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What a Scorpio man wants to hear and things he does not

What a Scorpio man wants to hear and things he does not

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Astrology and Horoscope can give us a lot of insight in peoples behavior and personality, so that is the place where we are looking for some answers, when we need it. What a Scorpio man wants to hear and things he does not, and how to meet his expectation is something that we can find out there and not disappoint him. You can search on the internet or some magazine which have daily horoscope but it certainly can be found somewhere, if you are interested in it.

It is not bad idea to look for the answer in Horoscope

Of course, we will try everything else before we search there, but it is not a bad idea to look up there if we really do not know what to do anymore to make him happy.  You never know and maybe the right answer lies there. So to save your relationship and make your Scorpio guy happy you can also use Astrology and their suggestions on how to treat man in this sign.

There are 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio is eight sign of the zodiac. He is also a fixed sign and belongs to a group of water signs.

According to astrology, main characteristic of Scorpio man are:

  • Boldness
  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Passion 
Scorpion symbol on the sky.

He is not afraid to step up and he likes to hear that others are not neither

When it comes to life and solving situations, Scorpio man is bold and not afraid to step up to deal with it. Without a lot of thinking he will get to the core of the problem offering solutions to help. Depends on what is needed. So Scorpio man definitely does not want to hear we can not do something when there is always some solution to a certain problem. He wants to hear yes we can and yes we will.

So if you want to be part of his circle of trust or hang around Scorpio man you have to have that bold line in your personality too. Because there will be a lot of those situations where you will hear: Lets go do this. There is no time to waste. And he wants to hear that back too. So if you are into excitement and unusual situations and projects, stay around Scorpio man. It will certainly pay off and get you the necessary excitement you need.

He is creative so as his jobs and hobbies

Scorpio man is also very creative that is why you can find them in industries where creativity is a must. He is also a hard working man so he spends a lot of hours working his favorite job not regretting a second of invested time. Of course he likes to take a long vacation too but he definitely deserves it. After the whole year of almost working the whole day he needs those long hours resting and doing his other favorite things like reading, swimming or other things he chooses. Because Scorpio man likes to have a lot of hobbies too and he likes to hear that you have some either.

He his determine and he proves it

Scorpio man is also very determined too. If he decides to do something he will. And if he promised to do something he will do it. Of course if something major does not stop him and change his plans. But basically he accomplish to do everything he planned. That is one of his best characteristics. And in exchange he expects you to do the same.

He does not like to hear that something can not be done

Scorpio man do not want to hear that something is delayed or postponed. You need a very good reason to say something like that to a Scorpio man. If it is not like a flood or plague going on, do not come to him with another excuse. Like we said with the Scorpio man everything is like lets go do things and he wants to hear that always. Excuses for unfinished jobs or something else are not the option. Job needs to be done and things need to be finished.

He is passionate about things and likes to hear only positive ideas

He is also very passionate about things. That is collided with his determination to do things and probably his passion makes him so determined actually. Things he chooses to do he is doing with great passion and love. He is not doing it just like that with half of energy. He invests all he has got inside to make things good and great. So Scorpio man likes also to hear you speaking about things passionately and do things the same way so do not be ashamed to show to him how passionate you are. He will appreciate it and certainly count on you with his next project.

He is good to himself and to others

According to this set of qualities Scorpio man is very good, good to himself and others. His passion and determination makes him very asset to his field of work so we can say that society in general can prosper from Scorpio man. He usually chooses to work on things he likes and he is good at so there is no chance for mistakes or waste of time and energy. He is also a team worker but he expects from his team to hear just good news like everything is done on schedule and on time.

A couple on the shore of the river. What a Scorpio man wants to hear and things he does not?
He is good to himself and others

What a Scorpio man wants to hear and things he does not: Sometimes he holds on to things for too long

We all also have some downsides and faults such as Scorpio man. Astrology says that he tends to hold on to things and has a hard time to let go of it. If he is upset by something or someone, he holds on to it for a long time before he forgives and let go. Maybe we should blame this passionate side of them because passionate people embrace things intensively.

When something or somebody disappoints them they are hurt and can not let go easily. They did not expect it so it strike them very badly. But eventually, with time, everything fades so as their hurt and anger, and they let go at some point and move on with their life.

They are loyal and they expect the same from you

When they are in a relationship they are very loyal. They do not cheat and they are always working on their relationship. Their family comes first and that is one of the great characteristics of a Scorpio man. They go everywhere together and do things together. As in friendship and the working field they do not want to hear no as the answer to doing things. They want to hear yes to every activity you can come up with to do as a family.

He likes to hear nice things about your relationship

So being in a relationship with Scorpio man is very challenging and not always easy but it pays off because it is very exciting especially at the beginning of a relationship. You go places together and do things together. He is also into a long-term relationship so you do not have to worry he will take advantage of you and that he is around just for fun. He is there to stay and that is why he is making those plans anyway. He wants to know you better and have a good time too. Also if he likes you he will chase you and that will be clear signs for you to know how he feels.

