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What body type does a cancer man like?

What body type does a cancer man like?

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So to start answering the question What body type does a cancer man like, let’s say that the body type Cancarian would like the most is an athletic build, rectangular, or hourglass as these are the body types that appear the healthiest and the sportiest. Cancer men prefer average but vibrant body types.

Cancer man represents a cardinal zodiac sign along with Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Fundamental personality traits of a Cancer are that he is loyal, protective, intuitive and caring but also overly sensitive, moody and vindictive. Cancer believes that a healthy body emits healthy energy. He enjoys intimacy with his partner. He believes that staying healthy and exercising is so important. In case you want to attract Cancer men your best option is to keep your body in the best physical shape!

What do you need to know about Cancer?

Even though your question is What body type does a cancer man like?, there are few other things you need to know about Cancer. Keep reading.

Cancer is pretty talkative but that should not trick you into thinking that you know what he means. It will take a longer to get to know him better and to get ‘’affiliate disclosure’’ about his real feelings.

Cancer is one of the zodiac signs’ best cuddle buddies. He will not cuddle with you right away. You need to show him many of the features he likes and admires for him to become the sweetest and cuddliest zodiac sign.

If you really want to find out about your favorite Cancer man you would need to do an astrology birth chart that would outline details in depth about him. Here, in this article we can find general information that wouldn’t help to know if you want to win the heart of a Cancer man.

What does a Cancer man find attractive?

As a very emotional, romantic and caring Cancer man expects nothing less from his partner. The right woman for him needs to know how to listen and be very understanding. If you are classy and lady with nice manners you might be a perfect match for the Cancer man. Although you might have all of the above preferences, Cancer man will not pursue you – he is too scared and too shy to do so.

Loyalty is something he respects the most from his partner. His lady has to be his strongest support and someone who will always be ready to listen to his hopes and dreams and to encourage him to fulfill them.

Cancer is sensitive

He is very sensitive, especially when it comes to love. Cancer is caring and giving, yet not if he doesn’t receive the same amount of love in return. He prefers partners with the old-fashioned point of view. He often might not be attracted to the strong and ambitious woman.

Organized, the Cancer man will want to have a clean and cozy home. If you want to win his heart make sure your place is neat and super clean. He’ll be impressed by the fact that you are domestic.

Respect him and ask him for advice whenever you think you have an issue. If you don’t mind letting him be a leader in your relationship, accommodate your position. Be submissive and you will definitely make him feel better about himself.

What does a Cancer man want in a woman?

Above all, Cancer man loves highly feminine and nurturing women. Cancer man is a very emotional being that definitely prefers relationships . A fling is not the typical thing for a Cancer. A feminine appearance is a powerful aphrodisiac for men of this water zodiac  sign.

What body type does a cancer man like? – Signs that Cancer man is attracted to you

  • Here are some signs that Cancer man is attracted to you:
    • He is staring at you;
    • He compliments you nonstop;
    • Cancer’s a perfect gentleman when he flirts with you;
    • He wants to be with you all the time.

What does a Cancer man look for in a woman?

Cancer men are deeply emotional and represent the most sensitive sign. They enjoy the sparks that fly between them and their partners. Cancer guys love femininity as the moon. It symbolizes maternity and femininity, rules over this zodiac sign. They love the physical touch between partners. They simply enjoy caressing their partner’s body, kisses, holding hands and hugs.

Cancer male are attracted to women who are independent. This often relates to being financially independent and having your own place. 

Furthermore, cancer men are very community oriented. They simply love to be very close to their friends and family, therefore cancer men are attracted to women who have a similar approach in life. They also look for a woman that actively provides for their community.

Also, they are attracted to a woman who is involved in helping elderlies and ones in need; a woman who organizes the surprise party; bakes the birthday cake, and plans the high school reunion.

Cancer man is definitely looking for a woman who is not just about building a simple relationship of one plus one – but of assembling two persons together into a “real thing’’.

Compatibility with other zodiac signs

The horoscope signs that are the most Cancer compatible are Scorpio and Taurus.


Scorpio, same as Cancer, is looking for a serious relationship, while the Taurus counts on stability in a relationship more than anything else. Actually, Taurus and Cancer are the same in love. Since both of these zodiac signs are very affectionate and cry out for a safe and lasting home – Cancer and Taurus will be happy together.



Cancer as a water sign makes their partners feel things that have not been possible to feel before. When romantically involved, Cancer as an earth zodiac sign who is always ‘’down to earth’’ will be taken out of his comfort zone and be overwhelmed with emotions. When it comes to marriage compatibility, these horoscope signs make perfect homebodies. It is because Cancer doesn’t want to have his emotions hurt while Taurus is seeking for stability and security.

Cancer-Taurus might definitely last in time as they will overcome many difficulties together. In order for this to happen, Taurus needs to get in touch about Cancer’s sensitivity. Nostalgic and melancholic with a lot of mood swings, Cancer might hold onto things that have happened to them a long time to go and Taurus needs to absolutely ,,be there’’ for Cancer with full understanding. Due to their characteristics, Taurus man and Cancer woman as well as Taurus woman and Cancer man represent the most compatible horoscope signs.


