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Top 9 Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship

Top 9 Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship

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The world today is bigger than it has ever been before. Internet age came and we have more lovers far away than ever before. And we’re constantly looking for the best things to do in a long distance relationship. 

There has never been this many different and unique experiences that are just calling for people to try and do. Sometimes these experiences are far away from a person’s place of origin. Although this is an exciting and fun aspect of modern life, it has its downsides. For example, sometimes these experiences require a person to move far away. This can be for a short amount of time or a long amount of time. Also, it’s sometimes not possible for everyone to stay together when this opportunity happens. This can result in couples having to be separated. Love is strong, which is why long distance relationships exist.

Although some people might see a long term relationship difficult as it denies people some of the more traditional pillars of a strong relationship such as comfort, touch and company, that’s not the case. In modern times, people have become creative, resulting in many forms of communication across vast distances which can make an LDR work. Here are the top 9 things to do in a long distance relationship.

Top 9 Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship  

9. Write A Letter

Couples being separated from one another is nothing new. Time to kick it old school! Time to turn off the laptops and phones and bring out the pen and paper. Receiving a text or email is great, but there’s something about a handwritten note that makes the message seem more personal and heartfelt. It’s probably knowing that the letter was written in your partner’s handwriting which is unlike any other person’s on the planet. It may take more time to receive, but the romance makes it all worthwhile. This is why writing letters to your partner is one of the greatest things to do in a long distance relationship.

8. Play An Online Game

Online games have taken off in popularity over the past few years. This can include video games which include fighting, racing, and more. However, it can also include puzzles, drawing games and practically any classic board or card game that has ever been invented. Many websites offer multiplayer games where people can play together or against each other no matter how far apart they are physically. Here you can find some perfect Long distance relationship games for LDR couples.

7. Have A Movie Night

Think about a date at the movies. You and your partner are in a dark room where you can’t see each other. The two of you are focused on the screen and not on each other. The standard rule for any theatre anywhere in the world is that there’s no talking while the film is playing. Considering this, what’s the difference if the two of you just watch the same movie but in different parts of the world? This way, you don’t have to worry about one of you hogging the popcorn!

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6. Send A Gift

Everyone loves to get a gift. This is true about birthdays and holidays, but it can be during any time of the year. By getting a gift, you know that your partner loves and cares for you no matter how far apart they are. Also, knowing that your partner has touched the items that you are receiving, it can lessen the feeling of them being far away. Sending a gift is one of the best things to do in a long distance relationship. Here you can find the top 7 romantic ways to surprise your LDR boyfriend.

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5. Have An Online Date

In modern times, technology in the visual and auditory fields have greatly improved from their primitive beginnings. Crystal clear video and pitch-perfect sound have replaced pixel bricks and robot tones. Due to this, having an online date can be just as romantic and realistic as an in-person date. To make it even less virtual, try to eat the same food and be in a setting that closely mimics that of your partners.

4. Plan

Many long term relationships are temporary. Not in the case that they are doomed to fail but in the sense of the two people in this LDR will eventually be physically reunited once again. Therefore, while having to endure the time apart from one another, it’s a great idea to plan what to do when the two of you are once again in another’s company. These can be simple things like where to go on a date. Or, it can be more serious things like what the next steps in the relationship will be.

3. Talk

A great part of any relationship is being in the physical comfort of your partner. Sometimes, their warm embrace is so powerful that all these people want to do is hug, kiss and bask in the warmth. Although this fuzzy feeling is delightful, it can get distracting from other things that also need to be done to make any relationship successful. One aspect that needs to be done in any relationship is communication. In this case, while taking a break from physically loving one another, it’s time to show love verbally. Share what’s on your mind. Tell your partner how much you love them. You might be surprised by what you find out.

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2. Attend An Online Event

In modern times, exciting events can happen all over the world. That being said, sometimes people in other countries that are different from the one the event is taking place in want to take part in that event. Not many people have the time, money and resources to jump on a plane whenever an event pops up. As a solution, many events now have an online platform so that people across the world can enjoy them. From parties, concerts, classes and more, couples in a long term relationship can enjoy the same event no matter how far apart they are.  

1. Travel Online

What many people don’t know is that many tourist attractions across the globe offer a virtual tour of their establishments. From landmarks to museums, many places can be explored just by going online. Travelling can be expensive, so why not save a few dollars by skipping the admission fee? Besides, you and your partner will be so engaged with what you are seeing on the screen, that you won’t even notice that the two of you aren’t beside each other. You can find a lot of places you can travel to from the comfort of your home here.

Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship – Conclusion

A long distance relationship, or an LDR for short, is when a couple still tries to be a couple even when they are apart. As it has been mentioned before, sometimes one person in the relationship has to leave their partner to fulfil the risen opportunity. So, the other person might not be able to accompany their partner, resulting in separation. However, due to the ever-growing field of cross global communication, being in a long term relationship can now be easier than ever. Therefor, here are the top 9 things to do in a long distance relationship.