Of 9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

The Ultimate List Of 9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

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In the past, a man used to see a woman at a horse race or ball, and at that moment he knew she was the woman he wanted to be with. Women didn’t have to ask for a list of 9 texts to make him haunt you. Everything was much clearer.

Blinking her lashes, stealing a look, or shy laughter were all it took for a man to faint over her. Times have changed and so have men and women of course. Life has come down to messages. Sometimes we think that it’s easier to say what you feel through messages.

True love is a concept that few believe in and few understand. Times have changed so much that we had to make a list of 9 types of texts to get him to chase you. We hope it will help you a lot.

The world now has complicated abbreviations and emojis. Ways of communication have shifted from long love confessions to a vague “Do you want a Hangout?” text.

Can I Get Him Chasing Me Over Text?

Before we reveal our secret recipes to you, it’s important to understand the amount of power that a text has. From high value meetings to world-changing decisions, everything happens through text. Of course, as we’ve said before, it’s a much easier feeling.

Sending messages is an art that needs to be mastered. What you say or “type” has so much meaning and since a person can’t see you physically, a text can be open to multiple interpretations.

There are many ways to get a man to chase you. Sending messages is a method that requires the least effort. However, even with texts, you still need to try.

Can I get him chasing me over text

9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You 

First of all, you need to be confident in your intentions and the intentions of the other party. You need to make sure you want to be with that person, and that everything is clear and regular on your part.

 You also need to know that texts aren’t a type of magic that will work on any random person. You need to make sure he’s interested in you too. If it’s one-sided love and he’s made it clear that he has absolutely no romantic affection for you, don’t send him a message. It can be understood as harassment and won’t help anyone. You’ll only feel shame.

However, if you’re sure that your crush is also interested in you, but he just needs a little motivation, then you have to push him. Go ahead and arrange an arsenal of cuddle texts that we will equip you with. Here is a list of 9 texts that will make him chase you

 1. Flirt

Flirting is such an underestimated talent. Especially on social networks. Good flirting is a mixture of wit and a sense of humor. However, remember that, like everything,  you need to have moderation.

You want to make him want you more through text. To achieve this, you must be playful to make him become curious about you. You can wait for him to take the first move or simply pull out a list of flirty texts messages to get him to chase you.

Don’t give him all of your information right away or all at once. Be small and secretive. That way he’ll want to know even more about you.

You’re probably well aware that being too honest with a woman’s intentions towards a man can easily make or break the future of the two people involved in that situation. Men, for whatever reason, enjoy the chase. A man won’t be interested in a lady who seems too approachable.

Men are more intrigued by women who make them work for a long time before starting a relationship. They’re more attracted to this than a lady who jumps at the chance to establish a relationship. We have some good examples of texts that will make him chase you:

  • Make sure you put me on your to-do list today.
  • Do you want to know the first two things that come to mind when I think of you? (wait for him to answer, then leave him to ask)

2. Show Him Your Witty Side

If you want to make a man chase you via SMS, don’t just send him funny texts in which you want him to chase you because you’re beautiful and attractive. No. Let him laugh too. Wit attracts the most, doesn’t it? Try to be witty by showing some indirect liking for him through humor.

Humor is a powerful weapon that can make any man fall in love with you and haunt you.

3. Ask Him Questions And For Advice

Ask him for his ideas and suggestions, and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. However, after that, don’t tell him if you listened to his advice. Be a lady, but don’t give him the instant pleasure of being your knight. Let him be curious and he’ll chase you to find out if you’ve listened to his advice or not. However, send these messages only when you really need help. It would be bad if you didn’t need advice and send him messages at random.