When we are talking about Cancer compatibility in love we have to mention Virgo woman as Cancer male and Virgo female constitute a really good match. Actually they might create great connection and everlasting love as most of the time they are real soulmates to begin with.

There is a lot of respect between these two zodiac signs as well as a feeling of security that is much needed for both. Very calm and intelligent Virgo woman will find a way to understand Cancerian’s extra sensitivity and help him out be more expressive about them. On the another hand, a Cancerian man will admire Virgo’s mental sharpness as her motive to always improve things and not to insult.


Cancer man knows how to deal with Virgo when she is annoying, critical, isolated or obsessed with her health. That is something he has learned to live with and can easily use patterns that help. The sensitive nature of the Cancer man brings out the passionate side of the Virgo woman.

When Cancerian man as a water zodiac sign touches the earth of Virgo and manages to melt her ice then these two become loved ones for a long period of time.


Cancer makes an interesting love couple with Leo that is a sun sign. Although they don’t have much in common, in astrology they represent a husband and a wife and are the king and queen of the zodiac. It might sound interesting but in real life there is a lot of ego between king and queen and the relationship between these two can not last very long. They will probably both move on to find someone one else.

As two Water signs, Cancer and Pisces feel most clingy towards each other when they’re in ‘’deep emotional waters’’. Pisces are well known as the most romantic signes and Cancer as a searcher for long lasting relationships might find Pisces as real soulmate. As long as these two are pleased with each other, this relationship has what it takes to last.


What body type does a cancer man like – compatibility with other Zodiac signs

Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius and Cancer make a great match because they have many similarities. They are also both water signs. They love being around people but also value their alone time. Each sign will respect the other’s need for space when necessary. This makes it easy for them not to feel overwhelmed which often happens with some other signs. Even though a Cancer guy may have a hard time with air signs this match can work if they put the work in.

Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancer could also make a good match as they have many similarities. They are both loving signs that want to do whatever it takes to make their partner happy. A Gemini woman is known for being adventurous while a Cancer man is more reserved. They teach each other things like spontaneity or being more calculated in their decisions. This match could definitely work out if both sides put in the effort to make it work!

Sagittarius and Cancer

Cancer and Sagittarius are not an ideal match because of their fundamental differences – particularly in how they handle people’s feelings. Sagittarius are fire signs, which means they can be very reckless and spontaneous. This is not how Cancers operate and it can be very stressful for them. As a matter of fact Sagittarius’ blunt nature could easily hurt their feelings.

Sagittariuses also use humor to deflect any feelings which can make a Cancer feel like they’re not being validated. Cancers may also see a Sagittarius woman as being unsympathetic.

This is one of Cancer’s least compatible signs.

What body type does a cancer man like – What are some Cancer man’s turn-offs?

Here are a few reasons that will most possible turn-off Cancer man from you:

You have hurt him

People behave differently when they get hurt. Some of them throw things around, some say hurtful words, some get isolated from their partners. Cancer man tends to drift away, get disconnected and distant. He does this as he dislikes violence and arguing. Instead of confronting you he would rather stay away. Some think this is a childish way of dealing with things while this is the way a Cancerian deals with things. 

You are not family inclined

Cancer man wants to make sure that you are absolutely family inclined, that you are homemaker and nurturer. He wants to confirm in advance that you will be a great mother, friend, wife and be connected to his own family.

As he wants to be all of that to you he needs to be reassured that you will provide the same level of commitment to him! If he doesn’t see any hint of family consciousness in you, he will begin to have doubts and pull away from the relationship. 

You are not displaying enough physical affection

Cancer guy is an affectionate being who tends to look forward to touching and being touched as much as possible. He loves public displays of affection and wants to maintain physical contact with you even while doing the most mundane things.

If he senses any form of hesitancy in your desire to touch him affectionately, he will feel you aren’t as attracted to him. If you aren’t too comfortable with constant touching, especially in public, talk to him about it. That might save your relationship from breaking down.

He just needs to be alone for a while

If your relationship with the cancer man hasn’t gotten to the level that makes him crave your presence for most of the day, you might find him pulling away often.

Sad Cancer

At the same time, even if he is already crazily in love with you, a Cancer man still loves seclusion and would pull away once in a while for his sanity. In that instance, you haven’t done anything wrong, and your relationship is intact.

Your man just needs some time to himself, and if you deny him of that need, he will pull away even more from you. If you really love your Cancer man this situation is acceptable because it’s not your fault – your Cancer man is just built that way!

Conclusion – What body type does a cancer man like?

There is no straightforward answer to the question: ‘’What body types does a Cancer man like’’? It is very personal and it is hard to define what a Cancerian dislikes about you if he really gets emotionally attached to you. It could be concluded that Cancer men like an average body type. Since they enjoy femininity in its many forms, Cancer men are sure to love almost any healthy body.

In the end it is never just about the body type. If a Cancerian likes you as a person and feels free to share his feelings with you, he will definitely be physically attracted to you no matter what body type you are!