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You did not think of these Top 9 Things to do at home!

You did not think of these Top 9 Things to do at home!

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We’re grounded! All of us are since the pandemic broke out. The first couple of days full of naps and TV went by and now the major question is: what to do next? We made a list of the top 10 things to do at home you didn’t think of! 

And, be warned! The list is Wild!

We’re talking Live Concerts, streets of Amsterdam and Swedish meatballs wild! Ready for it? Here it goes!

9. Visit MoMa or the Van Gogh museum, or any of the 2500 museums worldwide! 

Whaat? But how to do that from home? 


Over 2500 museums worldwide offered online guided tours for free to help people get through their isolation. Always wanted to visit MoMa or the Louvre? Well, now you have time to do it! 

Enjoy the world of museums with works of art accompanied by comments! You can find some of the best museum tours on this link.   

8. Enjoy live concerts! 

Again, whaat? 

And again – Oh Yes! Chris Martin, John Legend, Erikah Badu, and so on, since the list is looong!  

You can enjoy live concerts from the comfort of your home. Catch them on your phone or stream them on your TV and really have a party! 

You’re not the only one stuck at home. Music stars are grounded just like you are. Luckily, some of them have studios at hand and want to do something fun and useful like play live music for you! Check out your favorite star and tune in at the right moment or play the concert at your own pace. 

7. Tidy up with the Marie Kondo method! 

Staying at home is a perfect opportunity to declutter and tidy your place up the way you always wanted. Marie Kondo method is just the thing to try! Discover the life-changing magic of tidying up with Marie Kondo and see what this tidying expert can do for you! 

She is a master of arranging, tidying, folding and transforming a place into a happy home! Change the idea of order that you have of your house and do things differently. Get inspired to declutter and move away from the things that don’t bring you happiness and leave the ones that do.

Try it out! 

6. Discover the TikTok app

Tik Tok is a very trendy social network in which users upload videos interpreting what comes out in the background. If you are at home and bored, you have the opportunity to download it and see if it works for you. After a few hours of use, you will already be the master of TikTok and might even want to upload some videos.

Currently, this social network has become very fashionable and is most used by adolescents and young people, along with other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram among others.

5. Take Free Online Courses and learn a new skill!

When learning something new, your brain generates hormones of happiness in more ways than it does when eating chocolate! Use your home time to learn new things and. Who knows – maybe start a new career! 

Things to do at home - learn new skills!

Check out a range of Courses you can take or audit for Free on Coursera

There is A LOT! Anywhere from Python programming to Chinese. And a couple of hundred useful courses in between!   

4. Game time! 

When you have a lot of time at home, you can enjoy the long mornings, leisure afternoons or late nights as much as you want. The perfect opportunity for all kinds of games, both offline and online. 

Things to do at home - gaming!

Since worldwide solidarity is important, a lot of Major gaming enterprises opened their gates and offered Free games for this lockdown period. When we say a lot – it’s more than we can list in here. 

If you don’t know where to find Free Games in this period, here – we Googled it for you.  

But we can’t just sit around, party and play really fun games! 

Can we? 

No we can not! Your body, as well as your immune system needs some work! 

So let’s move on with our number 3: 

3. Workout! 

There are a zillion ways to exercise and build your physique up from your home. All you have to do is pick one that you like best!  

We have our favorite, but! Before we continue, it’s important to say that staying at home can be a drag! You need some structure and discipline!  

So, take 30 minutes in your day, every day and work it! You will feel good, your body will feel good and you will want more! 

Here is a perfect half an hour set that will get your body working!   

Like it? Good! 

Read on, because we saved the best for last! 

After a good workout, it’s time for some fine dining! 

2. Gastronomic tour of your own! Time to Cook!

If we have kitchens or stoves or microwaves and some imagination, we are chefs in making! But what to cook? We’re thinking something exotic that just might get some Wow’s from your family! 

If you want to try something different, you can search for a country that you want to visit and immerse yourself in it through its gastronomy with all kinds of new recipes that you can find online without problems. And don’t forget to eat healthily and take your vitamins

Browse the net for inspiration on some exotic cuisine like Swedish meatballs or St. Paddy Melt or, if you want to take it easy at first, try 13 different exquisite ways to make an omelet! 

1. Holidays by Google Maps

Staying at home is the perfect time to travel! And it’s easier than you might think thanks to our every-day pal – Google!  

You can visit all kinds of cities through the Google application, Google Maps. This will allow you to see monuments and different cities on the Internet with the computer or with your smartphone or tablet.

Just choose your location, open the street view and emerge into the unknown! 

Ever been to Taj Mahal? Just click here!  

Top things to do at home - Taj Mahal!

And that’s not all! Don’t forget about live cams! 

Streets are now, pretty much deserted, but you can still admire the view. Let’s say we take a look at Amsterdam Dam Square live!  

We hope you like our Top 9 things to do at home! And don’t spend all the time behind the screen, one of the best things you can do while at home is talk to your loved ones! In case you’re among the stranded lovers reading this, make sure you check out 7 Romantic Ways to surprise your love in a long distance relationship. And for all of the parents, here is How to Keep Children Happy at Home.