 Here are some examples of funny memes you can send to ask him for advice:

  • I’m a little confused. Can you help?
  • Something is bothering me, but I don’t know when to ask for help … (I hope he understands the hint and helps you)
  • If I asked you for something, would you make it happen for me?
The Ultimate List Of 9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

4. Cliffhanger Text Messages

There’s nothing that men want more and love more then a good mystery. The more you hide the mystery in yourself, the more attractive you are. When he feels completely unsure of where the conversation is going and what kind of person you are, he would desperately want to regain control and solve the mystery of who you are. Well, why not give him hot and sexy texts that he delves into with the promise of a reward when he solves it? 

Open messages or cliffhangers will keep him on his feet. Of all the 9 texts that will make him chase you, this is the most interesting category as it will be exciting for both parties.

Make him want you more through text back messages that confuse him and yet intrigue him. These are also some of the best examples of text messages to make him obsess over you.

  • I dreamed of you last night …
  • Next time you come, I have a surprise for you …
  • I have a secret I can only tell you personally …

5. Let Him Miss You

Doesn’t he show you the love you deserve? Unfortunately, men aren’t the best communicators. Do you think you haven’t started living in his mind for free yet? It’s time to change all that by sending messages to make him miss you. Until you finish sending these texts, he’ll keep thinking about you every moment that he spends awake and maybe, if you play properly, you can win his dreams as well.

Here is a list of texts that can help:

  • I know you, I miss you…
  • I just heard our favorite song …
  • Remember that cocktail we drank at that Irish pub? I just made one that tasted just like that!
  • I can’t wait to hang out…

6. Be The Sweetest

Sometimes the best way is to be sweet, but of course, this needs to be in moderation. Let him know that you think of him greatly and that you’re interested in this relationship as much as he is.

Once he’s sure that this isn’t a one-way relationship, he’ll surely chase you. Here are some sweet messages that can speed up the process:

  • My thoughts on you make me blush …
  • Being in your arms is one of my favorite places in the whole world.
  • Waking up next to you makes my mornings much more beautiful.
  • Watching you fall asleep gives me comfort that’s so hard to describe.
  • Sometimes I just can’t get enough of your sight.
  • I can’t wait for our next date.

7. Send Him A Message At Night

Have you ever wondered why we have more topics for deep conversations at night than at any other time of the day? This is because we’re the most vulnerable in that period. After all, we’ve done all of our chores during the day so now our minds have free time to wander.

Sounds like a good opportunity to let the guy you like know you want him, doesn’t it? Late-night text messages or a selfie can really drive him crazy. So if you’re wondering what text will make him haunt you, we have the perfect list of good night texts and cute good morning texts :

  • I can’t stop tossing and turning when you’re not here …
  • I’ll dream of you tonight.
  • Dream a little about me, baby.
  • I go to bed thinking of you, and in the morning you’re still on my mind.
  • The bed is so cold without you …

8. Catch Him Unprepared

Send him seductive text messages the moment he expects you to. Catch him when he’s off guard. Send him a message at an unexpected time. Maybe while at work or maybe while at the gym. Here’s a list of texts that will make him haunt you:

  • Hold on to work, remember to hang out later 🙂
  • Meet at happy hour?
  • I have a surprise for you tonight…
  • I plan to seduce you … just for your information. lol.
Cliffhanger Text Messages

9. Talk About His Interests

If you show a genuine interest in him and his real life, he’ll begin to see you as someone worth chasing. Regardless of all the messages so far, he’ll be most attracted to you if he feels that you really care. The biggest proof of that is that you’re interested in him and his interests.

Ask him questions about himself and really listen to his answers. Showing that you care about who he is as a person will make him want to spend more time with you. Just make sure these aren’t boring questions.

Now that you have perfect examples to make a man chase you through sending the best text possible, use them to seduce the potential man in your life to want you more than anything else in the world.

Just remember, these text messages aren’t a magic potion and will only work if the other person is really interested in you. So be careful and smart!

How Do I Get A Guy To Text Me?

Now that after the sweet messages through which you’ve caught the man you like, there is the follow up. You don’t want to be the first to talk every time, you want to get feedback. Of course you want to wake up with his messages now and then.