At the beginning of the relationship he does not speaks about his feelings

At the beginning of the relationship he will not talk too much about his feelings but you should not be worried about that. He is always acting like that and he will start as soon as he is sure and comfortable with you. As time goes by he will reveal his feelings to you and you will know exactly how Scorpio man feels and can you count on this relationship with him. So when Scorpio man is in love, he does not speak about his feelings so soon but when he starts, he wants to hear from you the same things. If you like him, share what you feel with him at that moment. When Scorpios fall for you they are giving obvious signs and light flirtation so it is not easy to turn off them.

What a Scorpio man likes to hear? When he admit he is in love he expect to hear the same from you

As soon as he realizes he is falling in love with you his behavior will change. He will become more open and reliable, and he will put his love life and love interest first. At least for a while. He is very passionate about his job and reliable there too so he will not regard his work unless it is emergency involved. Also if you play hard to get he will chance you to prove to you that he loves you. He is not that into social media so do not expect that he will track you there, but old fashion ways certainly are options.

Horoscope can tell you are you compatible with Scorpio man

To be sure that you are compatible with your Scorpio male you could also check with the horoscope and see if there is any compatibility between you and him. According to Horoscope Scorpio is the most compatible with other water signs: Cancer and Pisces, but also with earth signs: Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. They are the most appropriate for love and friendship especially. For love we recommended Cancer and Pisces and for friendship the earth sings. Probably he would get along with Gemini man, Aquarius man, Leo man, Sagittarius man and Capricorn man as friends, but if he really wants to have the best set of friends he will stay with these earth signs.

What a Scorpio man wants to hear and things he does not: Scorpio man never betrayed anyone

Thanks to his personality traits he is not that easy going but he is extremely loyal once when he is involved and engaged into something or somebody. Do not be afraid that you will be stood up or betrayed by him. Not in a million years. He is honest, open and he never does things like that. He has his insecurities but they are minor and other characteristics play a main role in his life. He can be leader if he wants to but also can play the side part too.

So do not try to avoid Scorpio man as a partner because Scorpio partner will never disappoint you. If that happens somehow, he will definitely make up for it to you. He takes good care of his loved ones so you will be more than satisfied and happy with him as a partner.

He does not like impatient people-good things take time

Scorpio man also does not like impatient people so do not show that in front of him. Even though he is passionate and determined ,he knows that some things take time and you have to be patient. Nothing happens overnight so important things neither. He will take his time to do something right and he expects to hear the same from you.

What a Scorpio man wants to hear and things he does not? He searches for logic everywhere

Also he searches for logic in everything he does. If it does not make sense he will not follow it. So you need to be logical too. Do not do and insist on things which do not make sense to him. He will shout you out and become skeptical about your reason and decisions. That is certainly not a good thing if you want to stay with him.

One important hint if you want to get Scorpio man attention and keep him is to dress neat and smart. He does not take so much care about how he looks and dresses but he will notice women who do. That is an interesting fact and it is probably the same with almost every man. He needs a woman who will make him pay more attention to how he dresses so he could match up with her. Or vice versa. So always dress neat and smart and make sure that he does too.

He likes to hear that you are easy-going and not anxious about things

And at the end advice is for you to not to be shy and stiff around Scorpio man. He likes easy-going people for friendship or relationships so try to be like that as much as you can. Of course it is not easy to be like that at the beginning of the relationship when you still do not know much about him. But as soon as you two get to know each other a little bit better, relax and try to be the best version of yourself. He will notice that you are not anxious around him and that you are having a good time so try to be like that all the time.

He is good friend, boyfriend and husband material

Scorpio man is a fun and good friend, boyfriend or husband. He is loyal and honest and you can really depend on him for everything. Even when he does not feel like doing something at the moment he will do it anyway because that is how it should be. His wife is a happy and secure woman and their home is a sanctuary. There is nothing he would not do for his family and that includes relatives too. He is a good man, patient and honest and you will be lucky to have him as a friend, boyfriend or husband. All he is asking and likes to hear is that you will meet him at least half way with something. He will go that extra miles for both of you if it is necessary.

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He is dedicated to his goals and dreams

So Scorpios are very dedicated to their goals and dreams which they have a lot. They work hard but they have some aim in front of them which keeps them motivated and going so they have something to look forward to. Having goals and dreams makes it easy to do things for everyone so as for Scorpio man. And especially for Scorpio man. He is really into hard work which ends with some price like a beautiful vacation. Or something he really likes to buy for a long time.

To believe in Horoscope or not

You can be one who believes in Horoscope or not but you have to admit that there is something there which describes our personality very well. Maybe there is a little bit of a difference between man and woman behavior like it should be, but the main characteristics are the same and true. Scorpio men and Scorpio women have a difference in their acting but in general they share the same personality traits.

Differences between men and women in general dictates their behavior and that is why they are spreading some different vibes in reality. But the key things and basic things are the same, it just depends how they will present them and how deep they will go with them.

What a Scorpio man wants to hear and things he does not and how to not disappoint him you can accomplish by following his personality traits and respecting them. If he notices that you do that and that he is that important to you, he will appreciate it and make it up to you for that. Scorpio man shows his appreciation always so he is worthy of your attention as a partner. Stay with him and you will be a happy woman.