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Things to do with your girlfriend

Things to do with your girlfriend

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There are many things to do with your girlfriend, depending on what you and she like to do. This depends on your shared interests, hobbies, daily routine and so on. Make sure that you first check up on what she likes or needs. That way you will have a better idea on how to spend a good time together.


A picnic’s one of the best things to do with your girlfriend. The relaxed atmosphere is a great place to be alone with your girlfriend. Also, if she’s a fan of nature, that would look great. If she’s an adventure type of person, you can go on a picnic at midnight as it will be very romantic and exciting at the same time. However, a picnic’s always a good idea. Also, you can go for ice cream, wine tasting and have lot of fun.

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Movie night With a projector

A  known cliché is always a movie night. It would be great to have a projector that will create a real small cinema feeling. Watching a romantic movie with your girlfriend can feel comforting. It would be great to have a movie night in bed or on some comfy furniture so it will make your movie night more comfortable and romantic. That way you can add some cuddles and kisses. You can also play video games in a living room or spend some time in an escape room or play board games. You can also suggest couples massage or have fun dating at the dance club.

Going out and dancing together

One of the crazy things to do with your girlfriend is by going out and dancing. It can be at some club, pub or place like that. Enjoy the loud music with your loved one, make some good moves, and let those hips be moved by the music. Also, you will make amazing memories and you will enjoy it together. It’s not something private that you can enjoy alone with your girlfriend but it will still be fun in a different way. This is more for people who are very involved in adventures. Also, you can go to the thrift store or farmers market, or go to dance classes.

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Learn a new skill together

For a more intense feeling of connection between you and your girlfriend, one of the things to do can be to learn a new skill. It can be anything. Whatever you both like but don’t know how to do it basically. It can be a really interesting experience full of fun and good moments. Also, it’s a great idea to surprise your girlfriend if it’s a skill that she always wanted to learn. It would be, for sure, a great surprise.

Write a book together

Well, it doesn’t need to be a book like a chapter book. You can suggest writing down things you did together, your special moments, and things like that. You can even make it a scrapbook with pictures and mementos of things you did with her. You can also write a small diary together. Whatever comes to your mind it would look great on a piece of paper.

Read to each other

If you’re the person who really loves to read, then why shouldn’t you read to your loved one some great pieces? Or even if you don’t, you can play a “game” to find some poems or love quotes to read to each other and express your feelings that way. It would be great and funny. Also you can suggest finding funny passages of books to read to each other.

Birthday paragraph for her
Birthday paragraph for her

Make a photoshoot for her

Every girl likes to take photos with her favorite people. One of the best things to do with your girlfriend is to organize a photoshoot with your girlfriend. Go to some amazing places so you have a good background and take a photo shoot with your loved one. If you have never done it before, it would be for sure a great experience and a new thing to try. Also, you will have memories from this event. It would be great to go through the pictures later in life and remind yourself about the great moments you had together.

Do small things for her

You can hug her from behind and gently kiss her neck. Women love that. It shows your emotions and affection. Kiss her unexpectedly while she’s talking. That will make her smile and it will make her go weak in the knees. Prepare food for her. It will make her fall in love all over again, and maybe, you can repeat it often. Take a day off and spend the entire day with her. Kiss, cuddle and spend every minute together. There’s nothing better than that. Hold her close, look in her eyes, and tell her “You’re precious. You mean a lot to me. I need you.”  You can take her on a vacation and stay at a pleasant place. She’s yours for a reason. Let her know she’s the reason for your happiness.

What do girls like?

Every girl’s special, different, and unique. Her taste is also different. So it’s very important to talk about things to do with your girlfriend. It’s not necessary what one girl likes that another will also like. However, I can tell you general things which all girls in the world like.

 There isn’t a girl in this world that will tolerate a man who doesn’t respect women. You won’t come to know it, but girls will silently notice how you treat other women who aren’t important to you. Respect and compassion are something that your girl will like for sure. Fairness and loyalty are also one of them.

 All girls like being treated as if they are special. So buy her a gift, take her out for food at some romantic place, or something else. All girls like men who appreciate their beauty.

It’s important that your own values in this respect are compatible with your partner’s. It sounds a little bit awkward, but for real it’s recommended to take the love languages quiz online. It can help you understand how you like to show and be shown love.

It’s important to have boundaries and value yourself by remembering that someone shouldn’t force you to provide something for them that you can’t provide or are uncomfortable with.

Things to do with your girlfriend? Well, simply love her, every day, unconditionally. Be there for her and make her feel amazing.The list is endless for sure, but you can do everyday things for her that will make her feel special. Girls really like those small things.