You love the confirmation you get when he’s the one who sends you a message for the first time one day. You feel he’s trying to keep the relationship going and that he’s enjoying your company.

What if we told you you could feel that way 95% of the time? That’s right. In this continuation of the article, we bring you tips on how to make a guy send you a message first 95% of the time.

1. Attracting Him

First and foremost, you need to attract him. He just has to have a desire to get to you. We don’t just mean physical attraction, it can also be an attraction in the spiritual sense. You can attract him with forums, sweet messages, humor, and the like.

If you want to get a guy to text you first, he has to have a reason to text you. You have to have something he wants. If you don’t, you don’t have the power to attract him.

2. You’re Only As Good As Your Last Contact

I can’t stress the importance of context. If you want a guy to send you a message first, you better let him want more every time you hang out. Every date counts. Your last date with him is the only one in his head. Maybe that’s for the best.

Another way of looking at this is not just the last contact, but the context as a whole. The women who are most successful with a man are the ones who not only see the importance of the moment, but are able to step back and see everything as a whole and adjust their actions and texting game plan accordingly.

An example of this is a girl who wants to reach out to a guy on a first date but isn’t sure how to succeed. Well, you have to look at the context. If she’s been sending him a bunch of messages up to that point, trying to see him every day, forcing a relationship and all that stuff, then she’ll probably turn out to be needed and clingy because that’s the context she created.

However, if you’re someone who hasn’t sent a guy messages so much and has only seen him once or twice a week, I think it’s okay to contact him because the context in which you do this is different.

3. Have Him Jump Through Small Hoops

It never starts big. It never starts strong. Never move too fast. Instead, relax your pace based on what it gives you. Men do things based on commitment and convenience. If you constantly send messages back and forth and have a conversation via SMS, it will stop and everything will go off. No guy can go on like that.

Over time, this becomes a hassle and an obligation. If you send him large blocks of text and ask all these questions trying to keep the conversation alive, he’ll eventually ignore you. He’ll look at his phone, see what you say, and then he’ll call you later. Start with yourself, you wouldn’t want to be with a person who’s constantly texting you so you no longer have time for yourself. Be a lady, and keep it all in moderation.

When To Reply To A Text Message From A Guy

So how long does it take you to answer him? There are simply no rules to this.

I know most dating coaches say you should make them wait about one to three hours before you respond with an SMS, but in our opinion, you should listen to your intuition when it comes to it. Be guided by your feelings.

Don’t play smart games with a man you like because sooner or later he’ll understand what you’re doing and will beat you in your game. You’ll be the one to lose. Watch out!

Let him wait, but only until you figure out the best possible way to respond to his text. Also, if you let him wait too long, he could lose interest or your messages could become obsolete.

Just to be clear, you shouldn’t answer him right away either, because it could make you look too desperate. Listen to my advice, don’t pay attention to time, just make sure the conversation runs in the best possible way.

a man chase you

To Conclude

Messaging can be a fantastic platform. However, pay attention to his behavior instead of looking at how to send him a message to interest him. Does he initiate many of your conversations? Does he respond quickly? Are his answers concise or more detailed? Does he ask you questions?

Don’t just analyze his texts. Is he trying to see you in person too? If not, you have the text equivalent of a pen pal. If you’re sending messages without plans in sight, be a sexy and confident lady by inviting him out. If he justifies himself, this guy has no intention of meeting you.

Work to make your texts flirty and appealing, but don’t rely on them just to keep your relationship going. The longer you go out, the more phone calls and appointments you should have. Like we said, these 9 texts will make him chase you and will be all you need for your man to be obsessed with you.

Don’t look at these texts as a game of the mind because they’re far from it. Look at it as you give him a hint, actually prove your intentions, and then that you’re worth chasing.

When you get that text back, it will be proof to you that your guy likes you. Remember, this is only valuable if you know he wants something with you and it’s time to “push” him.