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Things to love about yourself

Things to love about yourself

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When we talk about self-love, there are lots of things to love about yourself. Self-love and confidence are incredibly important. Some people may try to put you down or say something that would make you feel less worthy lose confidence. This problem often occurs at a young age, during puberty, or even in primary school. Some kids have that mean habit to recognize something different on your body or in your behavior or even about your clothes. It’s something that most people go through.  

Research says that kids or adults who need to hurt others or laugh at them are insecure about themselves. They reflect their own unhappiness at the other people. As a child, it’s hard to ignore that and realize that the problem is not in yourself. But as an adult you need to know for sure that isn’t something you can take personally. Always love yourself no matter what. You are beautiful, unique, smart, brave, interesting and lovely. Be kind to yourself, always.

Things to love about yourself

I want to love myself – How?

To have good, healthy love for yourself is a long process and you will need to do many things to find a healthy amount of love for yourself. People often mix narcissism, ego with self-love. You need to evolve and find good love for yourself, that’s how you’ll become mature for love for others.  Love learning is a process.

People who are in depression and some mental states like that find it hard to find self-love and they need specialists who know how to fix that. In every other situation, it is important to take care of your physical health, your inner peace, your reactions in everyday situations.  

Don’t take everything personally, don’t make everyone’s opinion important to you. Be always good to yourself. If you are happy with who you are right now, then you’re doing great and you don’t need to be worried about someone’s words or actions. Take time to work on yourself, be productive. Do long walks, ride a bike, or work out. Do something that makes you happy and something that calms you down. Face your fears, don’t avoid them. You can’t run from problems, you need to fix them. It’s not going to happen overnight. It takes time, be persistent, change will come.

Can we train ourselves to be happy?
Can we train ourselves to be happy?

You feel less worthy than other people?

There are 100 things to love about yourself, you need to realize that. You are good, smart, brave and strong. Stronger than you think. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique and special. Lots of people may try to put you down, to make you feel less worthy and miserable. That’s their problem. You need to know that you are above those who try to make you feel bad.  

Recognize people who are happy to have you around. Who feel happy because of your happiness. Who makes you rise, work on yourself and who push you further. It’s important to know that sometimes we overthink some words or situations. Sometimes people don’t have bad thoughts but we create that in our head. It’s important to know that our vision of the world around us and people around us is just our choice – the way we see the world around us.  

When you change the way you look at things, that change will reflect in the world. Seek positivity and good thoughts. Don’t bother yourself with someone else’s opinion. Be happy with yourself, find that inner peace. Inner happiness is important. How you think is how you reflect. Work on your mind. It is very useful to read some good books. Books are a world that will show you everything you aren’t able to see in real life. Go through that world, research it. Try to find answers, and always keep smiling. Relax. Make time to relax your body and mind. In time everything will be better, remember that.

Things to love about yourself

Everyday things to love about yourself

What do I love about myself is more important than what others think or say about me. Every person is beautiful in her own way. Find beauty in everything.

  1. Love your morning routine/make your morning routine
  2. Wake up earlier
  3. Work on yourself, your confidence, mind
  4. Love yourself – just the way you look now
  5. Workout
  6. Love every day, make it productive
  7. Drink lots of water
  8. Eat healthy
  9. Every day dress well, make a good hairstyle, or apply makeup
  10. Find a reason to smile, every day!
  11. Say something nice to someone, every day, you will feel better
  12. Spend time with people you love
  13. Find time to relax your body and mind
  14. Use essential oils
  15. Read books
  16. Spend at least 1h in fresh air
  17. Get friendly with animals
  18. Find a hobby
  19. Listen to your favorite music
  20. Go to bed on time

Repeat these steps every day and see how your life is changing for the better! It is good to know that Vitamin B complex in fighting anxiety is very good.

Things to love about yourself
Things to love about yourself

What I do today is what I am tomorrow

Try to write on a piece of paper what you love about yourself. Make one note every day. In time, the list will get bigger and bigger. Always try to make a better version of yourself every day. Compete with yourself in the past vs now.  

Forget about other people. Sometimes you see someone’s success, but you aren’t there yet. Don’t feel bad, your time will come, just do your best, try, don’t quit, and be kind to yourself.  

Believe in timing. Everything happens for a reason. Every day’s habits are what makes us and who we are. Pay attention to your daily routine. When you do something useful, you will feel useful and better. Work on you, on your future, it’s never too late.  

Make priorities and daily plans. Plants and animals are our friends and it’s good to have them near. When you have a pet it will make you much happier. Always keep in mind that you have so many things to love about yourself and don’t let anyone tell you different.